Review of the Pocket Option app – How to trade with It?

Pocket Option is one of the popular online brokers for binary options trading. Since its release in 2017, it has made a name for itself in the binary options market, and people consider it as a trustworthy platform. Both new and expert traders can use the pocket option app easily as a person only needs to follow a few steps for creating an account and trading.

The platform is also used for Forex trading, and one can access over 100 multiple trading instruments. Even though binary options brokers have a bad reputation due to the higher risk involved in it, Pocket Option is among the reliable platform in this industry.

Pocket Option provides numerous trading opportunities to people around the world. It consists of a wide range of payment methods for international investors and has special features which make trading easier. The platform is well-accepted in more than 95 countries, and there are over 100,000 active users who use it for trading.

Through Pocket Option, people can experience comfortable trading as it provides cashback and other advantages. The app also includes tutorials and guides to help traders in planning trading strategies. This review will explore the payouts, trading process, depositing and receiving money, demo account, and many more.

Pocket Option application

The owner of Pocket Option is Gembell Limited, and IFMRRC regulates this online binary trading platform. Pocket Option has several versions, but the mobile application from IITrendex LLC is well-preferred by people due to its ease of use. The pocket option app has similar features as the web version.

As the app is simple, it works well for mobile trading. The interface is quicker to install, and the trading process is the same with high or low options. Moreover, the application is free, and traders do not have to bear any additional expenses. The iOS application needs iOS 11 or above version, and the Android app needs Android 4.4 or above. It provides a plethora of options for trading and numerous advantages that are mentioned below.

  • Pocket Option gives an idea about the latest trends and greater payouts.
  • It contains guides and tutorials for strategy planning.
  • With Pocket Option, you receive various trading instruments and assets.
  • Traders can use a demo account with virtual money to know about the platform and trading.
  • You can get cashback and an enriched trading experience with the platform.
  • Indicators and signals help to identify the trends in the market.

Payouts in Pocket Option app

The Pocket Option platform is famous for its higher payouts in the binary options market. The minimum percentage one can earn through the Pocket Option app is 50%, and the average is way higher. 

With correct high/low predictions, an individual can obtain a payout ranging from 80% to 100%. The pocket option provides maximum payouts of around 218%, which is a lot higher than other reputed binary option brokers.

In general, high/low trading facilitates more payouts in comparison with other trading types like ladder or pair options. A one-minute high/low trade is beneficial for you if you want to become familiar with the pocket option app. You can gain a significant profit within minutes. But you should remain cautious while trading options to avoid any loss.

Demo account facility

If you are fearful of trading through a real account on the pocket option app, then you can try the demo account facility. For using the demo account, you do not need registration. You can just tap on the Demo Account button to receive a virtual fund of $10,000, which you can use for practicing the trade.

It is not only good for beginners but also great for seasoned investors before putting real money into trading. In case you do not like the app for some or other reason, then it is easier to leave the practice account rather than withdraw money and close the live account.

Moreover, the practice account can help the new traders to gain sufficient experience and to know whether they can do trading or not. It eliminates the risk, and after you learn the basics, you can proceed to trade through a real account.

Steps to switch from demo account to real account

  • Tap on the demo account button in the application.
  • Then go to Live Account.
  • After getting the notifications to make an investment, add money to the account and tap on Deposit Now option.

The minimum amount of investment is $50, and after depositing a certain amount, you can begin trading with a real account.

Money deposit in Pocket Option

Depositing money through the Pocket Option app is simple. After registering on the app and payment type verification, you can start trading by adding funds to your account. The deposit money can also increase the profile level. There are several methods of depositing money, and you can follow a few instructions to complete the process.

  • Cryptocurrency Deposit

Select the desired cryptocurrency on the Finance-Deposit page and go for payment by following the simple instructions mentioned on the screen. Most payments happen instantly, but if you are giving money from service, then it may add a fee in various parts.

Select the crypto you desire for depositing and then enter the amount. Tap Continue, and you can view the address for the deposit. You can check the history for the latest deposit in the app.

  • eWallet Deposit

You can also pay through eWallet by selecting the option on the Pocket Option app. Then follow all the instructions to complete the money deposit. Most payments in the app happen instantly, and if it does not, then you need to specify the transaction ID for the supporting request.

  • Visa/MasterCard Deposit

Depositing funds through Visa or Mastercard is also easier. Even though there are several currencies in the world, the balance will be uploaded in USD through currency conversion. After the payment is complete, the funds will appear on the trading account balance.

  • Wire Transfer Deposit

You can do several bank transfers like SEPA, local bank transfers, etc. In the app, you can select the wire transfer and provide the bank information to receive an invoice. Then, you have to pay the invoice for completing the deposit.

How to trade Binary Options using Pocket Option app?

Trading in the Pocket Option app is easy, and the following details will show you the path to successfully trade using the app.

