Is Olymp Trade legal in Indonesia? – Review for Indonesian traders

Nowadays, one of the most popular and profitable ways to fill your pocket is online trading. Online trading has brought lots of opportunities for people to make money online. Olymp Trade is one of the online trading platforms that offer many trading options to clients. 

In the financial markets, some people have thought that trading is a gambling game. But, it is not a gambling game or a game of chance. 

If you are worried about “Can I trade on Olymp Trade in Indonesia?” then it’s a yes. You can trade online on the Olymp Trade by simply sitting in Indonesia. 

If you want to learn about the Olymp Trade in Indonesia, then you must know that there are many expert traders on this platform who have years of experience in trading. And, these traders are not involved in the trading because of their personal satisfaction or fun. However, expert traders exist in the trading market due to their better analysis skills.

The expertise traders of Indonesia are good at opening successful, profitable transactions and analyzing the price movements. Hence, these traders have more faith in the Olymp Trade as a reliable broker. 

What is Olymp Trade?

Generally, the Olymp Trade goes through a process where you have to buy the goods at a lower cost of prices and sell it at a higher cost of prices. This type of trading is performed at some kind of base but not in a store. 

Olymp Trade is a name that is widely used for providing the best trade options across the world. This Olymp Trade offers options trading services, which are registered in the Grenadines and St Vincent. Olymp Trade is trusted by 134 countries traders. And Indonesia is one of them.

The Olymp Trade is considered as the fastest-growing platform because of its fast delivery access to trading. Here, the clients can access the trade at any level. On a daily basis, the broker platform is growing its trading volumes, and monthly it closes nearly 32M trades. 

The Olymp Trade platform interface is delivered in 19 languages and many more to come in the future. The present platform has gained many achievements and awards for innovations, fast growth, options trading platform, and received world industry recognition for its quality of services.

Furthermore, the Olymp Trade broker is known as the international binary options broker, which has 25,000 active daily traders across various regions like Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe. 

In 2016, the Olymp Trade platform was recognized and certified by the International Finance Commission (FinCom). And, this commission is presently regulating the current Olymp Trade with high-quality standards. 

Is Olymp Trade legal in Indonesia? 

Is Olymp Trade legal in Indonesia? It is a question that comes to many people’s minds who are looking for an opportunity in the financial market. Well, the Olymp Trade is considered legal in many parts of Indonesia. The Indonesian government did not announce any permanent trade ban in the country, which is bringing more scope for the Olymp Trade in the financial market. 

Moreover, the Indonesian government has provided special customer service options for merchants of Indonesia, which is propelling the growth of the Olymp Trade in the Indonesian country

In addition, the quality services of Olymp Trade are presently available across various parts of the world. But, it has some specific regional countries such as Japan, the US, Canada, Israel, Russia, and others, where online trading is prohibited and banned completely. 

If you are showing your interest in online trading, then you can trust the quality services of the Olymp Trade platform in Indonesia. It is the legal and most accessible and simplest type of online trading across the globe. 

Regulation in Indonesia

Olymp Trade is well regulated and maintained across the globe. As discussed above, this online trading platform is regulated by the respected derivatives brokerage regulator named International Finance Commission (FinaCom). Hence, this broker platform is considered a safe and reliable broker in the Indonesian country. 

Here, the financial regulatory bodies of the Indonesian government, like the Financial Services Authority (OJK), do not have any specific role in regulating and registering the Olymp Trade. In case of any violations happens in online trading, the Indonesian government financial regulatory bodies are not responsible, and they can take the problem with sanction.

However, this is not a part of your concern, and you need not worry about it as the Olymp Trade is a certified and registered platform. And, it is known as the credible broker in Indonesia. 

Regulation of Olymp Trade

As mentioned above, Olymp Trade is a category-A member of the International Financial Commission. This indicates the high quality of online trading services as well as guarantees each trader comprehensive support and deposit insurance. Also, the certification is known as the prompt resolution of all kinds of issues associated with the trading. 

