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OptionWeb Paris Saint-Germain Deal

OptionWeb Paris Saint-GermainHot on the heels of the the EZTrader Tottenham Hotspur tie up the OptionWeb Paris Saint-Germain deal has been announced. OptionWeb is sponsoring the French footie giant, Paris Saint-Germain, which is owned by the Qatari Investment Authority and previous home to Zlatan. OptionWeb has joined some pretty exalted company as ‘Top Sponsors’ include Emirates, Nike and Qatar National Bank while OptionWeb have to slum it alongside the likes of Citroen, Huawei and Orange as lowly ‘Official Partners’.

OptionWeb PSG Deal Benefits to OptionWeb

So, to join this elite club of sponsors must have cost a fair whack. What are OptionWeb getting for their money? Well for a start, to be associated with one of the two big French football clubs is good, but the implicit message from PSG who will no doubt have done some severe due diligence on OptionWeb, is that OptionWeb are a credible, solid outfit that they are not nervous about being associated with. All-in-all this adds massive ‘cred’ to OptionWeb.

On top of that, OptionWeb clients get an assortment of goodies such as VIP tickets to PSG games and other ancillary products.

OptionWeb Paris Saint-Germain

The Benefits to PSG

On the face of it, it might look that PSG are getting scant reward for this deal, especially since the Qatari owners aren’t exactly strapped for cash themselves. The attraction is two-fold:

Firstly, PSG are a terrestrial-based company, there natural reach is very local except when on TV or the club is doing its now compulsory tour playing in the Far East. Internet-based binary options operations have global reach and are an obvious conduit in order to promote the football club’s brand.

Secondly, the socio-economic profile of binary options traders is not far removed from that of the average football supporter, i.e. youngish males not short of a dollar or two that can afford high ticket prices and have some spare ‘fun money’ to speculate on the markets with.

OptionWeb Paris Saint-Germain

OptionWeb Paris Saint-Germain: Fad or Growing Trend

The above reasons suggest there are clear advantages to both parties and the flow of similar sponsorship deals is therefore unlikely to abate. These partnerships will raise the profile of the binary options industry and force those binary operators who have not struck a sponsorship deal to clean up their act if they want to link up with an attractive footballing partner.

All-in-all, this deal is proving that the binary options industry is at last beginning to grow up.



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