Is Expert Option legal in the USA? Review for US traders

Expert Option is an online trading platform having fast online trading and digital options. The Expert Option broker offers online trading on Forex, Cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, among others. 

Expert Option was established in 2014 and is gaining popularity among traders at an increasing rate. The platform has proved to be one of the most reliable and loyal online trading platforms. The trading platform is owned by Expert Option Ltd. Expert Option is situated in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. 

Expert Option offers various types of accounts, and each has its perks and additional benefits. The platform also offers many assets to trade online along with other features and trading options. Expert Option has also started giving out 100 percent bonuses to first-time users to gain more traders from all over the world. There are bonuses and commissions for the other traders as well. The broker offers bonuses up to 95% per winning trade.

The platform is available in more than 15 languages, including Chinese, Thai, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Spanish, and more. Expert Option is a regulated online trading platform. It is regulated by the VFSC. The platform is very reliable and secure to trade online. 

The minimum deposit amount on Expert Option is also very low. Although the higher your deposits are, the more benefits you get. The features and trading tools you get access to depends on the type of account you are using. The broker also offers various deposit and withdrawal methods to make it more convenient for the traders. 

Expert Option is one of the leading online trading platforms in the world as it has its perks and benefits available to traders. Let’s take a look at this online trading platform in more detail.

Is Expert Option legal in the USA? 

Expert Option is not available in some countries that include the USA, Bangladesh, Yemen, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Israel, Sudan, Singapore, New Zealand, North Korea, and Puerto Rico. The platform provides its services to the rest of the countries. 

Expert Option is not legal to use in the USA because the platform is not regulated as per the American guidelines. To be able to provide its services in the USA, Expert Option should be regulated by the American financial markets regulations. 

Currently, Expert Option does not provide its services in the USA, but the broker might be open to USA citizens in the future. The reason why Expert Option is not available in the USA is that it does not have proper regulations and licensing as per the American laws and regulations.

Regulations in the USA 

The USA has very stern online trading regulations as compared to the other countries. There are not many online trading platforms available to USA traders. In the USA, online trading markets are regulated by the Dodd-Frank Act. Dodd-Frank Act also goes by the name of The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. This act was approved in 2010. 

The agencies which are in charge of the foreign exchange market in the USA are National Future Association (NFA) and Commodity Future Trading Commission (CFTC). You can only online trade with the US-regulated online trading platforms. The only online trading platforms that are allowed in the USA are the ones regulated by Commodity Future Trading Commission (CFTC).

Regulations of Expert Option

The online trading platform, Expert Option is regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). The broker also has various policies and protocols that include HTTPS web protocol or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure and the SSL encryption or Secure Sockets Layer to secure the sensitive information of the clients and the company. 

Expert Option is one of the best online trading platforms out there; it is also one of the most credible, stable, instant, and simple online trading platforms. 

Review of Expert Option

Expert Option does not accept clients from the USA; therefore, much information regarding the online trading platform terms of the USA can’t be given. Although, for other countries, Expert Option provides a full 100% bonus to first-time customers and also happens to offer a sizeable pay-out to its traders.

The maximum pay-out available is 95%, and the minimum is given 80%. With all these benefits and perks being offered by the company, the expert option does not charge any kind of deposit, withdrawal, or trading fee at all. You can also access the trading platform using any smartphone and desktop. 

Expert Option is getting quite popular in many countries other than the USA, as it is their primary value is that the customer or clients have the secure trading procedure, that is the reason it has over 55 million customers all around the world.

Expert option is accessible to its users 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is obtainable in more than 14 languages such as English, Arabic, Polish, Spanish, Korean, Thai, Hindi, Turkish, among many others. The platform also has many features for its customers to avail to grow and improve their trading skills.

The customer support services are available 24/7 as well, which you can contact through email, mobile numbers, or through their customer support services forms. The customer care services are also open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are provided in many languages.

Assets on Expert Option

There are various assets available on Expert Option to trade online, which includes stocks, cryptocurrency, commodity, etc. – 

  • Cryptocurrencies

Expert Option offers several cryptocurrencies to trade which include Bitcoin, Dash, Zcash, etc.

  • Stocks

You get a wide range of stocks to trade on Expert Options like Google, Apple, Facebook, Netflix, and many more.

  • Commodities

Expert Option has two commodities available that you can trade, Gold and Silver.

Special features on Expert Option 

The online trading platform offers more advanced and special features like technical analysis instruments, social trading, education and trading, and more –

  • Technical Analysis Instruments

The company offers an extensive range of technical analysis instruments accessible for customers to use. Different indicators, trend lines, different chart types, and many more are among the technical analysis tools.

  • Social Trading

With this, you can trade with other people and witness what and how others are trading. You can also see how much profit other customers are earning and what they are trying to invest in.

  • Trading and Education

The online trading platform has different kinds of trading and education instruments available for its customers like webinars, education instruments, online video sessions or tutorials, etc.

Types of account on Expert Option

Expert Option offers a varied range of accounts to the customers for acquiring the additional benefits, which are as follows- Micro, Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Exclusive accounts.

Following is a description of the various accounts offered by Expert Option:

  • Micro

This type of account has a minimum deposit of $10. You can be allowed up to 10 traders at one time. With this account, you can get access to educational materials as well.

  • Basic

In this type of account, the minimum sum amount that can be made is $25, and the maximum a customer can make is $50. Same wise as the micro account, you can make 10 traders in this account. And yes, you get access to educational materials here as well.

  • Silver

In this type of account, you are required to deposit at least $500. The least limit in this type of account for trading is $250. Unlike the previous two accounts, you are allowed 15 traders for this account. With this account, you get access to daily market reviews and financial research along with plenty of educational materials.

