Why are 90% of traders on Binomo losing money?

Once Jack Schwager said that amateurs are concerned with the amount of money they can make while professionals consider the amount of money they may lose. So, to earn money in binary options trading, you need to know about the risky edges. But, Binomo’s statistics show that 90% of active accounts lose money. So, it can be said that most traders failed to make profits with Binomo. We are going to show you the reasons why most traders lose funds in Binomo in this article.

Inconsistency is the key to losing in the trade

Correct settings for the multi-stochastic trading strategy on Binomo
The Binomo trading platform

In this world of the internet, information is readily available. So, we come to know about thousands of options and strategies for everything; trading is not an exception. Whenever we see a strategy, we want to apply it in real time. If you get successful, we will try to invest more in trading. And there we go wrong!

Traders get influenced by previous profitable returns without considering market trends and ranges. In maximum cases, traders work on multiple trades in the market. So, they cannot make up their minds on a particular trade, but binary trades need complete focus. 

Jumping from one trading instrument to another is not wise as every instrument has a unique indicator and trade size. For these variations in trading systems, traders opt for experiments. But, your live account is not a place for experimentation; you can do it on your Binomo demo accounts

The Binomo demo account
The Binomo demo account

We are not casting you down from experimenting with a trading strategy; you can find out the best ways of investing in Binomo. You can experiment on low-risk and any one of the instruments. If you focus on a single trade, you will be able to identify the perfect timeframe and market trends for that trade. As a result, you will get experience with a single trade or option and get a better idea of that. 

Most traders do not follow each of the trading plans before investing. It sounds familiar, right? So, beware of each trading policy before making investments. It will cost you a considerable loss. 

You can protect your trades from losing out only if you focus on market policies. You can easily find out the expiry time, odds, return percentages, and other factors of a trade-in policy. So, to make better deals with costs and trade-offs, you can work on policies. So, the more we ignore guidelines, the less we get success in trade. 

To avoid guaranteed losses while trading on Binomo, you should rely on the principle of consistency. So, you can call “Consistency” the key to success in trading. So, let’s dive into the aspects of consistent trading with Binomo

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Why are only 10% successful?

Success in binary options trading

In trading, there is no such rule for success in investments. Therefore, to make a profit, you need to know why only 10% get success in binary trading. A successful trader should know the trends of markets and the trades. Knowing the proper timing and instruments would help you improve your strategies in the market of investments. 

Most successful traders try to keep fewer numbers of trades to invest in. Profitable traders keep the number of trades as low as possible. If you keep your trading portfolio simple, you will be on the positive side. You will be able to decrease complications in trading as a result

Don’t use one strategy on different types of trading options. As there is no holy grail to win over the demanding market of training options, similar techniques are not beneficial. You need to choose a specific market and trading instrument to try out successful strategies. 

Successful traders know the movements of markets. Every trend and range of the market with respect to a specific strategy is different. And winners never forget to evaluate market trends and price ranges before trading

 So, you can see that the successful ones used fewer strategies, evaluation on market trends, and avoided using similar methods on different trends.  

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

How can you become a successful trader?

Traders using promotion codes on Binomo

Are you worried about choosing the right trend or strategies for a successful trading deal? Here are tips that will help you to avoid losing money in Binomo. Firstly, you should use your strategy in the demo account. You should try out the method from your demo account in different markets. 

Find out the best-suited trading strategy for you. After that, find out the most appropriate market. You can choose any market where you want to trade. For instance, you can select gold or silver if you love commodity-related trading. On the other hand, if you find the currencies market profitable, you can trade in a few pairs. 

Mountain charts on the Binomo trading platform

With fewer markets, you can get a chance to evaluate the movement of the market. By growing time, you can understand the movements of a market by looking at its chart only. 

Your fund management strategies are also very important for better trading results. Managing technical factors in markets depends on both timing and choice of strategy. Timing is also very effective during trading. You can choose the most appropriate timing for trading your option to improve your trading skills. 

Successful fund management includes some decisions related to protecting the trades and the amount of your trade option. If you save some funds, it will help reduce the risk levels in trading. You should hold a small fraction in your account while investing every time to improve your trading results

So, you have to remember that no trading strategy is right or wrong or superior to another. But, every successful trader has a common characteristic called consistency. Moreover, you should have knowledge about the fund or capital management. Controlling emotions can help to improve your skills in trading. 

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Understand your market

Trend following strategies with Binary Options
Analyze the current market trends on Binomo

We should always check and evaluate your market for trading in. We are here to advise you why comprehending the investment demand is needed to be chosen.

Whenever you’re about to trade, evaluate your market first. Recent price movements are essential for understanding the market’s trends and ranges. When you have a better experience and knowledge about the market, you will be able to easily predict the market trends

With better information and knowledge, you can definitely decide whether you should enter a trade or hold until the market is recovered. Whenever you get to know about the nitty-gritty of the business trends, you can make a particular strategy in Binomo

Sometimes you need to wait for and relax for the appropriate timing of the market. So, whenever the market condition looks familiar, you should start to invest or trade. In this way, you can utilize your knowledge to evaluate the market and patterns of market movements. Your understanding can help you omit any doubts while placing trades and get rid of any stress and fear of uncertainty. 

By following these recommendations, you can quickly enhance your performance as a trader. You can understand that in Binomo, losing money is not the only option while trading. 

Don’t procrastinate. Try Binomo

How to register on Binomo

We hope you have understood that consistency is the most important factor behind any successful trader. If you are a novice in the binary trading industry, you should take the lessons of consistency seriously. So, you should not juggle multiple trading indicators. It would be better if you trade with only one tool only.

The derivatives are some of the easiest and most effective keys in trading. While the market is in a consistent condition and related to the stocks and cryptos, these are useful. There will be numerous financial derivatives available in these markets. There will be no more significant differences in the price of these derivatives. Moreover, the derivatives are not highly volatile. Therefore, new investors or traders like these very much.

When starting your journey as a trader, you should focus on making a good amount of funds. At Binomo, losing money will be a mere potential when you better understand the market. And, trading with multiple financial instruments will not give you the chance to make funds

Conclusion – Don’t make the same mistakes as 90% of the traders!

Successful traders in their earlier days focused on the identification of trading strategies and market analysis, not on making huge profits at a time. If you are starting the trading journey, we will recommend you stick to a single financial instrument.

Selecting one financial instrument in Binomo would help you increase the chances of better results and increase the profit ratio. So, research the market per your preference and get the best 60 second Binomo trading strategies. Of course, other Binomo strategies work as well. With this determined approach, you will not procrastinate. 

Focus on one instrument to avoid or nullify the statement – ‘In Binomo, losing money is the only option you get.’ So, learn, analyze, and be focused on one approach in trading to get success.

For more updates on binary trading, follow us. 

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

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