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Spectre.ai withdrawal: How to withdraw money

Minimum withdrawal$1
Payment methods Credit Cards, E-Wallet, Crypto
Withdrawal fees$0
Withdrawal duration1

Spectre.ai is one of the best trading platforms for binary options. Suppose you are looking for some proficient brokers to help you in trading binary options; in that case, Spectre.ai has intuitive features to maximize your profit outcomes and improve your trading experience. The headquarters of this company is in the Cayman Islands. 

Apart from just Binary Options trading, the platform also offers CFD and Forex trading options. The company is also a tech provider, alongside being the financial trading platform. So, if you have some form of experience in mobile or desktop trading, then consider using Spectre.ai for the purpose. 

The best thing about this platform is that it makes use of Blockchain technology to implement trading solutions. Spectre.ai was established in the year 2017 and is operating under the regulations of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The full form of Spectre.ai is Speculative Tokenized Trading Exchange. 

People who have got into Spectre.ai are attracted by the friendly interface and easy trading options. But still, there are people who have some form of confusion in terms of Spectre.ai withdrawal. Therefore, this article is here to help you understand the correct process of withdrawing your earnings from Spectre.ai. 

Withdrawal Policy of Spectre.ai

The people who prefer to use Spectre.ai on the onsite trading account option need to wait for around 2 to 4 business days for the withdrawal process to complete. It is just the tentative time, and few hours might add to it, depending upon the mode of payment you choose. For instance, if you use a credit card to withdraw the funds, it will take more time than other e-payment methods. 

In fact, for all the traders who use their off-site wallets, the withdrawal time will be less. The traders will get their earnings instantly to their accounts on the basis of each trade. So, in this way, you can assure that all the funds you use for your trade or earn will be with you after completing every trade. Moreover, Spectre.ai charges no fees for the withdrawal requests. But the brand doesn’t take the assurance for the third-party charges imposed by the payment solution providers. 

Earlier, Spectre.ai demanded that the users must own Ethereum for using the platform to trade. It is because of Blockchain-powered technology! But this policy has changed over time now. And USD is now preferably being used for Spectre.ai withdrawals and deposits. If you are using the stand-alone wallet, then the withdrawals are super easy and convenient. It is because the contract verification is instant with it. 

How to Deposit Money into The Spectre.ai Platform?

It is true that you are here to get an insight into the process of Spectre.ai withdrawal. But for that, firstly, you need to get an idea of how to deposit the amount into Spectre.ai. If you are a beginner and want to get an idea of all the attributes of Spectre.ai, then start with learning the steps of depositing money. You will need Spectre.ai withdrawal steps only after you trade and earn some monetary rewards. 

Also, you can make your deposits using a regular account or a Defi account. For depositing money through the regular account, you can consider these options:

  • You can make your deposits through a bank account. 
  • You can make your deposits directly from the Bitcoin or Ethereum Address, which then converts to USD. 
  • In fact, you can use your UPHOLD account to deposit the money in local currency, and it will convert the same into USD. Then you can add it into the trading account to start trading. 

For the regular accounts, you need to deposit a minimum amount of $10 to begin trading over Spectre.ai! In fact, Spectre.ai uses Escrow services to deal with the payment aspects while you intend to use a Regular account. 

For the Defi accounts, you get to choose any of the Defi currencies, such as KNC, SNX, USDC, PAX, or LINK, for depositing, withdrawing, or trading. Any of the funds that you deposit into the Defi account cannot be converted into FIAT currencies. They will be held and traded by you in the original form that they are in. Also, if you intend to use Defi accounts, then you need to complete the KYC process fully before being eligible to deposit, trade, or withdraw from it. 

Other Payment Methods Available for Withdrawal/Deposit of Money 

If you seek Spectre.ai withdrawal or deposit, you need to get an idea of other available payment methods than regular and Defi accounts. The payment methods include:

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Bank Transfer
  • Debit Cards
  • PaySafeCard
  • UnionPay (For China)
  • Advcash (Europe, Russia, and South America)
  • FasaPay (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam)
  • Help2pay (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam)

All of these payment methods are available for both deposits and withdrawals. So, you can choose your convenient option from this list over your Spectre.ai trading platform. What makes Spectre.ai different from that of other platforms is its accessibility to digital wallets for receiving funds or payments. Therefore, the process is secure and fast to let you seek deposits for trading and withdrawals to credit the earnings to your account. 

If you are not using a regular account, you do not have to deposit or withdraw any minimum fixed amount. But if you trade with the right asset at the right time, you can bag a payout of up to 200%. 

Steps to Withdraw Funds from Spectre.ai

Spectre.ai allows you to withdraw funds with a different payment method. It is different from the one that you used for depositing. For instance, if you used a VISA system to deposit the money, you can still use other payment methods to withdraw funds. 

Spectre.ai withdrawal will not ask for any additional verification for nominal fund payouts. But if the withdrawal payment is high, Spectre.ai might demand some verification to confirm your authorization for the withdrawal. 

Here are the steps using which you can withdraw funds from the Spectre.ai platform:

Step #1 Open the web or mobile platform of Spectre.ai.

Step #2 Now, head to the ‘Deposit’ tab and select ‘Withdraw.’ 

Step #3 Then go ahead and choose the available payment methods from the listed options, which will vary depending upon your country. 

Step #4 Now, enter all of the required information, and then you must click on ‘Request Payout.’ 

Step #5 Then you will see a message that will say, “Your Payout request has been sent successfully.” 

Step #6 But if you have a regular account, you need to wait for a certain time. And in the meanwhile, you can check the same from the “Review Pending Payout Request” tab right below the transaction details. 

Support Services of Spectre.ai Platform

If you have any queries related to Spectre.ai withdrawal, you can always get in touch with the company’s support team. The company offers live chat and email features to help you connect with their support staff. You can just visit the site, access the chat tab from the bottom of the page, and then talk to the representative. If not that, you can leave an email at the address support@spectre.ai. The support team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Also, you can get in touch with the support team 24*7 without any time barriers. But there is no support service available during the weekends. 

Additional Features That Make Trading Over Spectre.ai Commendable

Spectre.ai charges no fees for its binary options trading facilities. Hence, the clients get the ability to trade ethically and fairly, without any interest amount or hidden costs. These trading conditions are available to all of the clients without any restriction or limitation. 

Spectre.ai has a demo account that has some intuitive features to help the traders practice the art of maximizing their earnings. It is a risk-free demo account with virtual funds to help you try out your decisions and strategies to make mistakes and learn the correct form of trading. There is no limit to the virtual funds that you can access over this demo account. And you can access this demo account any time you want, from the web or mobile platform. 


Spectre.ai withdrawal is an easy and secure step. You need to follow the process systematically, and you will get the payout either instantly or after a while, depending upon the account you are using. Spectre.ai has the widest range of assets for you to trade with. Whether you want to trade with stocks, ETFs, bonds, commodities, currencies, or others, you have it all over this platform. 

The earning frequency is high over the platform, and the risk factor is low. It is because of the digital crowd-supported balance sheet trading model. With it, you can trade for 24 hours a day for all business days. You can also enable the risk-management settings to implement capital protection or early closure of a trade. Hence, the traders can gain complete control over their risk factors.