Here, the question comes – How can you contact FinaCom in case of any regulatory issues in Olymp Trade? 

First of all, you have to describe your current issues and situation in a written form to the department of Olymp Trade Client Relations. This department works very fast and replies to you within 24 hours after receiving your messages or queries. 

And, the reply mode is always via email to the client. 

The department of Olymp Trade Client Relations has some instructions that you have to go through the process properly to get the fast resolution from experts. If you find out that you are not satisfied with the reply or not getting any response from the department until 14 days, then you have all the right to file a complaint to the Financial Commission from any part of the world.

Here, you can use the regulator’s site by downloading the pdf request form to write down all your problems. After that, you can use the email id to submit the completed file. Through this, you can clear out all your issues with the Olymp Trade.

Review of the trading platform for Indonesian traders

The Indonesian Olymp Trade uses binary options and permits you to speculate the price direction of listed assets. You can easily trade at the Olymp Trade in Indonesia along with some trades such as:

  • ETF
  • Index
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Commodities
  • Forex or Currency (28 pairs)

On Olymp Trade, it doesn’t seem to be any specific individual stocks for trading in the financial market. In 2017, Forex Expo awarded Olymp Trade as the best broker for providing the best experience and to the clients and better quality of services. 

In Indonesia, the Olymp Trade is giving you access to 24/7 customer service, which can be accessed by email or live chat, website, or phone at any time. Also, this online trading offers educational materials and services.

Another important benefit that the traders of Indonesia can get through Olymp Trade is the bonus point in trading. The bonus points are the amounts that you get from your broker while trading. In other words, it can be said that a trading bonus is the additional funds to trade that are given to you by your broker. 

There are many types of bonuses that are given by the Olymp Trade in Indonesia:

  • Deposit Bonus

Indonesian Olymp Trade credits new bonus points whenever you deposit a new amount to your account. Well, the bonus points depend upon your deposit amounts, and mostly the trading platform gives you between 20%-50% of the trading bonus. 

  • Welcome Bonus

Indonesian Olymp Trade offers you a 100% welcome bonus when you sign in and deposit your minimum or more amount in the trading account. Through this, you can double your deposited amount. But, you need to be very careful while claiming the trading points. These trading bonuses may disappear after one hour. So, you must try to claim the bonus points as soon as possible or within one hour.

  • Periodic Bonuses

Indonesian Olymp Trade provides trading bonuses to the new and current traders during the holidays and any occasion.

Deposit money in Indonesia

The Olymp Trade platform in Indonesia requires at least a minimum of $10 deposit amount in your trading account. When you are depositing your amount to the trading account, you have various options of deposit channels:

  • Local bank transfers
  • Bank cards (debit or credit), 
  • Deposits via e-wallets like GlobePay, FasaPay, Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, and some others

All the deposit channels are very useful where one can withdraw their profitable amount. Generally, these channels do not have any withdrawal limit. Here, the minimum withdrawal amount is $10.

Withdrawal money in Indonesia

The best thing in Indonesian Olymp Trade is that you can use the bonus points to trade to magnify returns. 

If you have the question – Can I withdraw money from Olymp Trade in Indonesia? The answer is no. Here, you cannot withdrawal the trading points and cannot convert them to cash. 

Support for Indonesian traders

How can I use Olymp Trade in Indonesia? It is the most common question that comes to the mind of Indonesian traders. Well, the Olymp Trade platform gives you a free demo account, which can be accessed by doing the sign-up. 

#1 Demo Account

The Indonesian traders who have registered for the free demo account can access 10,000 virtual coins. With this, they can explore many things in online trading.  

In this type of account, the Indonesian traders do not have the losing risk when the learning curve is getting down. So, the traders can save their real money in this. For an experienced Indonesian trader, the demo account is considered a more valuable feature to get an interface feel.

