Is Expert Option legal in Brazil? Review for Brazilian traders

Expert Option is one of the biggest online, operational trading stages, which provides you to trade a range of financial assets in a sumptuous and quick-to-use interface. The trading can be done via their website or can be accessed via one of their apps.

Binary Options trading legal in Brazil

We will answer the question: Is Expert Option legal in Brazil?

The online trading stage initiated their services in 2014 and now completes more than 30 million deals a month. So far, there have been more than 37 million accounts that have been opened on the online platform.

What is Expert Option?

Expert Option has made it their mission to make their clients the priority, hence making this the platform’s primary value. There are account managers, more than 100, to be specific. So each of them is tailored to the client’s needs.

The company does aim to be reliant and easy to use, making it quite easy for absolutely anyone to start trading. The company also plans on delivering the fastest trading opportunities through innovative technologies.

The company covers a range of different financial assets like CFD’s, Shares, Commodities, Indices, Cryptocurrency etc. The platform is one of the safest forms of online trading out there. It is accessible to IOS and Android users as well. The minimum balance that is required is $10. 

The online trading platform has different kinds of extensive training techniques which can help its customers/clients to get into the world of real trading. They have the option for demo accounts as well as it provides a safer option with virtual money or funds to spend with no downside risk involved.

(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

The Expert Option is accessible to users worldwide. This online platform is accessible in many countries, which also includes Brazil. Proper regulations are followed by the online trading company, which makes it an extremely safe and reliable online trading stage.

The Brazilian users can start their trading process on the online platform by depositing a minimum sum amount of $10. Expert Option is available to its users 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is accessible in more than 14 languages such as English, Arabic, Polish, Spanish, Korean, Thai, Hindi, Turkish, among many others.

Regulations in Brazil

The financial markets and online trading in Brazil are regulated by Security and Exchange Commission, Comissão de Valores Mobiliários, or CVM. Even though there are regulations for online trading in Brazil, there are no regulations for binary options trading or Forex trading, and it is still legal in Brazil.

There are no Brazilian Forex or binary broker. Therefore, it’s best to trade online through an international online trading platform like Expert Option. Its platform is available in the Portuguese language, and they also offer 24/7 customer support services to its users. There are proper regulations for online trading in Brazil, so it’s very safe to trade online in Brazil. 

expert option candlesticks

Regulations of Expert Option

The online trading platform, Expert Option is properly regulated by Vanuatu Financial Services Commission or VFSC. Expert Option also has different protocols and policies like HTTPS web protocol and SSL encryption to protect the sensitive information of the clients and the company. 

Expert Option is a very safe and secure online trading platform as it is regulated properly by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission or VFSC.

(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Review of Expert Option for Brazilian traders

The online trading platform is one of the most pre-eminent certified online trading stages for Brazilian traders. It happens to offer a lot of benefits and perks to its customers.

Expert Option provides a full 100% bonus to first-time customers and also happens to offer a sizeable payout to its traders. The maximum payout available is 95%, and the minimum is given 80%. With all these benefits and perks being offered by the company, the Expert Option does not charge any kind of deposit, withdrawal, or trading fee at all.

Expert option is available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is available in different languages, including English, Arabic, Polish, Spanish, Korean, Thai, Hindi, and Turkish, and several others.

expert option customer service

Customers can also take advantage of a variety of additional tools on the site to help them grow and improve their trading skills. Customer support is also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be reached via email, phone numbers, or online forms. Customer service is also available in a variety of languages.

Demo Account

However, if you are not confident about how to start real trading, you can open a Demo Account. You just have to click on the ‘try free Demo‘ option, and you are ready to go. Also, you do not need to do any kind of registration to open a Demo account. 

You can just practice trading by the demo account for absolutely no charges. 

With the Demo account, you also get $10000 virtual funds to practice. You can sharpen your trading skills for absolutely no charges and can easily step into the world of real trading when you are ready to go. You can also get all the different types of features in the demo account as well as the real account. 

