3 Best Binary Options Brokers with Highest Pay-Outs

2008 was the year when the US Securities and Exchange Commission gave the approval for Binary Options trading. Since then, a lot of traders are keen to explore their trading potential with binary options. Many traders are trying to expand their investment options by adopting the right strategies of binary options trading. 

But to trade with binary options, you need a specific broker platform that can help you with the purpose. It sounds so easy and simple, but it is not! There is a big set of criteria for you to pick the best among all of them. And that is going to be the most crucial part of your entire Binary Options trading journey. 

Therefore, it is better to get a brief idea of how to choose the best brokers for your binary options trading aspects. One such important criterion amongst all is the payout of those brokers. The payout percentage of the broker platforms indicates the return on investment outcome expectation for every successful trade. 

Higher the payout percentage, better the returns over the broker platform! Therefore, it is an important factor to consider while choosing a broker platform. Also, it will help you narrow down and shortlist the options and find the broker that meets your specific preferences. But, along with payout percentage, it is also crucial for you to consider all other factors.

Hence, this article is here to enlighten you about the important factors in picking the right broker platform, but it will also help you with the list of best binary options brokers with the highest payout. It will help you stop searching for the best in the immense pool of brokers and narrow it down between the best 3. 

Factors to Consider Before Hiring Any Binary Options Broker

Before heading directly to the best 3 broker platforms that give the highest payouts, it is essential to know about all the other crucial factors as well. A binary options broker is a platform or an entity that will play a significant role in making your trades successful. It is now over a decade for Binary Options to stay in trend! High profit is an evident reason for this trending demand. 

So, if you are a beginner to the concept of Binary Options trading, then this section is genuinely crucial for you. You just don’t need the binary options broker with highest payout. Instead, you need to consider all the other factors in order to choose the best platform for beginners with increased return potential. Therefore, the factors of consideration are as follows: 

Check for Licensing & Regulation of The Binary Options Broker 

The first and the most important thing to consider is licensing. The brokerage firms need to have the license to operate for binary options trading over the platform. It definitely indicates the legality of the platform to give you services and perks. 

But you must know that license is not enough to ensure that the broker firm is not a crook. There are many cases where licensed broker firms scammed people. Therefore, along with checking the license, it is advisable to check for regulation of the platform by any regulatory body. 

If the binary options broker firm is under specific regulations, you can conclude that they follow certain ethics. Therefore, such broker firms are somehow more reliable and are trustworthy for handling your investments. 

#1 Read The Terms & Conditions of The Broker Platform

Terms & Conditions might be a significant page of unwanted information for you! But when it comes to choosing a brokerage firm, it is important to spend time reading those conditions. Most scammer firms do include invalid terms & conditions over their policies, with a mindset that people won’t read it. Therefore, people usually fall into traps such as no withdrawals before one month, no refunds of deposited money, and others. 

Therefore, it is important for the traders to give time and read the terms & conditions thoroughly. Break the chain and mindset of the scammer brokers, that very few traders consider reading the terms & conditions. It will help you make a better decision on whether to go with the firm or look for another one. 

#2 Count On the Experience of Binary Options Broker

The easiest way to judge the experience of binary options brokers is to check the year they started their services. The usual thumb rule is to be more reliant on the brokers, who hold more experience than others in the market. If the broker you chose is in the industry with a vast customer base for quite a long time, you can count on trusting the firm. Even though a brokerage firm’s age is less, if it has a happy customer base, it is trustable!

The new broker platforms might put up lots of offers, but joining them is a gamble. Many broker firms will promise you good rewards but will gallop with your deposit money without a sign. And that is something very common with new & strange binary options brokers. Therefore, always look for broker platforms that have at least a year of experience, with good feedbacks & reviews. 

#3 Availability of Trading Tools

The next thing to consider is the availability of trading tools. If you are not a professional, then you need some guidance to place your bids and investments. Therefore, it is essential to check whether the broker platform cares about its beginner clients or not. Along with the ideal trading tools, caring about the clients should also be an important factor. 

These trading tools are helpful for aspiring traders to make wise and profitable decisions. The reputed and recognized broker platforms offer trading tools and educational resources to help beginners learn, earn and thrive. You can prioritize looking for only the brokerage firms that provide trading tools over their platform. 

#4 Availability of Demo Accounts

Demo Accounts are pretty important when it comes to practicing the correct form of binary options trading. Even though you are a professional in binary options trading, you still need to understand the use of a new broker platform. Therefore, demo accounts are important for professionals to free up their hands and get used to the interface. 

