5 best Binary Options Brokers in Pakistan

Binary options in Pakistan are the greatly sought-after trading device among modern-era dealers. These fresh dealers supervise their hazard ability adequately and influencing the advantages of elevated profitability. 

Since maximum legislated vendors are overseas vendors either legislated in Europe or the UK, the earnings obtained from binary options are in US Dollars or Euros. Therefore, it strengthens the country’s forex earnings. 

Presently, financial tools such as stock options and binary options are crucial driving forces in Pakistan Financial market. However, binary options hold an elevated degree of hazards along with an elevated return on investment, which is up to 96%. 

Trading binary options are about foreseeing the cost of an asset (Forex pair or Stock) at a given point of the period. In binary options trading, you would be able to earn up to 95% return on your undertaking for a detailed forecast respecting the cost movement of an asset. 

For an inaccurate projection about price movement, you forfeit all the wealth financed in that business. Binary options trading has discerned exponential development all over the nation, and Pakistan is not an abnormality to it. 

Many dealers in Pakistan have approved binary options trading as an additional strategy to earn money. Although this elevated profitability comes with greater hazards, various dealers in Pakistan manage it successfully to keep up successful and productive.

5 Best Binary Options Brokers in Pakistan presented:

Pocket Option

Pocket Option provides various outstanding aspects to modern and prevailing dealers. When you check out the numerous account kinds, you will discern that they operate with dealers of any level, such as beginner, skilled, master, etc. 

Pocket Option is too susceptible to utilize. While Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission does not permit them, they have nice online acknowledgment and thump all of the cartons of a trusted vendor. You would like the comfort of use and no-frills strategy, which is copied with tremendous user knowledge.


The current access of ExpertOption into the limited period businesses market provides them with the advantage of being eligible to provide what their dealers expect. Their demo account enables learners to ladle their toes without danger and understand the basics of trading before they begin. 

With an extent of account types and the skill to open an account with as slight as $55 and give rise to $1 exchanges, they are not out of reach for those who want to begin stagnantly and get to clasps with what they are performing.

IQ Option 

IQ Option Pakistan is one of Pakistan’s extensively prominent online trading outlets for Fixed Time, Digital Options, Binary Options, Forex, and CFD trading. It has been offering online trading for over six years and has become a prominent trading outlet globally. 

The dealers can exchange the exact range of tradable assets on their different trading outlets. Furthermore, the trading outlet is accessible for Mobile tools, laptops, and PCs on all operating networks.

Open a Free Demo Account With IQ Option and improve your trading abilities without hazarding your wealth. Understand to market without hazarding your cash in an IQ Option Demo Account with $9,000 actual cash.


Binary.com is an online trading outlet that provides binary options and CFD trading. Binary.com has desirable return rates that can outperform 100% on the reasonable rise or fall agreements and above 1000% on high or low and touch or no-touch exchanges. 

You have the alternative of trading all main directories, commodities, money, and artificial indices with expiry periods varying from 10 seconds to 365 days. In addition, Binary.com provides you with the proficiency to sell your agreement before the expiry time is attained to lock in your revenue or to underestimate your penalty. 

With their reasonable interface, you can enforce an entire trade in just a consequence of seconds. Moreover, all capital deposited goes into a discriminated bank account and is clasped in a comfortable financial organization to assure dealer security. 

Olymp Trade 

Olymp Trade is an enormous performer in the restricted time trading marketplace. Their minimum $10 deposit and $1 trades imply that the assistance is available to anyone who expects to market. In addition, their education assistance benefits their obligation to modern traders as one of the reasonable vendors.

What Is A Binary Options Broker In Pakistan? 

Pakistan is one of the formulating nations with the possibility to exceed in the monetary trading area. In addition, forex trading and Binary Options trading are two financial trading products relatively prominent in Pakistan. 

All you would require for binary options trading in Pakistan is a computer with a high speed of internet or a smartphone with a high speed of internet. The scope of the Participation Certificates into every home, along with high-speed internet in Pakistan, has made it relatively popular for people to trade binary options. 

The instinct to acquire something modern and understanding level of people from Pakistan bring them more profitable in binary options trading as pertained to people from distinct aspects of the nation.

There are governed binary options vendors with rigorous obedience with European controllers such as Markets In Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC), and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) offer trading assistance in Pakistan. 

How Can You Deposit Or Withdraw Reserves From IQ Options?

It is a relatively susceptible procedure to open an account with IQ Options, deposit reserves, and begin marketing with IQ Options. Therefore, dealers are expected to sustain a reasonable assurance procedure by relating a discerned ID like the passport or the driving license. This procedure is essential to avoid any case of cash laundering.