Types of account on Expert Option in Brazil

Expert Option offers/suggests a varied range of accounts to the customers for acquiring the additional benefits, which are as follows: Micro, Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Exclusive accounts.

Following is a description of the various accounts offered by Expert Option:

  • Micro 

A minimum deposit of $10 is required for this type of account. You are permitted to have up to ten trades active at any given moment. You can also gain accessibility to academic resources with this account.

  • Basic

The least sum amount that can be made in this sort of account is $25, and the maximum sum amount that a consumer can make is $50. This account, like the micro account, allows you to create 10 trades. Yes, instructional materials are available here as well.

  • Silver

A minimum deposit of $500 is needed for this type of account. The minimum trading limit in this type of account is $250. Unlike the previous 2 accounts, this one has a limit of 15 trades. This membership grants you access to daily market reviews and financial analysis, as well as a wealth of instructional tools.

expert option account types
  • Gold

A minimal amount of $2,500 is necessary for a gold account. It has a $1,000 minimum transaction limit. You are permitted 30 merchants in the gold account. In addition, there is a 2% profit margin in the gold account.

  • Platinum

The Platinum account has a $5,000 initial deposit requirement. Profits in the Platinum account will be increased by 4%. There are no restrictions on the number of traders who can use a platinum account.

  • Exclusive

To gain access to the special account, you must be welcomed. It is not provided to all. A maximum deal of $5,000 is available. Exclusive accounts have a 6% higher profit margin.

(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Assets on Expert Option in Brazil 

Expert Option offers over 100 assets to trade online to its users, which includes stocks, cryptocurrency, Commodities, etc.

  • Cryptocurrency

Expert Option allows you to trade a variety of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dash, Zcash, and others.

  • Equities

You may trade a wide variety of stocks on Expert Options, including Google, Apple, Facebook, Netflix, and several others.

  • Commodity

Expert Option offers two commodities for trading: gold and silver.

Special features on Expert Option in Brazil

The online brokerage platform has more comprehensive and unique aspects such as technical analysis tools, social trade, education and trading, and etc.

  • Technical Analysis Instruments

Customers can employ a wide range of technical analysis instruments provided by the organization. Among the analytical tools are indicators, line graphs, chart formats, and many others.

  • Social Trading 

You can use this to trade with other people and see what and how they trade. You may also examine how much revenue other customers make and what they have been attempting to invest in.

expert option trading
  • Trading and Education

The online trading platform provides its customers with a variety of trading and education tools, including webinars, education tools, internet video sessions or lessons, and so on.

How to withdraw funds from Expert Option in Brazil?

Once you’ve finished setting up your genuine account, it’s a rather simple process to withdraw funds from the online trading platform. If you believe you have achieved a respectable level of profit and wish to withdraw that quantity, you must first complete a few steps.

The procedure for withdrawing money from Expert Option is extremely basic and straightforward:

  1. Log in to the platform and go to the top left side menu.
  2. Choose the Finances option.
  3. The withdrawal option can be found in the lower right-hand corner.
  4. Select the Withdrawal option.
  5. Enter the required sum amount to remove from the account.
  6. Choose a payment option for the withdrawal that is convenient for you.
  7. Once all of the information has been entered, click the ‘new request’ button.

And you’ve finished the operation! Your funds are now being processed.

After completing the money withdrawal request method, you will receive a confirmation email from the platform after they have allocated your request and another email when the money has been processed and transferred to your account.

(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Minimum withdrawal amount

The bare minimum sum amount of money that you can withdraw from the online trading platform is $10. Because of the terms and conditions of the online trading platform, you cannot withdraw less than a sum amount of $10.

expert option withdrawal

Maximum withdrawal amount

The maximum sum amount of money that a customer/client can withdraw from Expert Option per day is a total of $1,000,000.