#2 Live Account

If you want to explore more about this reliable broker, then you can sign up to open a live account. In this live account, you can find three account types that are known as “statuses.” This status completely depends on the capital amount that you deposit in your trading account. 

The Olymp Trade-In Indonesia has all the following account types:

  • Beginner Status

This is a basic type of account. It requires a minimum allowed balance of $10. If you have the exact same amount of balance to deposit, you can access the beginner status. In this status, 82% is the maximum payout rate for getting success in the trades.

  • Expert Status

In the expert status, you have to deposit a minimum of $2,000. 

This status includes various benefits such as the ability to enact 30 trading positions; exclusive trading ideas on a daily basis; up to 92% growing the payout rate on successful trades; 15 trading strategies; access to specialized personal analysts; and regular one-on-one training.

  • Advanced Status

The advanced status requires a maximum deposit of $1,999 and a minimum deposit of $500 to avail of the status. This status includes various facilities like the ability to enact 20 trading positions, a growth of 84% in the payout rate for winning trades; access to educational resources and webinars; 7 built-in trading strategies; and access to monthly consultations with personal analysts.

When you are trading on a live account, you have the option to upgrade your present status to a higher status. For this, you have to earn or collect more experience points.

#3 Mobile App

The Indonesian Olymp Trade provides the option to access online trading through a mobile app. This is a convenient method to access online trading as it does not matter the place, time, and other factors. 

If you are having a short-term trade or the faster trade, you can easily access it through the mobile app. The Indonesian Olymp Trade has been designed in a way to be responsive to the mobile app. In addition, this platform has been developed the mobile app with the same capabilities as the web version and desktop.

Simple tips to consider before trading Olymp Trade

There are several things that you need to consider before starting trading at the Indonesian Olymp Trade.

  • Quality Trading Education

Trading and investment are not the same. An investment can give you something in return for sure, but it cannot be called trading. Basically, trading is a developed skill that you can develop in each and every step of financial marketing. 

If you want to be good at online trading, then you require to invest in quality trading education. It means that you can spend some amount on the trading course. Well, there are many substandard courses for trading that you can choose according to your availability. 

  • Risk Capital

As you are investing in trading, you have to know that there is a chance to lose an amount. So, you need to invest the money that you are willing to lose in the process of trade. Also, it is always good to spend less amount on the trade. 

  • Demo Trading

You need to practice the trading methods whatever you learn from your trading course. Here, demo trading plays an important role in trading practice. It is basically a free account that is filled with virtual money.

Moreover, you cannot convert your bonus point to cash or withdraw as it is considered to be fake. Before you start with the actual funds, you can try for demo trading to develop your skill. 

  • Do Not Make a Hurry in Trading

Many times it happens that people get excited after hearing the success story of a successful trader. But, you should not make the same mistake. You can enter into the trading world when you are confident enough to handle financial marketing. 

In addition, you need to take some time to learn and practice the trading before jumping into the trading. 

Is Olymp Trade a legit broker in Indonesia?

Generally, Olymp Trade is considered safe and easy to use. This platform is the category-A member of the International Financial Commission, which certifies that it has good quality of services and regulations to its Indonesian traders. In addition, it is completely legal to trade in Indonesia.

Who is the owner of the Olymp Trade platform?

Olymp Trade is an online trading platform that is headquartered in the territory of the sovereign state of the Grenadines and Saint Vincent.


When you are entering the financial market, you must be aware of the seamless online trading business. Also, if you want to achieve success in Indonesian trading, then you need the right broker who is certified or tested, stress-free, and well-organized. 

While talking about trusted brokers in the trading room, the Olymp Trade is one of the most trusted services. The Indonesian Olymp Trade is legally approved and certified. The Indonesian traders have the freedom to access online trading as they do not have the issues of ban or restrictions to use the Olymp Trade like the U.S. and other some countries. 

If you want to explore the Olymp Trade, then you need to develop your marketing skill and analysis skill to better observe the financial markets. Therefore, you can begin your journey with the Olymp Trade with suitable investments.

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