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Pocket Option is a contemporary trading platform that believes in crowdsourcing and inexpensive brokerage. It started in 2017 and is currently operated by Gembell Limited. It has set a remarkable precedent in the binary trading scene for being one of the most reliable and robust trading platforms available in the market. Its robustness stems from the variety offered by it, as it boasts of over 100 assets that are available for even uninitiated traders. 

People who use it to trade can use several payment service providers that prove extremely efficient for international investors from various parts of the world. Pocket Option operates out of Europe and uses USD as a medium for all its services. It is a regulated platform and follows laws mandated by all the countries it has users in. Pocket Option boasts of instant deposits and withdrawals processed within a span of 24 hours. It has a community of social traders and trading tournaments which incentivize trading. The minimum trading amount is $1, and there are no associated fees for the same, making it a lucrative trading platform.

This article will look at the intricacies of using Pocket Option from a monetary perspective and explain some details you must know before choosing Pocket Option as your dedicated trading platform. 

General Features

Easy Withdrawals and Deposits

Using a simplified UI and stable servers, the Pocket Option deposits and withdrawal requests in their app or desktop website are unparalleled and extremely robust. Partnerships with trusted and established payment service providers (PSPs) help bridge the gap and increase accessibility to trading in different parts of the world. You can deposit and withdraw money within a day or two from any part of the world

Cashbacks and Features

Pocket Option provides several additional trading advantages such as cash-backs, bounties, and even lucky draws, which can help minimize losses or help a new trader while starting.

Diversity in Assets

As stated earlier, Pocket Option provides trading on around 1000 different assets, including but not limited to forex, cryptocurrencies, stock markets, stock indices, and several different types of commodities (majorly gold and silver). This helps increase the payout and reduce risk.

Flexible Plans and Options

Pocket Option provides digital options, which are fast-paced trades. It supports MT5 forex trading, and it provides you with all the latest trend options. Trades can be opened or closed according to your preference. Pocket Option claims to provide payouts up to 220% of the original.

Holistic Education

Pocket Option provides quality educational material on day trading markets and other topics.

Trading, fees and payouts

Pocket Option offers one trade type for all their accounts and all assets. It provides trades on a simple high/low option, which is the most straightforward of all binary options trading types. It has also been statistically proven as the most profitable amongst all fast trading options.

You assign a time limit and speculate on whether the asset price at the end of that time limit will be higher or lower than when you initiated the option. This is called ‘calling’ the price and makes the major part of speculative trading. In the event of an uninformed trader, this is akin to gambling, and hence education about market trends is extremely important before making trades.

High/low trades create an avenue for an almost instantaneous payout, perfect for traders aiming to make some hassle-free money in a short time window. Unfamiliarity with trading is not a hurdle with these options since high/low options can help you develop your technique with short time limits. You also have a demo account by Pocket Option to test your strategies. 

The time limit for the expiry of trades can be set at a minimum of 60 seconds. If you believe in waiting for the perfect trade window, you can set the time limit up to a period of four hours at maximum. When the trade expires, depending on the actual position of the market and your speculative prediction, a payout is calculated using the Pocket Option’s algorithm.

Pocket Option is popular in the binary options market for claiming high payouts in contrast to the norm. The minimum cutoff limit for a payout is 50 percent, while the average payout is much higher. In a normal situation, it can be expected to claim an 80 to 100 percent payout for successful high/low predictions.

Pocket Option’s official statement reiterates that you can get payouts up to 220 percent, which is not very commonly observed while trading. The other leading binary options brokers usually give out a measly 200 percent as a maximum on payouts. It is impractical to depend on this number as the payout standard, as it usually never reaches such high values. Although, it is to be noted that high/low trading gives you higher payouts than other types of binary options trading, i.e., ladder/pair trades. 

60-second trades with high/low options can play the role of an introduction to trading. Anyhow, it is important to be vigilant with high/low trades as many risky trades can deplete your deposits very fast and can be detrimental monetarily. Trading, in general, holds more of a risk than traditional stock markets or mutual funds.

The pocket option doesn’t charge any fees whatsoever.

Boasting over 130 assets, Pocket Option has a wide variety of trading strategies. Significant assets provided by Pocket Option are:


Dealing with binary options made on top of the relative values of several foreign currencies. Forex is one of the fastest dealing assets. Assets like AUD/USD involve speculating on the value of AUD, but the payouts and payments take place in USD.


Binary options on economic and stock exchange indices. Several major economic indices across the world are used by Pocket Option for binary options, and trading on these options is much faster than actually investing in stocks.


Binary options on the values of company stock. Trades are made on volatile stocks, and this is a safer option than forex but has limited payouts.


Binary options on cryptocurrencies. Pocket option initiated its services by offering trades on crypto, and hence this is the most optimized and robust trading asset offered by Pocket Option. Trading on the speculative value of legitimate and popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum provide fast and accurate trades that can be predicted using a number of trend indicators and features in Pocket Option, which makes it a relatively safer trade with a consistently high payout


Binary Options on values of physical commodities. Trading on the speculative value of gold, silver, and crude oil comes under this category. ETFs and other funds can also be considered under this category. These are slower trades with medium payouts and can serve as an excellent diversification tool to reduce risks in the event of high-volume trading in any of the other mentioned assets.

Inclusion of such assets, especially the inclusion of popular crypto like Ethereum, a broad demographic of tech-savvy traders are attracted to Pocket Option as a viable platform for their trading. 

The Pocket Option website has a trading schedule, which is a table with the assets currently being traded and the payout percentage for each according to the current time window. The schedule also shows general and OTC assets that are available for trading and their timings for withdrawals, and the expected payout. The payouts are calculated using the Pocket Option algorithm and are dynamic. They are on the basis of overall trading volume as well as your accuracy of speculation.

Bonuses and Promos

You receive a first-time and one-time-only 50% deposit bonus on your starting investment when you start a live account. You should take advantage of this as the more your first deposit is, the higher the 50 percent bonus will be.

Withdrawing the bonus before you start trading is not permitted. Some malicious investors might try to withdraw the bonus along with their initial investment. Hence, Pocket Option needs the fact that you participated in any trades before withdrawing from your account. 

After you attain a certain number of trades, you can withdraw the bonus plus any profits. In order for your account to be active in the first place, you must make a minimum deposit of $1.

Pocket Option provides many cash-back offers time-to-time. The details of every offer vary, but it provides risk cushioning and helps increase profits for many established traders as well as newbies. Value of payments changes from season to season, and trading tournaments are held to incentivize trading. These tournaments often have a pooled prize and reward the most diligent and efficient traders on the platform.


Pocket Option is an innovative trading platform that provides veterans as well as newbies the ability to perform quick trades while not dividing their profits for an unnecessary brokerage like they would with other brokers. Bonuses are available even after the first 50 percent. On top of that, Pocket Option is an industry innovator with customer loyalty priorities, and its technology is adapted to a sustainable technology model. 

We feel confident in recommending Pocket Option as a hassle-free platform for your CFD trading as Pocket Option doesn’t charge any sort of fee.

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