Traderush Review: A Trendsetter in Binary Options

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TradeRush Review

Traderush is rated among the top binary options brokers in the industry today. While the platform is relatively mature, its consistency and unmatched services have enabled it to continually acquire new clients. The company’s platform, SpotOption, has the key trading features and information organized in a manner that makes it easy for both beginner and expert traders to get on with their activities without limitations. Because of this, the broker doesn’t provide a demo account.

TradeRush Review

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SpotOption is 100 percent web based, meaning traders don’t have to download any software to start trading.

Tradable Assets

Traderush has over 100 assets classed into four groups which comprise of stocks, currencies, indices and commodities. The underlying assets under stocks include Disney, DELL, Coca-Cola and Caterpillar while the commodities comprise of cotton, coffee, wheat, corn, sugar, platinum, gold and crude oil. The most traded assets however are Google, EUR/USD, the Dow Jones, and Apple. The mix of assets offered here is among the highest in this industry.

To trade on any of the available assets, a trader simply needs to select what they want, decide on an ideal period to give the asset time to appreciate or depreciate, and then choose the probable position of the asset at expiry time. This expiry period can be as short as 60 seconds, or as long as 6 months; so it’s up to the trader to choose what they feel will benefit them most in the end.

Trade types on Traderush

In trading at Traderush, clients can make any of several types of trade, and these are the 60 second options, One Touch options, call options, options builder, and OptionPro.

60 Second Options – This trade offers traders profits of up to 81 percent, and is best suited for those aiming to get quick returns. Even so, someone who intends to get full gains from it has to employ a well laid out strategy to keep their asset trading in control. Traderush was the first to take up 60 second options before it was later adopted by other brokers.

One Touch Options – One Touch trading provides traders with an opportunity to get upto 500 percent returns. Nevertheless, compared to the standard binary option, One Touch options are quite challenging as the trader has to get to a particular preset price .This means that the trading goes beyond price predicting since this aspect is already covered by the broker.

Call/put Options – In binary options trading, the expected payout is identified even before the trader invests. A trader has to therefore choose a particular asset based on the direction they believe its price will move.

The call option is for predictions that are rooted in price climbs whereas the put option is for prices that are expected to go below that of the specified asset.

Option Builder – With option builder, clients get a chance to determine whether or not a particular asset will be within a certain range when the expiry period reaches. Through this alternative, clients can tailor their trades based on the preferred assets and time of expiry. While the tool can be used by any trader, it is best applied by those who have learnt the industry well enough to make comparatively accurate predictions regarding binary options trends.

OptionPro – While trading on Traderush, clients can access the OptionPro feature to get a clearer view of the trends of each asset as they trade. In using this tool, the trader only needs to pick the favored asset and evaluate its history by looking at the available trading charts.

Expiry Periods

As suggested by the name, the 60 second options have a 60 second expiry period. The call/put options on the other hand may end in 15 or 30 minutes, or one or two hours. With OptionPro, the timing can stretch to 6 months, though a trader can sell earlier if they deem it profitable to do so.

Traderush Demo

As previously mention, Traderush do not offer demo accounts, but if you’re intrigued to see the inside’s of their platform without setting up a live account, you can watch this short video demonstration of their platform.


Traderush requires for traders to deposit a minimum of $200 with the minimum and maximum transactions being $5 and $2500 respectively. As long as a trader does not exceed the maximum exposure allowed, they can buy as many assets as they wish. Returns on the range of 70-85 percent are available for successful trades whereas losses incur 0-15 percent returns. This means that even if a trader loses on the Traderush platform, they can reacquire up to 15 percent of their investment.

Below is a breakdown of the payout information for the various trades on the Traderush platform:

Up/Down trades: Payouts range from 65% to 80%. The exact amount paid out to traders will depend on if the trader opts for a return on trade losses or not.

The High Yield One Touch trade produces a weekly return of 500% for successful trades.

The other trade types produce returns of between 65% and 80%. The variable option that allows traders to close trades before maturity (OptionPro) has a variable payout rate depending on how much time to maturity was left prior to the trade being closed.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Withdrawal issues are a very important facet in binary options trading. If one is not able to access their wins, the trade will all be meaningless. To facilitate this process, Traderush provides a number of fund transfer methods including MoneyBookers (Skrill), wire transfer, and credit cards such as Diner’s Club, Maestro, American Express, MasterCard and Visa. Traders’ accounts can be maintained in British Pounds, Euros, Japanese Yen and US Dollars among other major currencies. Even so, the preferred currency should be carefully selected upfront as this cannot be changed once the account is opened.

