Is IQ Option legal in Indonesia or not?

IQ Option is a binary option online trading platform. It has an instinctive trading platform. The broker offers Forex trading, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and more. IQ Option is available on both mobile and desktop. 

IQ Option was established in 2013. The company is based in Cyprus. IQ Option follows very strict regulations to protect the clients’ privacy and from any sort of scam or fraudulent activities. The brokerage firm is supervised by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)

IQ Option offers various financial instruments to the traders to provide them with a better experience at trading. The platform has a low minimum deposit amount of $10 and has no additional trading fee. The platform also does not charge any additional deposit and withdrawal fee from the traders. 

IQ Option has many advanced trading tools available for the users along with other features. It is an award-winning winning online trading platform and has 24/7 customer support services available for everyone. IQ Option also offers a free demo account to all the users. You can start with a demo account to practice with virtual funds and to understand the platform better. 

They also have a multilingual feature available to the traders and are available in more than 12 languages. You can contact the IQ Option customer support team toll-free any time of the day as they are available 24/7. Let’s look at this online trading platform in more detail to understand it a little better. 

Regulations in Indonesia

The online trading and financial markets in Indonesia are regulated by Indonesia Stock Exchange or IDX. Binary options trading and Forex trading are not illegal in Indonesia. There are no laws for banning binary options trading in Indonesia, which means that Indonesian traders are free to trade binary options on the regulated online trading platforms. It is safe to trade online in Indonesia on various certified and well-regulated online trading platforms.

Regulations in IQ Option  

IQ Option is thoroughly regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission or CySEC. Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission is a financial, administrative body in Cyprus. IQ Option has won various awards for its excellent quality and reliability among the traders. IQ Option is one of the most well-established online trading platforms, among others. It is also a very safe and low-risk online trading platform as it is regulated by CySEC. 

Before stepping into the online trading world, you should always check the regulations of the online trading platform to avoid getting scammed and to avoid any sort of finance-related risk. Being regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), IQ Option is a very safe platform for users to trade online. IQ Option is a very dependable, trustworthy, and well-grounded online trading platform out there.

Is IQ Option legal in Indonesia? 

IQ Option is available to its Indonesian traders. It is legal to trade online on IQ Option in Indonesia. In the past few years, online trading has become quite popular in the Indonesian markets. A binary option is a very well-known online trading form in Indonesia. 

IQ Option offers various assets to trade to its Indonesian traders along with other special features. The IQ Option mobile application is also available to users in Indonesia. IQ Option also offers customer support services to their Indonesian traders. IQ Option also supports Indonesian currency, Indonesian Rupiah, or IDR. Indonesian traders have more trading tools and features available than European traders. IQ Option also offers special deposit and withdrawal methods to its Indonesian traders.

IQ Option also has weekly held tournaments in which you can participate for a certain amount of fee and win a very satisfactory profit. The platform also offers educational materials to the users to help enhance their trading experience.

It is very safe and risk-free to trade online on IQ Option in Indonesia as it is properly regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission or CySEC. Therefore, yes, is it legal to trade online on IQ Option in Indonesia. 

Countries IQ Option is available in 

IQ Option is open to traders worldwide. The broker offers its online trading platform in over 200 countries which includes Indonesia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, India, Germany, Sweden, Africa, Nigeria, Singapore, Philippines, China, and various other countries.

Although, IQ Option is not open to traders in some countries due to those countries’ laws and regulations like Canada, Australia, the USA, and more. The countries that IQ Option does not accept traders from include Japan, Sudan, Russia, Turkey, Latvia, Israel, Iran, Belgium, and Syria, among many other countries.

Does IQ Option give real money? 

You can make easy money by trading online on IQ Option. It offers many financial instruments for trading, which includes CFDs, Forex, and binary options trading, and it is easier to make money through binary options because it offers a win or loses situation. In binary option, if you predict correctly, you make a profit, but if you predict wrong, you get nothing. To earn a profit, you have to predict the correct price movement before trading time expires. Binary option surprising rewards 95% profit which means you can make an easy profit on IQ Option.

That being the case, yes, you can make real money on IQ Option by using various financial instruments, trading tools, and other features. You can use many available trading tools on IQ Option to increase your chances of winning profits. Furthermore, IQ Option also has various assets available to trade. Apart from these, traders can also take part in the tournaments, which are held weekly, and each of them lasts for approximately 30 minutes. To make extra profits on IQ Option, you can participate in these tournaments.