The beginners intend to use the demo accounts to learn binary options trading and get used to the interface of the platform. Therefore, look for the binary options brokers that are offering demo accounts with their packages. 

These are a few essential factors that you need to take a glimpse at before signing up for anyone. After considering all of these crucial factors, you check the binary options broker with highest payout aspects. All of the above considerations ensure that your broker is not a scammer and is a legit platform to invest in. So, count on all the factors, and move forward. 

The Best Broker Platforms with The Highest Payout

Now that you have judged the platforms’ legality, experience, and feature availability, it is time to check up on the binary options broker payout. Also, it is the area where most of the platforms will lose their position on your list of final choices. It is because not all broker platforms have the potential to offer payouts of over 90%, some drop-down to even 70%, which is not profitable at all. 

The platforms with a global trust, name, and reputation, are liable to help you with maximum payouts. A high number of trades commence over these platforms every day. Hence, it is an assurance that you are investing your money on a profitable platform. You do not need to wander around the internet to find the best Binary Options broker with highest payout. The best three are highlighted and explained below! 

#1 IQ Option

IQ Option is the best binary options broker with highest payout of up to 100% for every successful trade. It means that there is a possibility that you can double your income with every trade that you successfully win. IQ Option is a very popular binary broker platform that is offering its impeccable services since 2012. 

In addition to that, IQ Option uses in-house software to carry out the trading process over this platform. This platform has quite a lot of unique features for both web & mobile-based interfaces. Hence, these features intend to make trading more accessible, more reliable, and transparent. 

With IQ Options, you can set your trade expiry period up to a month. Moreover, it also has a service named Digital Options, which allows you to trade gold on around 500 assets. You get a demo account with IQ Option packages to practice your trading skills and get the hang of its platform interface. For the basic Real Account, you need to deposit a minimum of $10, whereas, for the premium VIP account, you need to deposit $3000. 

Customer support offers service to the traders through phone, live chat, and email. Moreover, this platform provides convenient withdrawal and deposit methods for easy trading with a high binary options broker payout.

#2 Quotex.io

Quotex.io is a modern-day binary options broker platform that is gaining popularity with passing the time. This platform has a plethora of assets for traders to trade upon. The maximum payout is up to 90%. Despite being new, this is what makes this platform the best among all. 

The digital options trading practices over this platform allow traders to bet on an asset’s price movement. Quotex.io is a web-based application, and you do not need to download and operate any application. You just have to create your account over Quotex.io and make your deposit to start trading. The minimum deposit for Quotex.io is $5. 

Quotex.io helps you with diverse expiry durations that include 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, one hour, and even a month. For some assets and scenarios, you can set an expiry date even more than a month. The charts over the platform of Quotex.io are very much quick and responsive in terms of market fluctuations. Moreover, it is highly customizable to help you with better observation. 

There are many indicators available over this platform for traders to specify as per their taste. You can also make use of the trading signals and refer to the market news over the live account. But, you cannot do the same over a demo account. The demo account is just to help you learn the right mode of investing and trading over the platform. You get $10,000 virtual funds to trade with through the demo account. 

#3 ExpertOption

ExpertOption is an experienced platform with a maximum binary options broker payout of up to 90%. This platform is pretty much intuitive and straightforward to use. The trading platform is available over the web and mobile. Also, the application is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows. 

The charts over ExpertOption are highly informative and offer direct access to trading. It depends on the trader to set the settings in their desirable way. One can set the charts with candles, lines, price bars, and others. 

It has various tools within the platform to help traders make better and profitable decisions. It offers trading indicators, drawing tools, social trading functions, and trend lines. It also has educational resources to help the beginner gain idea of how to trade with binary options. 


This is a complete elaboration on the best binary options broker with the highest payout and is also a highlight to all of the essential factors before signing up to any platform. It is upon you to do your research, analyze the strong zones & loopholes, and then decide whether to choose it or not. 

Binary Options trading is on-demand and is highly popular for over a decade now. There are many cases of winning fortunes and losing all of the money. Therefore, it is better to opt for a broker that gives all possible assistance to minimize or eradicate the possibility of losses. The rest is your prediction skill, your experience, and your fate! 

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I am an experienced Binary Options trader for more than 10 years. Mainly, I trade 60 second-trades at a very high hit rate.

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