The best 60 second strategies for Quotex (1 minute trading)

Traders who are experienced and like to see quick results and stay in the market know about the 60-second strategies in binary options. Quotex is a broker that allows 60-second strategies, which allows gaining maximum profit and short-term uses of such strategies.

quotex 60 seconds strategies

Here, we are going to discuss the 60-second strategies for Quotex and how people can implement it while trading. Moreover, since binary trading is not an easy task, it will take knowledge and practice to earn maximum profit. Read below to know more.

What is the 60-second binary options strategy?

A binary option poses as a financial mechanism where you receive an enormous return on money or nothing. However, binary options work two ways – get something or nothing and deposit or nothing option.

These options are also denoted by different names such as digital options, all-or-nothing options, and 60-second options. Now, a 60-second binary options trading can be defined as trading done in only a minute, and the result is obtained almost at the same time.

quotex 1 minute

Binary options trading was already very favorable for traders, but now people are choosing the 60-second strategy because of its fast results. Not only are they easy to understand, but they are favorable for both novices with 0 experience and professional traders as well.

With a 60-second strategy, beginners earn money in no time while the professionals make it their side hustles, such as income or passive income. First, however, you need to have a great strategy that is stable and ready for the market.

This is why brokers suggest you use the demo account, practice those strategies, and earn money. 

This approach allows you to raise your income by at least 10% and further increase it to 50% too.

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Advantages of 60 second strategies on Quotex

Because the time frame is decided for 60 seconds, you can also take on multiple numbers trades. Therefore, if you take on multiple trades at short amounts, it equals a larger amount altogether. So, when you do become a professional, you can enter high deposits and get high returns.

#1 Gain ample knowledge

By taking on multiple trades, you learn new things about trading that you can apply in other trades as well. This is the best way to gain knowledge as well as first-hand experience.

#2 Low time frame

Since the time duration is less, you get even more time to see the market changes and positions fluctuations. Since you are trading under 60 seconds, then the trading time becomes less too.

quotex 60 second time frame

This ensures that you only do the most important thing during those 60 seconds, which is trade.

#3 Market positioning

When the market is constantly changing every day, it is highly abrupt/ therefore, with the 60-second binary trading, you are aware of the volatility of the market positions as well as the profit that can be earned from these changes.

#4 Hard and fast decisions

Since you only get 60 seconds in binary options, you have no time to think and procrastinate or even back out. The most you can regret is related to results and nothing else.

Disadvantages of 60 second strategies on Quotex

There are two main disadvantages, keep reading to be aware of them.

#1 Highly risky

As 60 seconds binary options reduce procrastination times, it also increases risk factors during trading as you could also lose an enormous amount of money.

#2 Inadequate predictions

Since the market changes constantly, there is no way of knowing how the market will move, so it isn’t easy to guess the signals too.


To give you a quick overview, these are the advantages and disadvantages of trading with 60-second strategies on Quotex:

  • Gain ample knowledge
  • Low time frame
  • Market positioning
  • Hard and fast decisions

  • Highly risky
  • Inadequate predictions

The best 60 second Quotex strategies

A strategy is basically a formulated plan where the course of action is preplanned according to the trends so that maximum benefits can be received. Because trading is very risky as the market fluctuates so much, and deciding the position is not easy.

Therefore, trading requires a strategy since you invest your hard-earned money into it. Moreover, it generates confidence and trust in your money-making ability. However, even though the Quotex software is easy to use, you can lose this income if the trade goes wrong.

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A signal is basically a piece of information extended by a professional analyst about the price movement in the market. They will inform you whenever the price moves up or down so that you can trade accordingly. However, the best way of generating a signal is in two ways:

  1. The best way of knowing the signal is by following the news every day as you can see the market trends on it. News has every kind of information available to the public, like industry announcements, the price of an asset and CEO decisions, etc.
  2. Technical analysis can be done by comparing both the trading assets as well as binary options.

Trading volume

You need to know how much money you can spend to find how much you can invest in trading. Therefore, you can save and spend money by knowing the requirement and setting a money-management method.

quotex 60 second strategy

However, traders use two management processes known as the percentage-based procedure and Martingale.


A ratio can be set by calculating the percentage of the money you can invest up to the money you have. This is a good way of maintaining money and constantly keeping a check on your money management as well as trading incomes.

This method is less risky since you see how much you can invest in a trade as opposed to how much money is available in your bank account.

However, you need to set a ratio before following this strategy and investing money in the trade.

Conclusion: You can make profits in 60 seconds on Quotex, but you need hard work

While using a single strategy may not always bring you the same result, repeating it again and again will gain you experience and knowledge about the trading strategy. Therefore, stick to one strategy so that you can always yield a profit from the trade.

quotex 60 seconds

Master these Quotex strategies in 60 seconds so that you can learn and practice them with the demo account and then on the live account. This strategy will prepare you for the market trend in no time.

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