Is Olymp Trade legal in Brazil? – Review for Brazilian traders

Well, there are different options available for people who prefer to gamble, apart from using online or land-based casinos. For example, you can go for poke rooms, sportsbooks and there is another best option that you can try out is binary options trading. 

It has been seen that more people are now participating in this form of trading. Well, binary options trading deals directly with the global financial markets, and when you handle it properly, this form of trading can offer a high return.

olymp trade legal in brazil

The investors who are dealing in this type of investment can easily try their hands on different financial components, for example, different assets, cash, and more. 

Even though binary options trading can offer a lot of benefits, the trading rules and policies may vary from one country to another. That means the trading rule that is applicable in the USA may not be accepted in Brazil. So, what about Brazilian investors? Is the famous platform Olymp Trade legal in Brazil?

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Brazil and the trading market

Well, traders and investors in Brazil are now facing a hard time earning decent returns. On the other hand, the tax rate is very low, and the country’s debt titles are also not that attractive. 

Besides, Brazil’s economic condition is also not stable. That’s why many people are now looking for some profitable alternatives to make money. And crypto trading, binary options, and forex trading are some of the best alternatives for them. 

It has been seen that the Brazilian Real, the official currency of Brazil, is quite popular among the market experts. Besides, it is also being traded on some forex platforms.

The rapid development of technology and the internet has created a massive revolution in the field of financial investment.

And no matter where you are currently living now, you can start trading and earn money. Bitcoin is now a new reality, and binary options trading is also getting popular. 

Brazil is a member of the BRICS group of countries and is an emerging market in the world. So, the interest in investments, especially in binary options, is increasing rapidly.

olymp trade

However, the only challenge the Brazilian traders are now facing is getting a reliable broker that operates under the country’s regulatory standards. And this is where you can trust Olymp Trade

But is Olymp Trade legal in Brazil? Well, there is no such information that can say that this is illegal in Brazil. So, you can use a trusted platform and start binary options trading. Now, let’s discuss this in detail and understand whether you should use Olymp Trade in Brazil or not.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Is Olymp Trade legal in Brazil? 

As per the latest report, all the Brazilian investors now can take advantage of financial investment without any issue through online trading platforms, like Olymp Trade. The authority has suggested the investors choose only credible and respected platforms. 

And one of the most trusted platforms is Olymp Trade. The platform, with more than 10 million users across the world in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, India, or Nigeria, is easy to use. It is regulated by IFC (International Financial Commission).

olymp trade trading

Besides, it has all the functionalities and tools that the investors generally need to invest and trade successfully. Olymp Trade platform is legal and also very unique. 

Compared to other platforms, you will find it good and trustworthy – and there is also a great mobile application. Want to know “Can I trade on Olymp Trade in Brazil?” Keep reading to get your answer. 

Regulation in Brazil

Even though you can do binary options trading in Brazil, it is a little controversial. While some will say such a form of trading is illegal, some investors will support binary options trading. 

Binary trading is a risky option. It is crucial to keep in mind that if you can guess it right, your gain can range from 50 percent to 90 percent. If you make a wrong guess, then you can lose all your money. 

Apart from that, there is another important factor that also increases the risks. As the country doesn’t allow the platforms to operate in Brazil, the investors can only use international trading brokers, such as Olymp Trade. The Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) has made the process a little complex for the traders.

Olymp Trade technical analysis

Brazil’s financial market is now regulated by the CVM, and it has issued a strict internal regulatory policy on the country’s financial market. 

As per the rules, no companies are allowed to provide forex or binary options trading in the country, even though the country has noted termed such type of trading is illegal.

The authority has restricted several activities. In simple words, you will not find any local binary options trading broker in Brazil.

However, that does not mean that you can’t trade in binary options. For that, you can use a platform for an offshore broker. But to enjoy the maximum benefits of such trading, you should choose a reliable and reputed platform, for example, Olymp Trade.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Regulation of Olymp Trade

Is Olymp Trade legal in Brazil? Well, the legality of the platform greatly depends on the regulation board under which it is registered. As per the experts, before signing up with the online trading platform, you need to check the platform’s regulations. 

