fees and cost explained for traders is a binary options trading platform that is used globally. This global platform has several reasons for being in traders’ eyes, and the main reason is the wide range of payment options. Because if any professional trader knows about binary trading, will be a gem for them. 

While you are using, you must know the terms and conditions regarding fees. As this platform has specialization on CFD trading, MetaTrader 5, which the Regents Market group owns, so you can be assured about your trading assets. Lots of other factors will be discussed down below, along with the fees.

What are the factors that affect fees?

When a reputed and well-established professional company charges fees for a certain task, they have to maintain lots of factors. Profit is not the only thing to take under consideration. The affiliation company, the license provider, and banks check the laws and regulations regularly. is not an exception to this scenario. As mentioned, a wide range of payment options are available here, so for such a global platform, maintaining the decorum of license providers and banks is also necessary. Let’s have a look at how these factors are working on

#1 Official license providers

The headquarter of this office is situated in Malta, in the United Kingdom. After checking the rules and regulations of this particular trading platform, Malta Financial Services Authority had approved the license of this company. 

As money is related to the trading platform, checking the gambling rules is important too. Gambling Supervision Commission and the UK Gambling Commission both had approved the rules after thoroughly checking the guidelines of

From these official licenses, two things are clear. One, this is a genuine company to go with. Secondly, no extra charges will be deducted from the customers in the wrong way.

#2 Trading accounts

In every binary trading platform, there are mainly two types of accounts, i.e., beginner and professional. However, some trading platforms love to add an external platform called intermediate with less access than the professionals. has some offers for you. Here accounts are mainly divided into two groups. One is Standard, and the second is Virtual Account. Some other accounts are included too. Let’s have a look.

Standard Account 

It has almost all the access for the beginner level. They are offering quite more than a traditional trading platform. Leverage up to 1:1000, variable spread, more than 50 assets, 75% stop out level, and others.

Even in this account, you can have more than 150% of a margin call. With all of these facilities, there are no external charges as commission. Even there is no limit for any minimum deposition. Most of the trading platforms ask for $250 to submit. 

Note: When you are creating your account for the first time, you have to submit at least $5. However, after that, there are no limitations of deposition.

Advanced Accounts

In the advanced accounts, the leverage is being offered up to 1:100. Order execution of market, variable spread, more than 50 assets, and all the same qualities are being offered here too. However, some extra tools are being provided as it is an advanced platform like FX major, FX minor, FX exotic, and so on. 

With all the facilities, they are offering this account with a zero commission rate. You can keep as much as the minimum deposit. There are no limitations to it. However, for the first-time transaction, you have to submit at least $5.

Demo Account

Very trading platforms are there which are offering demo accounts to beginners. The demand for demo accounts is very high nowadays. You can build a demo account for free here. The maximum limit of demo account trading is $10,000. Trading without any risk is the best benefit in the demo account.

Now, the point is, after gaining knowledge regarding this, you can clearly understand they are not charging a single penny from you. So it will be better to go with as it compensates a lot.

#3 Meta Trader 5

MetaTrader 5 is an excellent gem when it comes to trading. This tool can help you to keep track of any cryptocurrency, CFDs, and other staff with the best possible results. In 2019, this application will be added to this trading platform.

With this application, they are offering synthetic indices too. Here, all the special offers like Standard and Advanced Accounts will be provided. Yes, you’ll get a few opportunities with this account, like 50% stop-out level and 100% margin call (which was 150% in general). Still, it will help you to strengthen your base. 

With all these facilities, any trading platform can charge a great amount from you. However, this platform offers these features free of cost. 

#4 Global payment options

Last but not the least, payment options always charge an amount from your balance on most trading platforms. This case is rare on this platform. Despite giving such wide options in payment, they don’t charge anything from the customers.

Electronic wallets, debit cards, credit cards, and other options are available on this platform. You can even convert your profit into cryptocurrency. If anything gets charged from you, that’s because of the payment companies.

#5 Wide number of assets

The numbers of assets that are available for trading are quite high. Almost 58 different types of assets are there on the platform. You’ll also have stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptos. 

All of these are already discussed. However, there’s something new that will catch your attention for sure. That’s the availability of the options. 

  • Starting from gold, platinum to palladium, silver, crude oil, and other valuable commodities are available here.
  • Profitable currency pairs like EUR/USD, AUD/JPY, EUR/CAD, GBP/USD, and some low volatile currency pairs are open to trade.
  • When it comes to indices, Euro 50 indices, wall street index, US index, UK index, volatility 75 indexes, and others will be available as well. Surprisingly you can access some rare indexes here too.

So, if you are interested in both natural indices and synthetic indexes, then none other than is perfect.

Now, the fact is, is excellent because here you don’t have to pay external fees because of the availability of such huge options. 

#6 Risk-Free investment

When it comes to investment, everyone wants a system where investment will be risk-free. If someone is demanding that they can give you risk-free investment Security, that’s never possible. However, reducing the risk is possible. has special features that can reduce your risk. While talking about the fees of this channel, it is important to assure you about the safety of your money. The legal issues are being discussed already. It’s time for the technical terms.

The choice of setting the amount of investment is a huge thing here. will allow you to have the flexibility of putting the numbers according to your choice. You can choose the expiry timing too. $1 to $5,000 is the limit.

  • Providing previous records is the greatest help of this platform. Not only that, before starting investment on each trading, they’ll provide you with a complete guide regarding the profit and loss. If a return is high, they’ll inform you exactly before risking your money.
  • Giving rewards and bonuses on special occasions are another plus point of this platform. Very few platforms are featured with this. Rewards are a helpful cause; you don’t have to waste extra money while taking a risk. So, isn’t it beneficial to trade with it?
  • Lastly, the reputation of the broker. It’s a factor too. More than 2 billion is the worth of this platform. It has received a bunch of rewards. Like Best Trading Platform in Asia, Best Binary Company in the Asia Pacific, Best Fixed-Odds Firm, Best Fixed Odds Broker Silver Award, and others. 

Despite having such incredible offers, this platform is not charging any extra from you. You can invest as you like. Giving freedom with wealth is the goal of this site. That’s why many are using this platform. As risk is minimum here and external offers are always on, as a trader, you’ll have the upper hand always.

What’s the amount of fees?

As this is your focus answer, then let us tell you, there is no commission for the trading on this platform. However, they take a small percentage of your profit. The percentage varies from time to time. 

Again, if you don’t make any profit, then no amount will get cut from your balance. All the factors already mentioned which are catalyzing the fees are maintained perfectly by this trading platform.


So, we can conclude that if you want to have a good binary options trading experience, is a good option. Fees are reasonable and comparatively lower than other trading platforms. 

Sign up with this platform and start trading today with a preferable account according to your experience. 

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