Withdrawal fees

On Expert Option, there is no kind of withdrawal fees. You can easily withdraw your money without having to pay any kind of extra charges. 

However, you may be required to pay some charges if a payment system charges you fees for the transaction procedure.

Deposit and withdrawal methods on Expert Option

Expert Option provides traders with a variety of payment options. Expert Option accepts deposits and withdrawals using a variety of methods, including bank wire transfer, credit card, and e-Wallets.

  • Credit cards

Expert Option accepts a variety of credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, UnionPay, Maestro, and others.

  • E-Wallets

Expert Option allows a variety of E-Wallets, including Neteller, YandexMoney, Webmoney, QIWI Wallet, Skrill, and others.

You are free to use any of the payment options that are available to you. Keep in mind that bank wire transfers and credit cards are more time-consuming to process than E-wallets. Transactions done by credit card or bank wire can take up to three days to complete; whereas, transactions performed through E-Wallets can be completed in as little as one business day.

Since a result, E-wallets are considerably faster and easier to use than any type of bank wire transfer, as the time duration involved in the transaction is reduced, and the customer/client benefits greatly.

Proof of withdrawal 

If the client needs verification of all withdrawals and deposits made in their account, they can just go to the ‘payment history’ option and check the complete records of all transactions performed to date. You’d also be able to keep track of your deposit and withdrawal history.

Generally, no documentation is necessary for withdrawing money; however, depending on the type of withdrawal method and type, the representative may request documents as verification. If you withdraw money using a different method, you will be required to undergo verification.

However, if you choose to use the same method as before, you would not need to undergo any kind of verification.

When compared to all other online trading platforms, Expert Option had to be the best option for getting started in the trading sector. The online trading platform allows clients/customers to exercise and gain a better grasp of their platform by using a demo account. It also includes a variety of changeable or adjustable strategies to use as per the user’s comfort.

(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Trading fees on Expert Option in Brazil

Expert Option does not charge any sort of extra fees or charges to its users. You are not required to pay any extra fees or commission to start trading. Expert Option does not charge any extra charges for depositing and/or withdrawing funds on the platform. Apart from depositing a minimum of $10 for investing, no extra trading charges are applied. There are no extra trading fees on Expert Option.

expert option demo account

Deposit and withdrawal fees on Expert Option in Brazil

The online trading platform, Expert Option does not charge any kind of fees for the deposit and withdrawal of funds. You are free to deposit and withdraw money on the Expert Option. However, the bank might charge some extra fees for the transaction process, which has nothing to do with the Expert Option. Therefore, there are no extra charges for withdrawing and depositing funds from Expert Option.

Support for Brazilian traders

Expert Option has a customer assistance system that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can reach Expert Option’s customer care at any moment to get answers to specific questions. It is accessible in a variety of languages, including Portuguese and English. As they have clients from all over the world, Expert Option’s customer service crew is multilingual.

You can approach Expert Option’s customer relations via email, contact number, or other means. You may also find them on social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others. In addition to these options, you can contact them by filling out a form on the official site.


No matter if you are Indian, US or Brazilian, the platform offers great chances for traders. Expert Option is an exceptional online trading platform to start your online trading procedure. It gives you exceptionally high benefits and features than most of the other renowned online trading platforms.

It is a pretty safe and extremely secure online trading platform as it is regulated and inspected by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC).

expert option trade result

They have their own rules, regulations, and many other different protocols to protect the customer or clients’ privacy. The online trading platform performs many trading transactions daily and does it in a fairly safe and secure manner. 

Their primary value is the customer or client’s secure trading procedure; that is the reason it has over 55 million customers all around the world. 

The online trading platform is also extremely user-friendly and fairly simple to use, according to the client’s convenience. They have special and varied features and different kinds of benefits for their customers. The clients/customers can even customize the online platform like change the theme, etc. Expert Option as an online trading platform is extremely secure and proper functional for the online trading world in Brazil.  

(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

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