Deriv geaffilieerde en vennootprogram hersiening - Hoe om geld te verdien met kliënte?

Affiliate programs by aanlyn makelaar platforms are a pretty amazing initiative brought up by these platforms. They bring new traders on the platform every day with the help of new affiliates who earn their commission for bringing the most traffic.

Die Deriv Affiliate program helps in earning 45% of a lifetime’s commission by enabling new trader’s trade on the financial markets conveniently. The Deriv Group has a great track record of conducting referral programs without fail and full payouts. This article will further explore the affiliate program presented by the Deriv platform.

Deriv geaffilieerde program
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What is the Deriv affiliate program?

The official website Deriv affiliate program

Deriv broker has come with an enticing partnership program where new affiliates can benefit from the trading journey of new traders that they brought on the platform. These traders get to trade on DTrader and DBot platforms, where there is a separate range of assets.

Your main job as an affiliate is to advertise the website as a popular broker platform which would earn you a verified CPA. Once the referrals sign up on the forum and trade with their investment, it counts as one successful trader on the platform, and you earn a commission as a result.

Deriv platform provides their trading procedures tailored according to the need of the customers and offers amazing features as well. They can learn about all the wonderful trading features that the Deriv platform offers for its clients. Experienced traders can benefit from these specialties such as popular and large markets, conditions for trading, financial tools, etc.

Becoming an affiliate is even better than trading since you earn profits not only from the traders you brought on the forum but from the profit earned by the platform. In addition, you do not have to put in the investment to become a part of the forum.

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Who can become a Deriv affiliate?

People groups who can become a Deriv affiliate

Let us see who can start their journey as an affiliate on the Deriv platform:

  • Seasoned handelaars or experienced traders can join the forum as they will be able to provide expert opinions on digital trading through a website or a blog.
  • Software developers can also become great traders as they have a vast knowledge of web development, desktop working as well as uses of mobile applications. They also work with APIs that may come in handy while trading on this platform.
  • Community managers can also become great affiliates as they know how to work up a community of people who are excited and enthusiastic about online trading, investment, and earning extra incomes.

How to start with the Deriv affiliate program easily?

The Deriv affiliate program sign up form

Deriv affiliate program is the simplest to use on the best interface among the others. All you must do as an affiliate is:

  • Sign up on the platform: first and foremost, you have to fill out an application form online with basic details along with your preferred payment method too. Now, after the application is reviewed, some professionals will get in touch with you sooner than you think.
  • Advertise the broker: now, advertise and market the platform through various media and use the affiliate link to bring new traders on the floor. You can also use several other referral tools to use for marketing.
  • Earn your hard-earned profits: You can start earning as soon as the traders start trading and get up to 45% of the total revenue made by the clients on the same day.
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How many earnings can you make per month?

Commission plans of the Deriv affiliate program
Commission plans of the Deriv affiliate program

Earning may depend on various reasons, such as the amount of traffic that you bring over on the platform, the number of people trading on the platform as well as the overall profit gained by the Deriv platform. Therefore, some people earn between $400 to $1000, while some may earn even more than that.

Therefore, your verdienste or commission would really depend on the number of traders you bring to the floor as an affiliate and would be counted only after the traders make their first deposit on Deriv. The best part about it is that you do not need to put investment and wait for the market to behave correctly to earn money.

How can you promote the Deriv platform?

Promotion of the Deriv affiliate account

As an affiliate, your main job is bemarking or bringing new people as your referrals on the platform and earning money from their trading journey. However, one question that arises is how you can market the Deriv platform to bring new traders. Therefore, there are some methods that one can follow as an affiliate to bring people over to the platform and increase the traffic to the website:

  • Through content writing such as article writing, etc.
  • YouTube – is an amazing forum for creating videos and attracting the masses to the platform.
  • Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram where you can create groups of people interested in trading and send your referral link.
  • Share your link with as many people as possible so you can bring the most number of people on the platform.
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Why is the affiliate program good for customers?

Commission plans for the Deriv affiliate program

The Deriv Affiliate program is a godsend for those who were desperately looking for a side income without having to put their money on the line.

  • High-value partnership – joining a proper program as a referral will help you earn the most as the program is designed in such a way that it facilitates your trading experience.
  • Proven Creative material – there are so many selections of emails and text advertisements. Videos and banners are designed in such a way so that affiliates can draw a maximum crowd to the site through such a broad selection.
  • Global affiliate support – this service is a specific support service provided to all the customers who have even the smallest query regarding the affiliate program. You can email or even call the support team, which consists of affiliate managers, to get all verified answers.
  • Zero charges with prompt payments and payouts every day – Deriv partnership programs are free of cost, and you do not have to pay any fee. Moreover, your affiliate commission is paid to you on a daily basis without any delay.
  • Opportunities and generous commissions – you can start your journey with Deriv as an affiliate and further join other programs such as the IB program for even better profits. You can get as much commission as you want from your preferred list of clients.

What type of reports can be found from your affiliate account?

You need to keep a check on your performance and the average commission rate, along with your popularity as an affiliate. Therefore, the Deriv platform allows you to collect certain reports directly from the online site, such as

  • My Players Report – This report displays all the clients that have been brought on the forum by you, along with their identifications and date of sign-up.
  • Hits & Impressions report – this report shows all the click-through rates and the hit rates offered by you to the other traders who joined the digital platform through your referral. This is great for analyzing for rate works the best and what rate should be ignored at all costs.
  • Country report list – The report consists of countries of Deriv traders from where all of your traders have joined so that you have a better knowledge of which country is working best for you. Once you know which country is bringing you the most business, you can check how you can increase it with marketing tactics.
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Why should you join the Deriv Platform?

Advantages of Deriv

Any affiliate or trader might wonder about the genuineness of the platform and the greatness of the platform. But Deriv is a very professional broker who works for the people and works to provide the clients with an amazing experience.

Not just 20 years of past experience, Deriv also has award-winning streaks and the audience of, which verifies their genuineness. Along with that, they have better and personalized features which have been tried and tested out before by millions of traders.

Therefore, seasoned or new traders can easily join this platform and earn great profits from this platform and enjoy the benefits too.

Conclusion – The Deriv affiliate program is a good way to earn money

Reasons to join the Deriv affiliate program

Did you ever imagine earning money without having to trade on a trading platform? Deriv broker platform helps you gain a good income without having to invest your capital and trade. The Deriv Affiliate Program helps you earn extra income and keep your capital safe and sound since you do not need to invest and trade. All you have to do is promote the trading platform and bring new associates on the platform, who are also known as affiliates, through your referral.

Your referral will earn you a commission even though your income would not depend on these affiliates after they start trading on the platform. The platform’s profits would bring you to profit regardless of how well the referral trades. Therefore, you can start your career with them and make the most profitable career ahead. You can use various options for betaling op die platform.

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