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Aussie Trending Lower

Aussie Trending Lower Daily Financial Review May 24th 2016

Morning Report: 08.30 London

  • Despite a few attempted recoveries in recent weeks, the trend seems firmly set against the Australian dollar with further downside this morning. This follows a Dovish interpretation of RBA Governor Stevens’ speech this morning.
  • The New Zealand dollar is lower.
  • Elsewhere, the US dollar has continued to strengthen, while the USD/JPY drops.

Coming up today:

  • Coming up today we have UK public sector net borrowing at 09.30.
  • UK inflation report hearings follow at 10.00.
  • This is following German ZEW economic sentiment at 10.00.

Trade Idea:

  • The AUD/USD has shown no serious signs of a trend reversal and there could be a further downside from here.

A good way to play this is a LOWER trade predicting that the AUD/USD will close below 0.7100 in 21 days for a potential return of 164%

aussie trending lower


Aussie Trending Lower


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