The best 60 second strategies on Expert Option

These days’ traders look for shortcuts to earning money and maximizing their profits. Trading assets that expire within a short period is one way of doing it. 60-seconds trades are one of those options on Expert Option that can make you money within 60 seconds. 

Expert Option timing

Trading 60-seconds assets seem less confusing and uncomplicated. After all, it is just a matter of 60 seconds. But, if you trade regularly, you will know that placing the 60-second trades is not a minute’s work. A trader needs to devote enough time to determine how to place the right trades

Expert Option is one of the best trading platforms for 60-second trades. To make the most out of these trades, you can know the best Expert Option 60-second strategy. 

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What are the best Expert Option 60-second strategies?

Trading any asset requires research if you don’t wish to lose your money after your Expert Option registration.

Several traders place 60-second trades on Expert Option every day following these trading strategies

Strategy in binary options trading

Use signals

To increase the chances of winning your trades, you must use the signals. Signals can help you predict whether your trade will succeed. You can generate the trading signals yourself by doing mathematical calculations or using the algorithms and bots to get this job done.


Expert Option allows its user to place the 60-second trades to help them maximize their earnings. Though 60-second trades are very unpredictable, using signals as your Expert Option 60-second strategy can help you fetch higher profits. 

You can club these signals with other trading charts and Expert Option indicators available at the platform to get an accurate result. Combining these will let you arrive at the best trading decisions. 


Follow trends 

Trends will help you benefit from online trading, whether placing 5-minute trades or 60-second trades. Following trends will help you see the asset’s price direction. Most traders make money on Expert Option by speculating. If you place trades after checking market trends, the probability of winning your trades increases manifold. Thus, following trends is one of the best Expert Option 60-second strategies. 

Keep up with market trend to know where the chart goes

You can even follow news and trading journals to know about the market changes. Staying updated with the movements in the price directions will be of immense help when planning to place profitable trades on Expert Option.

expert option trade journal

To assess the trend, you can view various charts as they will tell you about the trend lines. Once you know these trends, you will become more confident about placing trades on Expert Option. 

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Pinocchio strategy

One of the best Expert Option 60-second strategies is the Pinocchio strategy. As against going with the trend, you can bet your money on assets against the trend when using the Pinocchio strategy. 

Pinocchio strategy

If your favorite asset’s price reaches soaring heights, you can place your option considering that the asset’s price will fall in the future. Once on the flip side, if the asset’s price is declining continuously, you should consider placing trades under the belief that the asset’s price will increase. 

You can use the candlestick chart for this purpose. Depending on the color of the candle, you will be able to judge whether the market is bearish or bullish. 

expert option candlesticks

Build better risk management skills

One of the most underrated Expert Option 60-second strategies is to build better risk management skills. Knowing that the one-minute trades are highly volatile, the trader should be able to build better risk management skills. 

Risk management in binary options trading

To earn more with your 60-second trades, you should ensure that you take a very calculated risk. These trades involve a very high degree of risk, and you should place every move only after a careful analysis. A trader should keep a few things in mind before placing these trades. The first thing is researching the market, and the second is to consider any risk associated with your 60-second trades. 

Once you know these risks, you will be able to find ways to tackle them or reduce them. As a result, your risk management for 60-second trades will improve, and you will be able to reap the best benefits from trading on Expert Option. 

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Why do traders opt for 60-second trades?

If you are a professional or advanced trader, you would know the benefits associated with trading 60-second assets. However, if you have recently begun trading, you might wonder why traders think highly of 60-second trades. 

The answer to this question is uncomplicated. 60-second trades offer the traders a chance to make profits within 60 seconds. If there is one way to get rich within a minute, it is by trading 60-second assets.

Save money while trading binary options

However, trading these assets requires planning as they are not as easy to trade as they might sound. To maximize earnings with 60-seconds trade, you should use only the best strategies. If you do, you can make multiple 60-second trades within a day. 

A trader should pick a reliable online trading platform to place these trades. A trader should look for a legit broker offering 60-second trading. Expert Option is one such binary options broker that lets its users enhance their trading experience, no matter which assets they trade. 

Expert Option

Expert Option allows the users to make use of the charts, indicators, signals, and other trading tools to help them make the right judgment. When a trader conducts a proper technical analysis while using the Expert Option 60-second strategies, his confidence gets a major boost. As a result, a trader is able to think clearly and place his trades considering the existing circumstances.

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Placing 60-second trading might seem only a one-minute job. But, in reality, it is a lot of work because a trader needs to do the math. If the trader does not perform his best, he can lose his money. 

Therefore, it is important for a trader to consider every factor affecting his one-minute trades. The planning for placing these trades starts several hours before actually placing the trade. A trader needs to take care of trends and signals and also interpret the signals to get the job done in the best manner.

Alligator Expert Option

Apart from this, following the best trading strategies is also a prerequisite to making profits through online trading. Expert Option is the online trading platform you need if you wish to start trading 60-second options or assets. You can use these Expert Option 60-second strategies to get better results. If you’re not feeling secure enough with your strategy, you can use the Expert Option demo account for practicing.

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