IQ Option provides one of the deepest preliminary deposits ($10) and offers a wide range of payment alternatives for Pakistani dealers. The several strategies accessible for depositing and withdrawing funds include:

  • Credit Cards
  • Skrill
  • Web Money
  • Bitcoin
  • Qiwi Wallet
  • Fast Pay

For Pakistani dealers, debit cards are not an alternative. Instead, users must require to withdraw to a similar bank card (in this litigation, credit card) or e-wallet you used to create a deposit. Differently, the policy will abolish the invitation. 

For Pakistani dealers, it is advised to utilize E-wallet services such as Neteller or Skrill rather than promptly with the help of a bank. Likewise, withdrawals are advised through e-wallet assistance for Pakistani consumers, although not necessary.

Options Sites In Pakistan

Those of you established in Pakistan who wants to market in binary options are compelled to do so under Sharia legislation, which implies complying with a barely distinct set of regulations to citizens in various other nations. 

For instance, you are not authorized to hold an account that will accrue interest, thus preventing personal vendors who charge or add interest for particular services.

Financial Regulation In Pakistan

We can not fear forcefully sufficient that the regulations for residents of Pakistan are additional stringent than several others. Although trading in binary options is legitimate, there are no provincial vendors and some relatively stringent regulations that you must examine. 

Their objective is to cover additional facts on those throughout this guide, but the initial motive is to seek out an Islamic-compliant account.

Features Of The Platforms

Pocket Option

The trading platform offers trading in a wide array of assets. The chart helps you examine the movement of the currencies. The accessible surplus is shown on the top web.

The interface is understandable and easy. You can customize the platform to make it a better fit for your needs. For example, the social trading option given on the screen helps you copy other high-ranked traders’ trades.


The current access of ExpertOption into the limited period businesses market provides them with the advantage of being eligible to provide what their dealers expect. In addition, their demo account enables learners to ladle their toes without danger and understand the basics of trading before they begin.

IQ Option

IQ Option provides a wide range of underlying assets. The outlet is web-based and can be accessed through any tool like a tablet, smartphone, or desktop. The website can be reached via browsers like Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox. 

The platform is IQ Option’s in-house trading platform. It is a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate platform. It provides a seamless and intuitive interface with copy trading tools. You can access the website through any browser like chrome, safari, etc. 


Binary.com offers various payment strategies to finance your account, including Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, Skrill, Maestro, Neteller, Fasapay, QIWI, and much more. 

Although Binary.com is an excellent alternative for learners, their developed outlets have sufficient features to convince even the greatly developed dealers.

Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade is a tremendous performer in the exclusive time trading marketplace, and their seamless outlet and effective recovery prices are incredible.

This trading platform comes with a copy trading tool through which you can copy the strategy and moves of an expert trader to earn even without any experience in trading. 

Mobile Trading Platforms

Pocket Option

With the Pocket Option mobile trade, you can check your trading progress anytime, even if you don’t have a PC or any desktop. 

The mobile applications are accessible for Android and iOS traders on their respective application stores.


With ExpertOption mobile trade, it is easy for traders to earn. The mobile trade app is available for iOS and Android users.  

IQ Option

IQ Option also offers an alternative to mobile trade. For the traders, the convenience IQ Option provides traders with a mobile trading application for android and iOS users.


Like many other brokers, Binary.com also provides its users to use their smartphones for trade purposes. 

Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade also offers its traders to check their trading progress 24/7. In addition, mobile trading applications are available to users through iOS and Android.

Services for The Pakistani Traders

Pocket Option

The pocket option has over 100+ Trading Instruments. Pocket Option also provides instant Deposits and Withdrawals. One unique service this platform provides to its users is social trading, where you can chat online with outer traders.


Expert Options trading platform is available on all devices. ExpertOption offers the following services:

  • Trade 100+ assets. 
  • $10 000 free demo. 
  • Watch & copy traders deals. 
  • Up to 97% earnings in 30 seconds.

IQ Option

IQ Option offers its traders to trade in 90+ different types of underlying assets. They consist of:

  • selection of money pairs, 
  • market inventories, 
  • commodities 
  • stocks.


The trading platform offers the following instruments- 

  • Forex

 Major, minor and exotic currency pairs.

  • Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency sets comprising Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. 

  • CFDs

Monetary derivatives enable a trader to trade on the action of underlying assets.

Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade experts are willing to support their traders 24/7. Moreover, they always promptly respond to all the traders’ queries.

Broker Fees And Tax

It is faultlessly ordinary for a binary options vendor to charge payments for specific assistance pertained to the strategy of a trading account. 

