The best 60-second strategies on Binomo

Binomo’s 60-second strategy is one of the most popular trading strategies. It allows you to maximize your profits quickly by making the most of your winning trades and minimizing your losses. 

The Binomo 60-second strategy is like hunting. You need to get the setup just right to make the most of the big game when it comes. What you need for that are the right strategy and an effective management system.

That’s why we bring you a detailed guide on the best 60-second strategies on Binomo, keep reading to find out.

What’s Binomo’s 60-second strategy?

The 60-second chart on Binomo
Set the chart to 1 minute

The one-minute trading strategy from Binomo is effectively a trading algorithm that allows traders to make profitable trades within a very short period. The entire system is structured on minute charts, which apply to various asset classes. That includes single shares, commodities, stock indices, fiat currencies, and cryptos. 

In this strategy, the technical instruments for analyzing the market indicators and conditions might sometimes vary. However, the core idea of trading on Binomo remains unchanged.

As a trader, you can simplify analyzing the market by applying the technical rules often used for longer time frames when trading on Binomo. For instance, you can use the hour chart to find support levels and resistance, identify oversold and overbought conditions, and crucial pivot points. You can then use all of these levels for 60-seconds trade deals.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Most productive 60-seconds strategies to use on Binomo

#1 Multi Stochastic

Correct settings for the multi-stochastic trading strategy on Binomo
Correct settings for the multi-stochastic trading strategy on Binomo
  • Expiration- One minute
  • Time for trading- Anytime
  • Indicators to Use- Stoch/ 5/3/3: Stoch 10/25/10

On the Binomo platform, you will find a signal for entering a position once the readings from the two oscillators converge. For buying, stochastics need to be under level 20, while for sale, it has to be above 80.

The strategy also works brilliantly for long-term contracts and turbo options. That’s primarily because stochastics only calculates the number of candles. The algorithm can be particularly beneficial during the flat movement of quotes. At the same time, it’s better not to implement the strategy during highly volatile periods.

However, this is only one of the multiple variations of multi-stochastic. There’s no harm in experimenting as you might be able to achieve better indicators with a different setting or maybe with a third oscillator.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

#2 ADX+Stoch+MA

Correct settings for the #2 ADX+Stoch+MA trading strategy on Binomo
Correct settings for the #2 ADX+Stoch+MA trading strategy on Binomo

It’s one of the most preferred scalping strategies for Binomo traders. Although the algorithm is fairly complex, it’s still a great choice as an effective one-minute strategy, especially for high-frequency traders

  • Assets Recommended- Fit for every asset.
  • Timeframe- From M5
  • Expiration- one minute
  • Time for trading- American and European sessions
  • Trading indicators to Use- Stoch 5/3/3; ADX 14
  • Buy Signal- Moving averages are organized as per increasing period without intersecting with each other from left to right. Moreover, the ADX needs to be above level 20, while the stochastic exceeds level 50.
  • Sell Signal- When it comes to the sell signal on Binomo, it’s not very different from Buy Signal. Once again, the moving averages are organized according to the increasing period without intersecting. You should also look for the ADX above level 20 and stochastic below 50.
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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

#3 Moving Stochastic

Correct settings for the #3 Moving Stochastic trading strategy on Binomo
Correct settings for the Moving Stochastic trading strategy on Binomo

The stochastic indicator complex is an integral part of most 60-second strategies on Binomo. That’s mainly because stochastic and other oscillators are optimal indicators, especially for strategies with small time frames. For this particular strategy, you need to use the tool together with moving averages in the classic intersection.

  • Assets Recommended- Fit for every asset.
  • Timeframe- M1-M5
  • Expiration- One minute
  • Time for Trading- There isn’t any fixed time. However, better results can be seen at night during Pacific and Asian sessions.
  • Indicators to Use- Stoch 5/3/3 and two moving averages, each with periods 60 and 30, during highly volatile periods, and 30/15 during nights.

Once the fast-moving average crosses slowly from the bottom, look out for the stochastic to go beyond 20 before opening the buy option. On the other hand, once the oscillator’s value goes below 80, it’s the signal for sale.

The entry point doesn’t appear frequently. That’s why it’s the best Binomo trading strategy for trades with small timeframes. The signal significantly improves the incidence of reversal candle patterns.

Furthermore, it’s useful to remember that the intersection of the moving averages might not work on particular candles. That’s crucial when talking about 60-second options. Thus, when entering the trade, utilize the average of the first position. 

Therefore, when in the first position, the recommended money management is 2% on this platform. On the other hand, the figure is at 4% for the second. The other thing to remember is that the averaging trade opens in the direction stochastic begins.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Advantages of the strategy

Possible profits on Binomo by using the right strategies

With all said and done, you might be thinking, can Binomo be trusted for the results you’re looking for? Well, if you want to earn money with Binomo, the 60-second strategy can bring you some key advantages to help maximize your profits, which include:

Executing multiple trades- The strategy requires a very short amount of time. So you can carry out well over a hundred trades each day without any inconvenience. Even if the profits from individual trades are small, they all grant you a big profit at the end of the day.

Gain experience- In trading, repetition is the key to every other thing in life. It’s bound to grant you experience, which brings expertise. You can gain critical insights and learn much quicker than long-term trades with high trading frequency.

Maximizing market movements- Fast-moving markets can be extremely volatile, especially within a short period. It allows you to maximize your profits by picking the right time to trade without overdoing it.

Better utilize the time- Long trading durations require you to monitor the market for longer and keep your eyes peeled on assets. However, with one-minute trades, all you need is to be focused for that minute and be free once it ends.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

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