Types of accounts on IQ Option  

IQ Option offers three different types of accounts to the traders. In addition to a demo account, IQ Option offers two other accounts, which include a Standard account and a VIP account – 

  • Demo Account 

IQ Option has a demo account in which you can practice with free $10,000 virtual coins, which you can refill as many times as you want. By using a demo account, you can get a better understanding of the platform and can enhance your trading skills by practicing. Furthermore, you can also get a feel of the trading platform by using various trading tools and features available on IQ Option. You can always practice on a Demo account if you are not confident enough to trade for real. Once you gain a satisfactory amount of experience using the demo account, you can sign up for a standard account to start trading real money.

  • Standard Account 

You need to deposit a minimum amount of $10 to start trading for real using a standard account. With the standard account, you will get different assets to trade along with other trading tools and features. In addition to all that, you can even make extra profits by participating in the weekly held tournaments on IQ Option.

  • VIP Account  

You need to deposit $1,900 in the span of two days to be eligible to use the VIP account. The VIP account is only available to non-European traders due to the laws and regulations. You get an additional 3% benefit with the VIP account. You also get access to education materials, monthly reports, video tutorials, along with other perks. 

How to set up an account in IQ Option?  

There are initially two types of accounts available on IQ Option: a demo account and a standard account. You can set up a demo account if you don’t want to spend real money yet and just want to practice and get a feel of the platform. Here’s how you can open a demo account on IQ Option –

  1. Go to the IQ Option’s main website.
  2. Click on the “sign up” option located in the top right corner 
  3. Enter all the required details like name, email, and password.
  4. Click on “Open Account for Free” 
  5. You will get a confirmation email; click on the confirmation link given in the email
  6. Sign in to your demo account.

Once you have followed these simple steps, you have successfully signed in to your demo account. You get free virtual coins to practice in the demo account, and you don’t have to spend any real money. However, when you are confident enough to trade for real, you can always sign up for a standard account to make real profits.

Minimum and maximum withdrawal and deposit amount on IQ Option  

The minimum withdrawal amount on IQ Option is $10 due to their policy. The minimum withdrawal amount is 20,000 IDR for the Indonesian traders.

The maximum Withdrawal amount per day on IQ Option is $1,000,000. It usually takes up to 3 days to complete the withdrawal process. IQ Option does not charge any additional fee for depositing and withdrawing funds. 

The minimum deposit amount in IQ Option is very low and easily affordable. The deposit amount for the Indonesian traders is 1,00,000 IDR. 

How to deposit funds on IQ Option in Indonesia?  

You are required to deposit a minimum of $10 to start trading on IQ Option. It is very easy to deposit funds on IQ Option. Here’s how you can deposit funds on IQ Option – 

  1. Sign in to your IQ Option account 
  2. Click on the “Deposit” option given in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Choose the suitable payment method
  4. Enter the deposit amount
  5. Choose a currency  
  6. Click on “Proceed to Payment.” 

When you have successfully made a minimum $10 deposit, you can start trading for real on IQ Option using a standard account.

How to withdraw funds from IQ Option in Indonesia? 

You can withdraw your winnings from IQ Option to trade your bank account by following these simple and easy steps –

  1. Click on the user located in the top right corner
  2. Click on “Withdraw Funds” 
  3. Choose a payment method that is convenient to you
  4. Follow the instructions and click ok.

The whole withdrawal process is very easy to operate for the traders. Once you have successfully made a withdrawal request, IQ Option will process your request within 3 days. The money withdrawal process can take up to 3 days to complete.

Deposit and withdrawal methods on IQ Option for Indonesian traders  

There are many deposit and withdrawal methods available on IQ Option for Indonesian traders. IQ Option supports various deposit and Withdrawal methods, which include bank wire transfer, E-wallets, and credit cards – 

  • E-wallets

The available E-Wallet methods for Indonesian traders include Neteller, WebMoney, Perfect Money, Skrill, and more.

  • Cards

IQ Option accepts various card payment methods, which include Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro.

Note that the transactions made by E-wallets take less time than a bank wire transfer and credit cards. It takes 1 day or a few hours to process transactions made by E-wallets, but it takes more time to process transactions made by Bank Wire or Credit card. If the payment method is a bank wire transfer or credit card, it can take up to 10 days to complete the transaction process. 

IQ Option offers special payment methods for Indonesian traders. The payment methods for Indonesian Traders include Astropay card, Central Asia, Perfect Money, CIMB Niaga, Negara Indonesia, Mandiri, and many more. 

