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Binarymate withdrawal: How to withdraw money

Minimum withdrawal $50
Payment methods Wire Transfer, Credit Cards, E-Wallet, Crypto
Withdrawal fees $0

Smooth and safe trading in binary options is only possible when you are availing of the services of a reliable broker. But selecting a good broker from the available options is not easy. 

There are multiple things that, as a trader, you need to consider. For starters, features offered by the trading broker, account types, minimal deposit criteria, and most importantly, the withdrawal methods. After all, you would never want to trade using a broker that has a complicated and shady withdrawal process. 

With BinaryMate, you will never have to stress about withdrawal anymore because it has made the process simple and secure. This platform supports multiple withdrawal methods. 

Minimal withdrawal required by BinaryMate 

For withdrawing money from BinaryMate, you need to get yourself registered with this trading broker. To register yourself, visit the website and can click on “Open an Account.”

Following this, you need to enter the required details and submit correct and up-to-date identification data. Once registration is done, you can trade in any asset by speculating its price. If you have accurately speculated the price trend, you will win. And then, you can withdraw the winning amount. 

You must have at least $50 in your BinaryMate account because that’s the minimum withdrawal amount allowed by this trading platform. If the amount is less than $50, withdrawing won’t be completed. 

How to withdraw money from BinaryMate 

One thing that has made BinaryMate a popular trading platform is its different withdrawal method. This trading platform supports several withdrawal methods like Bitcoin, Altcoin, Credit/Debit cards, bank wire transfer, and eWallet. 

These authorized withdrawal methods guarantee to process the money in just one hour. But it can take a few days to complete the withdrawal process entirely. 

Also, if a trader has not submitted the required details correctly, the withdrawal request might take a longer time than expected. 

Not to mention that SSL secures these withdrawal methods certified by 256-bit secure processing technology and uses 3D secure enable the feature to keep the entire process safe. 

Credit/Debit Cards accepted

Credit and Debit cards are widely accepted withdrawal methods by multiple brokers like BinaryMate. This withdrawal method is safe and keeps the crucial card information protected during the process. 

Additionally, the process of withdrawing money from BinaryMate using a Credit/Debit card is also easy. To keep the process simple, you can use the same card that you have used to deposit in your broker’s account. 

The withdrawal amount should not be more than the total deposit amount that you have made recently. So, always keep the amount equal to or less than that. Moreover, traders are required to pay 5% transfer fees

For successfully withdrawing money, you can visit your BinaryMate account, click on the withdrawal button, select Credit/Debit card as the option, enter the amount, submit essential documents, and the work is done. Within few days, you will receive the amount in your bank account. 

Bank Wire Transfer

Another popular way traders can withdraw their winning amount from the BinaryMate account is by using a bank wire transfer. This withdrawal method is getting popular because it’s safe and completes the money transfer process without any issue. 

Although the process takes a little time to complete, traders are assured because they know their money is safe. 

So, if you want to withdraw your money from BinaryMate without involving any potential risk, you should use a bank wire transfer. 


Just as Bitcoin has become a popular way for funding BinaryMate account, it has become a widely accepted way to withdraw money. The money transfer process with Bitcoin is safe because the wallet’s information is protected using public-key cryptography. 

To withdraw money, you need to visit the website of BinaryMate. After that, you can click on withdraw button and select Bitcoin as the method. Next, you will receive a verification link in your email address.

Following this, log in to your bitcoin wallet, provide the public address, and enter the amount you want to withdraw. Once the process is completed, you can check the Bitcoin wallet for confirmation. 

The transfer fee you need to pay for withdrawing money using Bitcoin is less than the transfer fee charged by Credit/Debit cards. 


Altcoin means all the coins in cryptocurrency except Bitcoin. So, withdrawing money using this method means you will receive the money in a cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. 

Although Altcoin is different, it is as secure as Bitcoin. It also uses public-key cryptography for protecting the wallet’s information. Moreover, the transfer fee charged by Altcoin is comparatively less. 

To withdraw money from BinaryMate using Altcoin, you can follow the same steps mentioned for Bitcoin. 


eWallet is the last way in which you can withdraw money from your BinaryMate account. This method is fast, simple, and easy to execute. This reliable method is globally accepted and offers a similar level of security that other methods provide. 

To withdraw money using eWallet, you need to download the eWallet application and select it as a method in your BinaryMate account. Also, when you use this withdrawal method, you get different eWallet options to choose from. 


Skrill is one of the few eWallet methods that accept 40 currencies. But it is not available in a few counties. So, always check whether or not you can use Skrill before executing the process. 

While withdrawing money, BinaryMate never sets a limit to the amount, but Skrill does. 


Another popular way of withdrawing money is by using Neteller. This eWallet supports 26 currencies. To use Neteller as a withdrawing method, you need to get yourself registered with it. 

After that, you can withdraw money by submitting the required details. While using Neteller, remember that there is a minimum and maximum limit for withdrawing. 

Each of these withdrawal methods has its pros and cons. Some of the withdrawal methods charge more fees, while others take more processing time. So, you must compare each of these methods before starting the withdrawal work. 

Should you withdraw money right away?

After correctly speculating the market and making a profit of more than $50, it’s up to you when you want to withdraw the money.

If you want to get hold of your gains, you can request a withdrawal using one of the authorized ways. However, if you want to earn more profit, keep the amount in the binary broker’s account. 

Professional traders who are serious about binary options trading do not withdraw the money as soon as they have made a profit. Instead, they use the winning amount to trade more. 

But if you are trading for fun, withdrawing the money right away is the best choice. 

Withdrawal condition for BinaryMate 

BinaryMate has made a few mandatory withdrawal conditions that every trader needs to follow to keep the withdrawal process safe.

  • Traders need to enter their personal details and other required information each time they are withdrawing money. 
  • To withdraw money from a bonus account, the trader needs to have around 300% turnover from the deposited amount. 
  • If a trading account does not have any bonus, the trader can claim withdrawal once the amount has reached 100% turnover from the deposited amount. 

No matter what withdrawal method you have selected, it’s important for you to submit a few important documents. Without submitting the mandatory documents, your withdrawal request might take a longer time than expected to complete. 

If you have selected a Credit/Debit card for withdrawing money, you should submit a scanned copy of your card. The scanned copy must have the last four digits of the card. 

Additionally, if you want to withdraw an amount that is more than what you had deposited, it’s better to use a bank wire transfer. 

Steps to withdraw money

To withdraw your money quickly, follow these easy steps.

  • Visit your BinaryMate account. 
  • Select the withdraw funds option. 
  • Select any withdrawal method from the available option. 
  • Submit important documents and wait for the money to get transferred. 

Withdrawal fees for BinaryMate 

Like other binary options brokers, BinaryMate also charges withdrawal fees, but there are no standardized fees. That’s because the fees depend on the withdrawal payment method selected by the trader. 

Also, brokers do not charge any fixed withdrawal fee because they have different rules. The withdrawal fees also depend on the processing time and currency conversion fees. 

Once you have selected a withdrawal method, completed the required withdrawal conditions, and paid the fees, BinaryMate will transfer the money to your bank account. 


Whenever you choose a binary options broker to trade with, it’s always advised to check the available withdrawal method offered by the broker. That’s because a binary options trading platform that does not provide authorized withdrawal options can be risky to trade with. 

Illegal brokers will try to keep the withdrawal process complicated so that traders get confused and lose their money. But BinaryMate is a reputed broker that offers authorized withdrawing methods. 

That means you can get yourself registered with BinaryMate, deposit the minimum amount, start trade, and withdraw the money using any of the authorized methods