However, you will require to anticipate other fixed fees covering the cost of particular transactions, such as overnight exchanges, because the vendor can not add the common attention under Islamic account rules. Moreover, the spreads on request will be distinct for Islamic accounts, primarily if you utilize leverage.

The taxation policy in Pakistan is extremely complicated and will also differ from nation to nation. Commonly speaking, an income of any type is accountable to Income Tax on a sliding hierarchy basis. However, the current tax legislation does not distinguish earnings from binary options trading unless you are an experienced dealer.

Nonetheless, restrictions can alter shortly, so we forcefully suggest that you resist comprehensive records of all trading. Not just as a security net for tax objectives, you will also learn it is a valuable device as you formulate your trading policy.

Pakistani Licencing

Pakistan does not regulate a licensing policy for binary options vendors. Nonetheless, as Sharia constitutions apply, any vendor you enroll with must be eligible to offer an Islamic account and to acknowledge the licensing restrictions related to one of the jurisdictions listed below:

  • UK (FCA)
  • Cyprus (CySEC)
  • Australia (ASIC)
  • EU Countries (MiFID)

Binary options vendors from one of these nations are then grateful to regulate your account significantly that fulfills Halal regulations.

How Do We Recommend Brokers?

When a specific nation has strict regulations, our procedure for choosing adequate vendors has to alter slightly from the ordinary procedure. For example, in Pakistan, there are two particular requirements.

Firstly, your vendor must be eligible to provide any assistance in maintaining Sharia legislation, and secondly, observe consenting under one of the four jurisdictions we spoke of above. While this may originally seem to decrease the list, those who can thump all the cartons will be more than worthy of your awareness.

Having composed a shortlist of vendors that can completely accept the No Riba regulations, we then finalize a detailed inspection, established against various other norms we realize are crucial to binary options dealers. 

The list is not meticulous but will always comprise the vendor’s proficiency to sufficient service any nation where it provides binary options trading capabilities. So in that sense, we substantiate licensing cooperation and do extra inspections to assure that the vendor is not going to be accusing you extremely of the requirement of an Islamic account.

Our committee of professionals will accordingly go through other crucial consequences such as entry to an adequate (free) demo account, the availability of a Sharia-specific Frequently Asked Questions section or Help Guide, well conscious account managers, and an outstanding consumer assistance network. 

Accessibility for mobile customers and a comfortable atmosphere, particularly for susceptible information and financial marketings, prices equally elevated on our list of must-haves. 

Although discovering an adequate binary options vendor for those living in Pakistan can substantiate additional challenges, we constantly aim to gratify and choose only those who can provide you with wonderful all-around knowledge.

Customer Support

Although it may be the last aspect on your mind when you are contemplating trading in binary options, consumer assistance is an incredibly important aspect for citizens of Pakistan. 

Other than the regular alternatives, such as toll-free telephone assistance, live chat, and web-form alternatives, you need relief that is particularly attentive about Islamic accounts and trading under Sharia legislation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is binary trading in Pakistan legitimate and prudent?

Binary options trading in Pakistan is legitimate. Nonetheless, the citizens of Pakistan are instructed to choose a vendor that complies with Sharia legislation (No Riba) and select from those who regulate under a rigorous and formal jurisdiction.

Do I require to pay fees and tariffs on my trading earnings?

You would be required to pay principal fees, plus some additional ones under an Islamic account. These will differ, so invariably, test the vendor’s terms and conditions before committing. 
At current, there are no particular approaches of profit accrued through the binary options trading, but we suggest some fundamental and essential record-keeping in case this circumstance modifications.

Can I examine vendors before trading with actual money?

Yes, you are allowed to examine the vendors before trading with actual money. It is believed that it is something all possible dealers from Pakistan should do. You must discern the consequence of an Islamic account regarding the added taxes and broader spreads developed by ‘No Riba’.

Is it susceptible to give rise to deposits and withdrawals?

The procedure itself will not be entangled, but you will learn barely restricted alternatives, usually Credit Card, Skrill, or Neteller, which must stay consistent for depositing and withdrawing reserves. Marketings utilizing either Debit Cards or cryptocurrency are rigorously Haram (forbidden).

Can I exchange with the help of my mobile or tablet tool?

At least this topic has a straightforward explanation. Nearly every adequate vendor provides a powerful mobile alternative for all customers using a mobile-optimized website by downloading Android or iOS.


While binary options are a relatively modern market creation, and despite its rage and popularity among commercial dealers, it is significant to be conscious that the trading of the monetary tool is greatly unregulated. 

Regulatory councils all over the nation are presently functioning to rise with a legitimate framework to govern this modern aspect of monetary trading. Therefore, it is stable and reliable to say that the binary regulatory terrain will formulate and alter further.

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