  • Gold

You are required to make a minimum deposit of $2,500 in a gold account. It has a minimum deal limit of $1,000. In the gold account, you are allowed 30 traders. There is also a profitability ratio of 2% in the gold account.

  • Platinum

The minimum deposit amount required in the Platinum account is $5,000. In the Platinum account, you will get a 4% profit increase. Platinum account has no limitations on the number of traders allowed.

  • Exclusive

You need to be invited to get access to the exclusive account. It is not available to everyone. You can get a maximum deal of $5,000. Exclusive account has an increased profitability ratio of 6%.

Expert Option also offers a demo account to the traders for practicing and testing the trading tools and features –

  • Demo Account

If you are not confident about how to start real trading, you can open a Demo Account. You just have to click on the ‘try free Demo’ option, and you are ready to go; also, you do not need to do any kind of registration to open a Demo account. You can just practice trading by the demo account for absolutely no charges. 

Not only that, but you do also get $10000 virtual funds to practice. Likewise, you can sharpen your trading skills for absolutely no charges and can easily step into the world of real trading when you are ready to go. Furthermore, you can also get all the different types of features in the demo account as well as the real account.

How to withdraw funds from Expert Option? 

It is a relatively modest procedure to extract funds from the online trading platform once you are done setting up your real account. Once you believe that you have earned an adequate level of profit, and you would want to withdraw that sum of amount, you will be instructed to follow a few points.

The procedure to withdraw your money from Expert Option is fairly simple to follow:

  1. Log onto the platform and select the upper corner menu on the left-hand side
  2. Select the finances option
  3. Withdrawal option is to be seen on the lower corner on the right-hand side.
  4. Click on the withdrawal option.
  5. Select the desired sum amount you want to withdraw from the account.
  6. Select a payment method for the withdrawal according to your convenience.
  7. Once the entire information is filled, select the ‘new request’ option.

And when you have completed the procedure, your money will now be processed. After you have completed the money withdrawal inquiry procedure, you will get a confirmation mail from the online trading platform. After they have allocated your inquiry, you will get another mail when the money has been processed and conveyed to your account.

Deposit and withdrawal methods on Expert Option

The trading platform, Expert Option offers various payment methods to the traders. You can deposit or withdraw money on Expert Option by various methods, which include bank wire transfer, Credit card, and E-Wallets –

  • Credit cards

Expert Option supports different credit card options like Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro, and more.

  • E-Wallets

Expert Option accepts a wide range of E-Wallet options which includes Neteller, YandexMoney, WebMoney, QIWI Wallet, etc.

You can choose any of the payment methods you find convenient, but keep in mind that bank wire transfers and credit cards take longer to process than E-wallets. The transaction that is made by bank wire or by credit card could eventually take up to 3 days to finalize. However, transactions made by E-Wallets only take up to just one business day.

Therefore, E-wallets are much faster and relatively simple to expend than any kind of bank wire transfer or transfer of funds from credit cards, as the number of days involved in the procedure is pretty trivial, and this makes it 

exceptionally helpful for the customer/ client.

Proof of withdrawal on Expert Option

If the customer/client requires proof of all the withdrawals and the number of deposits that have been made in their account, the customer can then proceed to the ‘payment history’ option and witness the entire records of all the transactions that have been made till date. The customer will also be able to track their deposit and withdrawal history.

At first, there are no documents needed as such for withdrawing money, but the emissary may ask for documents as proof, depending on the type of your withdrawal technique. If the customer happens to use a different method to withdraw money, they will need to pass a verification procedure.

However, if you choose to use the same method as before, you need not do any kind of verification. If this online trading platform is to be compared to any other online trading platform, Expert Option has to be an exquisite choice for stepping foot into the world of real trading.

The online trading platform enables its clients/customers to practice and get a decent knowledge or understanding of their platform through what is called a demo account. It also has various changeable/customizable techniques that can be utilized according to the user’s Convenience.

Minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal amount on Expert Option 

Expert Option allows the minimum withdrawal amount of $10 due to their terms and conditions. You cannot withdraw funds less than $10. The maximum amount that you can withdraw from Expert Option is $10,00,000, once per day. 

The minimum deposit on Expert Option is $10 for the micro account. For the basic account, the minimum deposit amount is $50; for the silver account, the minimum deposit amount is $500; and for the gold and platinum account, the minimum deposit amount is $2,500 and $5,000, respectively. 

Trading and withdrawal fees on Expert Option 

Expert Option has no additional or extra charges for trading, depositing, or withdrawing funds. You can easily withdraw your money without having to pay any kind of extra charges. You are open to deposit and withdraw money on the Expert Option. However, the Bank might charge you with a few transaction fees, which has nothing to do with the Expert Option.

Support for the customers/clients

Expert Option has a 24/7 Customer support services system. You can reach Expert Option’s customer support services to clear up your queries and questions. It is functional in many languages, which include Portuguese and English. Expert Option’s customer support team is multilingual because they have traders from all over the world.

You can contact Expert Option’s customer assistance services via email, phone number, etc. You can find them on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many other platforms as well. Aside from these alternatives, you can also reach them by completing the form that is provided on the main website.


Expert Option is an adequately operated online trading platform; however, it is not accessible to traders in the USA due to their strict laws and regulations regarding financial markets. To make the online trading platform usable to the USA traders, Expert Option needs to be registered and has to be regulated by US laws and regulations.

If and when Expert Option does move toward the USA in the future, it will be incredibly promising for the US online trading sector as this online trading platform is growing and becoming a commanding force in the field of online trading.

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