Advanced Binary Options Strategies

Hamish Raw
25th September, 2010 - Posted by in Binary Options Instruments

This section of the site provides a more in depth review and analysis of binary options. The subsections include:

1. Binary Options Strategies

A comprehensive review of different binary options strategies. The strategies fall under the heading of European, American, Knock-In, Knock-Out and Two-Asset binary options strategies.


2. Binary Options Greeks

            This section offers analyses of deltas, gammas, thetas and vegas for binary call and put options.


3. Binary Options and the Insurance Market

Binary options are used extensively in the insurance market where they come in the form of Industry Loss Warranties (ILWs) and Parametric Bonds.


4. Articles

            A library of articles that have been published from the site will be regularly listed.


5. Binary Option Bookshop

            A list of books specialising or featuring binary options.


6. Academic Papers

            A selection of academic papers focussing on binary options.



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