You can find multiple websites that are now properly regulated but still offer services to steal money. They may look highly professional, but there will be no regulation. That’s why it is advisable to search for the company’s regulations.

In general, you can find such detail at the bottom of the official website of the broker. Now, speaking about Olymp Trade, this well-known trading platform is a 100 percent legal and regulated company.

As per the information mentioned on the website, it is regulated by the IFC – International Finance Commission. There is a lot of forex trading platforms that are regulated by this board. The platform comes under the “A” category, and that suggests better safety and maximum benefits for the investors. 

Speaking more about this, the IFC can offer the traders a monetary compensation of up to 20,000€. So, you don’t have to worry about your fund as if something went wrong or the service provider goes bankrupt, then you will receive monetary compensation from the regulatory board. For all the traders, the IFC will be a contact person, and when you face any issues, you can contact the authority for a solution. 

If the company fails to follow the rules set by the authority, then it can lose the license of doing trading. On the other hand, the regulator also checks the Olymp Trade’s trade execution process. As per the report, more than 7000 trading orders have been executed by the IFC till now.

olymp trade trading

So, if you think Can I trade on Olymp Trade in Brazil safely, then the answer will be yes. You will enjoy the safest trade execution while trading through Olymp Trade. 

The IFC is based in London and Hong Kong, and all the international brokers who want to offer their services to people need to get permission from the IFC. It is much different than Brazil’s regulatory authority.

As per the market experts, the IFC is a highly trusted authority. So, considering all these things, it can be said that Olymp Trade is a legit and legal trading company and is fully regulated. So, you can trust this platform and start trading now. 

Review of the trading platform for Brazilian traders

If you are in Brazil, and looking for a reliable and legal platform through which you can enter into the trading market, then Olymp Trade can be a perfect option.

 It has emerged as a popular broker among Brazilian traders, and more than 30,000 clients are now using this platform regularly. This trading company has been functional since the year 2014.

olymp trade forex

Till now, it has cornered different awards, like The Best Options Trading Platform in 2016, Best Options Broker at the Forex Expo 2017, and more. 

Olymp Trade offers top-quality customer service, an easy-to-use interface, and multiple options to learn about the market. No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, Olymp Trade can match your trading requirements and skills. 

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Registering and opening an account with the platform

If you are wondering “How can I use Olymp Trade in Brazil?”, then don’t worry at all, as the platform is super easy to use. All you need to open an account, and you are ready to move. 

To open a trading account, you need to open the registration form and then enter your personal details. After that, you need to verify your personal email address, phone number, and once done, you can successfully activate your trading account and enjoy trading. 

Well, if you are feeling confused, then you can check the official site to learn how to complete the registration and start using the platform. 

Different types of tradable assets

Most online exchanges and brokers don’t offer many options when it comes to the types of assets that you can use for trading. As a result, investors get limited options, and to try out different assets, they open accounts with multiple brokers. Well, for small investors, this can be a costly affair.

olymp trade assets

However, the Brazilian traders need to worry about that while using Olymp Trade as it offers different types of assets from different markets. 

The options are unlimited, but some popular assets that you can use are currency pairs, commodities, cryptocurrencies, ETF- Exchange Traded Funds, and more. Whether your expertise or interest, this platform offers Brazilian traders an opportunity to begin trading. 

Trading account types offered by Olymp Trade

If you visit the official site of Olymp Trade, you can see that it offers three different types of trading accounts. If you are trying out binary options trading for the first time, then it is advisable, to begin with, its starter account. 

Once you gained knowledge and skills, you can easily upgrade your account to an “advanced” or “expert” account by depositing USD 500 or USD 2000, respectively. The benefits that you will enjoy may vary based on the type of trading account you have.

olymp trade demo account

Some of the major features of such an account are webinars support, better return rate, personal account manager, and more. If you compare Olymp Trade with other online brokers, you will find the requirements for having an expert account are quite less. 