#1 Placing an order

In the trading panel, you can adjust settings like trade amount and purchase time. You can place your trade here while predicting whether the price will get high or low. The higher price will display with a green button, and if the price goes down, it will appear in the red button.

First, you have to select assets from hundreds of assets present on the app, like commodities, currency pairs, stocks, currency pairs, etc. You can search assets by typing the name or selecting through category. In the app, you can add any asset as a favorite, and when the asset percentage gets higher, your profit will increase.

For setting the purchase time of digital trading, you have to tap on the purchase time menu and opt for a preferred option. The expiration time in trade is purchase time + 30 seconds. You can also set the required time on the Expiration time option.

In the app, you can make changes in trade amount by tapping on the + or – button on the Trade Amount section. With the help of Strike price settings, you can place a trade at a higher or lower price than the current value by adjusting the payout percentage. The payout rates depend on the difference between the strike price and the market price.

You can also evaluate the price movement through charts and create your forecast. If you expect the price to go higher, then press UP otherwise Down option. After the order is placed, the result will appear as correct or incorrect, where the correct forecast will provide trade profit. For canceling a trade, you can go to the Trades section and close any trade you want.

#2 Placing express trade

Express trade is a forecast that depends on various events occurring across multiple trading assets. In the express trading mode, every tap on the green or red button can add your forecast to the trade. Then the forecast of all the trades will multiply, and thus, one achieves higher profit than the Digital Trade.

For Express trading, press the Express button on the Pocket Option app. Then select, asset type and make two forecasts on different assets. After that, place the Express trade.

For seeing the opened orders, you have to choose the Express option and then press the Opened button. To view the closed orders, you have to choose the Closed tab in the panel.

#3 Monitoring trades

The Pocket Option app has the facility to view the active trading sessions. You have to select the Trades button, and a pop-up menu will appear showing the transactions for the present session. If you want to view the open trades, then tap on the Trades section and see all the trades in progress.

If you want to see the closed trades for your trading session, then you can go to the same Trade Section and tap on the Closed trades button. For viewing the live trades history, you can select the More option.

#4 Pending trades

It is a feature that enables users to place trades at a particular time in the future or when a particular asset price reaches a level. You can even close a pending trade before placing it to avoid loss. For placing the trade order by time, you have to select the asset and set the time and date when you want to trade.

After adding the amount and placing an order, you can keep track of it through the Current tab. If you want to place the order by asset price, then choose the asset and set the needed open price as well as the payout percentage. After that, choose the amount and place an order. For canceling any pending order, you just have to tap on the close button on the pending orders tab.

Money withdrawal in Pocket Option app

The Pocket Option app provides several withdrawal options like card, eWallet, cryptocurrencies, and wire transfer. For withdrawing money, visit the Withdrawal page and enter the amount. Then select the payment method and follow the instructions to finish the process.

The minimum amount of withdrawal will vary on the basis of the withdrawal method. Also, provide the receiver account details in the field of Account Number. If you are opting for cryptocurrencies withdrawal, then select the crypto option and go through the simple steps to withdraw.

For the card withdrawal method, choose the payment method on the Withdrawal page and select the card. Then, follow the instructions for creating a request. Then your request will queue up. The process for eWallet and Wire Transfer withdrawal is also the same.

Support for Binary Options traders

The Pocket Option app includes numerous features that elevate the trading experience for traders. It provides demo account and tutorials so that users can learn to trade as well as avoid loss. The app also offers 24/7 support to the traders, and they can ask their queries if there are any troubles.

In the application, traders can also find the live chat option, which they can use for their inquiries. If an individual does not want to chat, then they can fill their queries in the contact form for getting a response.


When it comes to the binary options platform, the Pocket Option app has higher demand as it contains various features that make trading simpler. It is well-appreciated among traders due to its variety of assets. In the review, you can see every detail about the application and the way one can trade in the platform.

The pocket Option app is intuitive and enables all types of traders to make quick trades and earn higher payouts compared to other trading platforms. It provides several opportunities to make profits. From registration to trading, it can guide you in everything through the tutorials.

In the app, you not only access multiple features but also get a demo account to test out trading before actually investing money in trading. It is a reputable and trustworthy application for binary options trading.

How much money is needed to start trading?

The minimum deposit amount for trading is $50 in Pocket Option. But the least trading amount is $1 per trade.

Is it possible to earn profit from the demo account?

A demo account helps in getting familiar with the app and practicing trading without any risk. The funds provided in it are not actual funds so, you cannot make a real profit from them. You have to switch to a real account for earning real profit.

What Is the deposit processing currency in Pocket Option?

The trading account currency is only available in USD. The funds are converted without any conversion fees.

How to cancel withdrawals on the platform?

On the Withdrawals page, you have to cancel the request for withdrawal before the status changes to Complete.

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