Binary Options High Option

Binary Options High Option definition

The high option in binary trading is described as the direction of trade. In particular investment, the trader needs to understand whether the value of a given asset will go high or it will be lower than a certain price range. In short, whether the price will increase or decrease. 

With a simple prediction, you can either make a huge profit or end up losing your invested amount to someone else. 

How High Option Works? 

To select a high option in a given trade, you need to analyze the market, keep an eye on the news trends, and closely understand the market fluctuations. 

After analyzing everything, if you think that the price of a given asset will increase, i.e., it will go higher, you choose the high option. In this case, you can opt for a call option

If your prediction is accurate, that means the price of a given asset has increased, and you will win the trade and make a good profit. But if the price decreases, you will lose the trade. 

Example of High Option

To understand the high option, here’s a small example. 

Let’s assume that the price of oil is $50. Now, if you think its price will increase by a certain percentage before it expires, you place a high option. 


Before you choose the high option, you should double-check everything. And once you are sure that the asset’s price will increase from its spot price, you can pick “high” by placing the call option. 

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