The minimum amount one can withdraw through bank wire is $100, and $30 for any of the other channels. On average, it takes four days to process withdrawals made from the platform, though there may be variations on this based on the method used. Traders can make free withdrawals from both their credit cards and MoneyBookers once every month whereas withdrawing by wire transfer is liable to a $30 fee. For the withdrawal to be successful and for security purposes, traders have to meet certain security identification requirements and the trade volume has to exceed the withdrawn amount as well.

The maximum amount you can deposit via credit card on Traderush is $10,000 USD. With wire transfers there is no limit to how much you can deposit.

Trading Tools

Traderush iPhone app

Traderush provides a conducive platform for those who want to trade from their mobile phones and tablets.

The native mobile app offered by the broker works for clients with both iPhones and androids (we’ve reviewed the TradeRush iPhone app in more detail here). This makes it easy for clients to trade even when they are on the move, meaning the likelihood of missing out on an opportunity to bet is eliminated. This app provides all the features and assets that are offered through the regular web platform, and the two tools therefore complement each other.

In addition to the iPhone trading app, there are other tools for traders such as:

  • Market news tab for fundamental traders.
  • A section on frequently asked questions.
  • A market sentiment button for all assets to be traded. This helps traders who want to take trades but have no idea of the market sentiment or the bias towards an asset by traders, to decide on the best direction to go.

Account Packages and Bonuses

To trade on Traderush, clients can open mini, standard, executive, gold or platinum accounts.

The Mini account which is also the most basic requires a minimum $250 and maximum $499 deposit. To move from this level to the next, a trader has to deposit $500 and more. By setting up a mini account, clients can expect bonuses such as a Traderush e-book, daily and weekly market reviews, and a 20 percent bonus.

The standard package calls for a minimum $500 deposit. The bonuses associated with this package include a 30 percent bonus on the first deposit; meaning a trader can get an extra $270 from a $900 deposit. Other offers that come with this package include candlestick cart training, an eBook, and market reviews.

Traderush’s executive package is the most ideal for novice traders as it comes together with a trading strategy, an academy membership, money management training and a personal account manager. This is in addition to the market reviews and e-book that are also offered in the other account packages. To get this package though, clients have to deposit no less than $1000 in their account.

The Gold account gives traders a chance to get 50 percent bonus on the first deposit, and this is one of the most appealing things about it. Also, with this account, traders can make same day withdrawals and benefit from 5 risk free trades, VIP academy membership, and money management training. The deposit limits for this account are $5000-$9999.

Considering its 75 percent bonus, the platinum account comes with the greatest gains. Here, the deposit made has to be $10000 and over and with this, the trader can enjoy all the benefits of the gold account package as well as very fast withdrawals.

Traderush offers different rewards for both new and existing traders. The bonuses are however time bound and because of this, they change from time to time.

Customer Support

Traders using the Traderush platform can get in touch with the broker through live chat, email or phone. The phone numbers are designed to help clients handle urgent matters and the support teams are located in the US, UK, UAE, Japan, Australia, France, Germany and Spain.

In connection with this, the help is provided in a number of languages including Russian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, French and English.

About the Company

If you’re like me, you like to know who you’re dealing with when trading. Traderush is operated by 247 Holdings Ltd. Traderush is in-fact a white-label brand on behalf of Edbruke Investments Ltd. The business is operated from the financial district of Gibralter. TradeRush and is a white-label brand of SpotOption Ltd.

Below is a map of Traderush’s offices at 26 Main Street in Gibralter.

Traderush Offices Gibralter

Traderush Bonus (100% up to $5,000 welcome bonus)

TradeRush offers traders several bonuses, including up to $5,000 as a welcome bonus (click here and sign up to claim). Account funding bonuses are available on TradeRush. Traders who fund their accounts from $200 to $1000 will get up to 35% bonus applied to their accounts. Traders who deposit up to $5000 have the opportunity of claiming a 50% bonus.


Traderush is a relatively new company but despite that, it stands out from the rest for a number of reasons. First, the broker has a diverse list of assets which works out well for traders who are more concerned about variety. Second, the platform is very efficient as the interface is user-friendly, and this makes it easy for clients to get on with their business without complications. Also, there is the benefit of high returns where traders get an 81 percent maximum payout. The company’s customer support is also top-notch and this goes to show just how serious the broker is about customer satisfaction.

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