For example, you can start using the Expert account by depositing USD 2000, and this is not a big amount for a professional trader. 

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

A lot of tools for the both new and experienced traders

Well, one of the best parts of this platform is the availability of different professional trading tools for traders. Once you open an account with Olymp Trade, you can start using the most advanced analytical and tracking program for free to make your trading profitable.

olymp trade indicators

Besides, the company also guides you on how to accurately use the tools by offering you useful blog posts, master classes as well as tutorial videos. You can go through these resources created by the trading experts and can create successful trading strategies for trading. 

How can you deposit on this platform?

One of the major aspects for the investors is the ease with which they can deposit the money. The traders to deposit money on Olymp Trade can use various payment methods. 

However, the payment methods may vary based on the country where you are currently living. 

As per the information given on the official site, to use this platform, you need to make a minimum deposit of USD 10, and to begin your investment, all you need is USD 1.

olymp trade payment methods

All the deposits will be carried out instantly by different electronic methods. All you need to choose the desired payment method, and you can be ready to go. 

You can also choose between a deposit option with a bonus or without the bonus. If the payment is successful, you will instantly get a notification. 

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Deposit money in Brazil

The trading service providers have realized that it is very important to offer different options to make the deposit. So, a Brazilian investor can use the following methods:

  • Digital Wallets

Well, one of the most popular digital wallets in Brazil is Boleto. Using this, one can easily deposit money on different international broker sites, including Olymp Trade. Besides, it also uses Skrill. 

So, using this, you can enjoy a faster deposit and withdrawal process. You can also convert funds using this. 

  • Bank Wires

All Brazilian traders can utilize Bank Wires to carry out their transactions.

  • Debit and Credit Cards

You can complete your deposit using your local bank’s debit or credit card. Your transactions will be done in BRL.

Withdrawal money in Brazil

Can I withdraw money from Olymp Trade in Brazil? The best thing about using Olymp Trade is that you can use the same methods to withdraw the money that you have used during deposits. The process is very simple. 

All you need to do is visit your account and click on the Withdraw option. The company will process the request within just 24 hours. On the other hand, the maximum duration is four working days. However, the minimum withdrawal limit is USD 10. 

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)


While using Olymp Trade, the leverages will vary based on the trade type the users want to use. This platform offers amazing leverages, and that can go up to 1:400. In fact, the average leverage for the forex pairs is 1:30.  

On the other hand, in the case of minor pairs, like EURPLN, AUDCAD, USDBRL, and more, the leverage is 1:20.  

Support for Brazilian traders

Olymp Trade offers different resources to the users so that they can learn and enhance their trading skills. For example, an easy-to-understand trading tutorial, a blog section, experts’ advice, an online webinar, and more.

forex with olymp trade

There is also a live chat function as you can see in the picture above. You can ask everything from fee questions to technical issues. Besides, you can use its demo account to learn about every feature that the platform offers. 

Is Olymp Trade legal in Brazil?

Yes, Olymp Trade is 100 percent legal in Brazil, and the platform is regulated by the IFC. So, you don’t have to worry about any fraud case while using it. 

Can I withdraw money from Olymp Trade in Brazil?

You can easily withdraw money from this platform, and the process is very fast. Most of the withdrawal requests are processed within just 1 to 2 days. 

How can I use Olymp Trade in Brazil?

You don’t have to follow any complex procedure to use this platform. Just you need to open an account and make the deposit to begin trading. 

Can I trade on Olymp Trade in Brazil?

Even the country doesn’t allow the local broker for binary options trading; you can do that using Olymp Trade as this is an offshore trading platform and legally registered by IFC. 


Considering all the available data, it can be concluded that using Olymp Trade in Brazil for binary options trading or forex trading is legal. Besides, there is no such law that can say about prohibiting such trading platforms for the Brazilian traders.

Olymp trade alternative

The broker is reliable and offers all the necessary facilities to make your trading experience comfortable.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

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