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Pro Binary Signals Review

pro binary signals pwrtradePro Binary Signals claims to have its signals generated by hedge fund traders. Hahaha! Very good………

N.B. We do not have a view on Pro Binary Signals and do not recommend signals providers in general. We do not act as affiliate to any signal provider. Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware!

Pro Binary Signals (now trading as PWRTrade) send traders signals to trade purely the Call/Put binary option trade contract. These signals can then be implemented on the binary options platforms.

The unique selling proposition is that the signals service of Pro Binary Signals does not make use of complicated systems, formulae or robots. All signals are generated by human analysis, which means they make them up on the hoof!

Asset Types Traded

Signals generated by the Pro Binary Signals service covers oil, gold, currencies and stock indices and the stocks of major companies across the globe.

Method of Signal Delivery

Between three and five trading signals a day are are delivered to subscribers via SMS, and also by push notifications sent to the iPhone. The trader is expected to provide the phone number (including the country code) where the text messages are to be received. Text messages indicate the asset to be traded, the date of the trade, expiry time as well as the trade direction (Call or Put).

Signals are also sent to traders via email. This will require traders having continuous access to their email boxes so that the signals can be implemented as soon as they are received.


When it comes to cost, there are two options that traders can follow. For traders who use the affiliate link on the Pro Binary Signals website to open a binary options trading account with the recommended brokers of this signal provider, traders will get free access to these signals as long as the live accounts are funded and active.

The paid option allows a 7-day trial of Pro Binary Signal’s service for just $9.99, after which the trader is charged $99 per month if the trader decides to go along with the service.

Payments for this service are made by Clickbank’s payment system and all major credit cards. PayPal is another payment option that can be used by those who have access to it.


The Pro Binary Signals team claims to give traders a cumulative profit of 185% per day. Such claims can always be verified independently by prospective traders by utilizing the 7-day trial that goes for just $9.99.

Special Features

The special features of the Pro Binary Signals Signals service are as follows:

1)    Signals are delivered either by text message or by email, so this is one of the few binary options signals providers that gives traders some degree of choice in how they want their signals delivered.

2)    In addition to the signals service, traders also get money management tips via email as a value added service.

3)    Even though traders can receive up to 5 signals per day on several assets, most of the expiry dates given by this signal provider lately have been at least a week in duration. This allows for more detailed analysis, eliminates market noise and reduces the tendency to speculate on assets.

Final Word

Traders will need to do a lot of due diligence on this signals provider before they subscribe. For instance, the loads of spelling errors on the website of this provider says a lot about how much effort actually goes into delivering a good product to the final consumer. If it is so difficult to clean up the spelling errors in a single page, how can traders be convinced that such sloppiness does not manifest in the signals they receive?

Another drawback to this service is that entry prices are not usually given for trade signals, and the long expiries have a way of tying the trader’s capital. If a trader does not have a large account, there is no way to use the signals that are sent out so frequently by this provider.

If these issues are looked into and traders can prove the profitability figures on Pro Binary Signals website, then this service would be worth using.


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    binary options trading signals is freaking awesome……. but for a begginer like me you need time to understand francos sistem ….. anyway i’ll try this new signals… the 9 dls tryout

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