Bonuses offered by IQ Option  

There are no bonuses or promotions offered by IQ Option due to the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission or CySEC regulations. Due to the CySEC regulations, Expert Option cannot offer any sort of bonus or promotion to the traders.  

Even though there are no bonuses available, IQ Option offers tournaments or trading competitions to the traders, which are held weekly. The winning prize in the tournament ranges from $100 to $1,00,000. By taking part in these tournaments, you can make extra profits. However, these tournaments are only available to non-European traders; they are not available to European traders due to the regulations in Europe. You will have to pay a certain fee to enter the tournament if you have a standard account; however, if you have a VIP account, you are free to enter the tournament without any extra charges. 

Features available on IQ Option for Indonesian traders  

IQ Option offers a wide range of features for traders to use. You should get familiar with different trading tools and features offered by the platform before you start trading. Features available on IQ Option – 

  1. Chart Type – With this feature, IQ Option lets you choose a chart type while trading.  
  2. Graphical Tools –  With the graphical Tools, you can choose a drawing tool that will help in the technical analysis.  
  3. Selected Instruments – With this feature, when you select any instrument to use, it will get added to the IQ Option interface.
  4. Multi-Window View – You can open 4 different multi-window views with this feature. If you want to view the real-time charts of the different tools that you have selected, you can choose the multi-window view feature.
  5. Account Balance – With this feature, you can view the remaining balance in your IQ Option account.
  6. Indicators – The IQ Option has various indicators available for the traders to use, which helps in the technical analysis. 
  7. Purchase Time –  This feature shows the time before you can enter a trade. 

Along with these features, there are various other features and trading tools that IQ Option offers to the users. IQ Option has a wide range of trading tools and features available which makes it a very popular online trading platform among traders.

Additional features on IQ Option  

IQ Option has additional special features along with others. IQ Option is known for its wide range of trading tools and features. The special features of IQ Option include – 

  • Trading Competitions 

IQ Option offers trading competition to its users. You can compete with other traders in binary options trading. These competitions last for 30 minutes. There are small entry fees for participating in the tournament. 

  • Education Resources

IQ Option offers many educational materials to the users, like video tutorials and more. They also have trading e-books and FAQs of the commonly asked questions.

  • Mobile Integration

IQ Option also has mobile applications for the users. In addition to that, it also has a mobile web trading solution. The IQ Option app is very well organized, and it’s very easy to locate all the features on the app.

Traders can use these special features to enhance their trading experience and earn better profits.

Customer support Service of IQ Option   

IQ Option’s customer support services are open at all times. They are reachable 24/7. You can contact their customer support team anytime you want as they are available all the time.

You can contact IQ Option’s customer support team via email, phone number, or from their main website. Furthermore, you can contact the customer support services with any sort of trading queries, and they will get back to you within 24 hours. You can contact the customer support team through either mobile or desktop. 

IQ Option’s customer support team is multilingual, which makes it very easy for the traders to clear their queries and other questions. It is available in 13 different languages, which include English, Spanish, and more. 

Awards received by IQ Option  

IQ Option is known for its excellent trading platform and its exceptional quality. IQ Option is one of the most reliable and trustworthy online trading platforms out there. In the past 5 years of being established, IQ Option has received many awards. Awards received by IQ Option – 

  1. Best Binary Options Broker, IAIR Awards.
  2. Best Binary Options Broker, FX Reports Awards.
  3. Best Trading Platform, Forex Awards, 2014.
  4. Best Innovative Binary Option Platform, IFM Awards, 2015.

IQ Option is a very trustworthy and loyal online trading platform. IQ Option has received many awards, which makes it a very reliable and safe platform for online trading all over the world. Read more about ratings from other traders, too.

Available currencies on IQ Option in Indonesia  

IQ Option provides its services all over the world. The platform is available in more than 200 countries. They offer a wide range of currencies to the traders in Indonesia, which include – 

  • British Pound Sterling (GPB) 
  • United States Dollar (USD)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
  • Russian Ruble (RUB)
  • Chinese Yuan
  • Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)  


IQ Option is very legal in Indonesia. It is a well-regulated online trading platform and offers special features and trading tools to its Indonesian traders. Online trading has become quite popular in the Indonesian markets, and brokers like IQ Option have made it very easy for them to get access to a well-regulated and reliable online trading platform in Indonesia. IQ Option is a very safe, reliable, and trustworthy online trading platform for Indonesian traders.

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