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Binarymate minimum deposit & payment methods

Minimum deposit $250
Payment methods Wire Transfer, Credit Cards, E-Wallet, Crypto
Deposit fees $0

Trading in binary options is one of the easiest ways of making quick money. But a person cannot do options trading without availing services of a reliable broker

Different binary options brokers like BinaryMate are packed with innovative features that increase a trader’s profitability. This easy-to-understand and user-friendly platform work smoothly on the web platform and mobile platform. 

You can easily trade on either of these platforms, view the entire trade history, make quick deposits using accepted payment methods and see live charts. 

BinaryMate allows trading in more than hundreds of assets. Also, it has a minimum deposit amount that a trader needs to pay to get access to an account for trading. 

But do BinaryMate charges deposit fees? Or do you know what payment method this trading platform uses for depositing money? Well, you will find all these answers and more in this guide. 

Deposit on BinaryMate

To start trading with BinaryMate, you need to register yourself by visiting the website and filling in the details. After the registration process is executed, you can make a deposit of the required amount to activate your account. 

The minimum deposit amount is $250, and the maximum amount is $50,000. Though the deposit amount is a little too much, it’s worth every penny. That’s because BinaryMate gives access to different trading accounts depending on the trader’s goal. 

Different account types

Traders can activate these account types by depositing different ranges of money. 

By depositing between $250 to $1000, a trader can get access to the bronze account. This account makes the opportunity of live chat with BinaryMate’s staff available for traders. Besides this, the bronze account also gives a 20% welcome bonus and access to the demo account to traders.  

Traders can use a silver account by depositing an amount between $1000 to $3000. With a silver account, traders can get a 50% welcome bonus and the opportunity to make three risk-free trades. 

Lastly, traders can enjoy gold account benefits by depositing an amount from $3000 to $10000. Here, traders get a 100% welcome bonus, personal success manager, and Swiss prepaid card. 

You can select any of these trading accounts based on your goals, features offered, and, most importantly, deposit amount. Also, BinaryMate will instantly add the welcome bonus to your account. 

For example, if you have deposited $250, you will get access to the bronze account with a welcoming bonus of 20%. That means the available amount in the deposit section of your account will be $300. 

BinaryMate payment methods 

Along with offering different trading accounts, one more thing that makes BinaryMate popular is the various payment methods to make deposits. 

BinaryMate is one of the few trading platforms that offer multiple payment methods to withdraw and deposit money. This trading platform accepts Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Altcoin, and eWallet. 

All of these funding options are fast and reliable. Additionally, the deposited money is kept safely in the European bank by using SSL-certified 256-bit secure processing. BinaryMate even uses 3D security features to make the transaction even more reliable. Also, all the transactions are verified by Visa MasterCard. 

With these convenient payment methods, BinaryMate wants to make its platform accessible for more traders. 

Visa Card

The first way traders can deposit money in their BinaryMate account is by using Visa cards. Many binary trading brokers use this payment technology because it’s fast, secure, stable, and trustworthy. 

Depositing money using a Visa card is so simple that you can do it multiple times a day. To use a Visa card for funding your BinaryMate’s account, you simply need to enter the card pin number and the amount you are willing to deposit in your broker’s account. 

The best thing about Visa cards is that you can get a refund if the bank did not complete the transaction. Also, the transaction fee is usually around 5%. So, using a Visa card for depositing money in BinaryMate makes sense. 


Just like Visa cards, MasterCard is the safest and quickest option used by traders for depositing money in their broker’s account. MasterCards make trading in binary options simply because traders can quickly use it to fund their accounts. 

For depositing money in your account using MasterCard, you can select this payment method from BinaryMate’s website, enter your pin number, other required details, and the amount you want to deposit. 

Once you have used MasterCard to deposit money, the amount will reflect instantly in your BinaryMate account. Also, you won’t have to enter your address and card number each time you are using your MasterCard to deposit money. 

Since MasterCard makes the entire process easier and simpler, it is used by multiple binary options trading brokers. While the money gets deposited instantly, it usually takes one business day to withdraw money using MasterCard. 


If you want to deposit money in Bitcoin, find binary options brokers that accept trading in this digital currency. Fortunately, BinaryMate is one of the few binary options trading platforms that accept the Bitcoin payment method. 

Bitcoin’s value is based on formulas. The transaction fee charged while depositing money using Bitcoin is 0.5% to 1%. This amount is comparatively lower than the transaction fee charged when depositing money using credit cards. 

While the fee is minimal, Bitcoin does not compromise security. It uses public-key cryptography to protect the wallet’s important information. 

To deposit in your BinaryMate account using Bitcoin, you need to select a wallet. After that, you can choose Bitcoin as the payment method on BinaryMate’s platform. Then you can enter the amount you want to deposit.

Next, a Bitcoin address will appear on your screen. You can copy the address in your Bitcoin wallet, insert the amount, and the money will get deposited into your BinaryMate’s account. 

So, if you want to pay minimal transaction fees and use a secure way to deposit money in your broker’s account, you can use Bitcoin. 


An alternative to Bitcoin is Altcoin. It includes all the cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. But just like Bitcoin, Altcoin is also safe to use and protect the wallet’s information by using public-key cryptography. 

One advantage of Altcoin over Bitcoin is that the transaction fees are cheaper, and the deposit is comparatively faster. Also, the chances of frauds and scams get drops down when depositing with Altcoin. That’s because Altcoin transactions are secure and irreversible. 

You can fund your BinaryMate account by Altcoin using the same steps that are mentioned for Bitcoin. This payment method should be your choice if you don’t want to pay huge transaction fees. 


Another way you can deposit money in your BinaryMate account is by using eWallet. Lately, eWallets have started getting popular among binary options traders for depositing money because they are secure and convenient. 

eWallet is similar to Visa cards and MasterCards, but the money is stored in a pre-paid account. And from this account all the transaction takes place. The best thing about using eWallet is that you don’t have to pay any transaction fee. 

Here are some of the popular eWallets that a trader can use for depositing money in a BinaryMate account. 


Neteller is a popular e-money transfer service that several binary options brokers use. This easy-to-use payment method keeps the transaction process safe and secure. 

To deposit money with Neteller, you need to open an account with this payment method. After that, you can add the amount you want to deposit, open your BinaryMate account, select Neteller as a payment method, and make the deposit. 


Besides Neteller, Skrill is another way of depositing money in a BinaryMate account. This payment method accepts 40 different currencies. 

Skrill is getting popular because it is fast, secure, accepts multiple ways to credit the account, and instantly deposits money in the broker’s account. 

These are some of the trusted, safest, quickest, and most convenient ways of depositing money in the BinaryMate account. While all of these payment methods are authorized by BinaryMate, they have their pros and cons. 

So, you must compare the risks and advantages of each of these payment methods before making a selection. 

BinaryMate deposit fees 

The deposit fee is an amount that a trader must pay while depositing money in the broker’s account. 

There is no standardized deposit amount charged. It changes depending on the payment method used to deposit money. One exciting thing about BinaryMate is that it does not charge a huge deposit fee. 

If you want to avoid paying heavy fees, you can choose a payment method other than Visa or MasterCard because these methods require you to pay a 5% deposit fee.  


BinaryMate is one of the most trusted binary options broker platforms that you can use for trading and earning huge money. But before starting your trade, you must get yourself registered by paying the minimum amount. 

The different payment options offered by BinaryMate has made it easy for traders to deposit money quickly, easily, and conveniently in their account. And the fact that the deposited amount instantly gets added to the account is attracting more traders to trade with BinaryMate. 

You can carefully choose a payment method and deposit the required amount to access either bronze, silver, or gold account.