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BCSC Central Option Warning

Yet another warning from the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) coming fast on the heels of its warning of CToption. This time the BCSC has aimed at the binary options operator Central Option, yet another unregulated operation.

Business Address:

BCSC Central Option warningThis site is still awaiting a scumbag binary options operation to announce its registered offices at Buckingham Palace and its operation based in the White House such are the fanciful business addresses some of these brokers make up.

According to Central Option home page:

‘Central Option is operated by Central Provider LTD
Suite 50, 2 Old Brompton Road London SW73DQ UK
+44 203 670 1529

Swap ‘Tel Aviv’ for ‘London’ and they might be closer to the mark. Think that’s far-fetched? Then read this: The Wolves of Tel Aviv.

According to their ‘Contact Us’ page they also have offices in Toronto(!) and Hong Kong.


Central Option Scam

Whoever deposits money with this lot may want to consider where their money is held. On the other hand, a more realistic scenario is don’t waste your time considering that as you’ll never see it again anyway. The best a client of this outfit can hope for is to actually have fun while you’re losing it. And if you win and want to get your money back…..dream on.

BCSC CTOption Warning

The BCSC warning can be found here.


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