3 Best Binary Options Brokers for UK Traders

Binary Options stands as the most accessible form of trading and earning profitable returns. It allows you to trade upon the price predictions of the selected asset. The Binary Option brokers UK you choose will give you the platform, trading tools, and assets to trade with. In fact, Binary options trading in the UK is legal, but the choice of broker is a complex decision to make. Therefore, it is essential for the rookie and professional traders to implement their expertise in not just trading binary options but also while choosing the brokers. 

Before you head out to find the best Binary Options brokers in the UK, it is essential for you to know some facts. The fact is that all of the binary options broker platforms are built for serving the same purpose. For example, you get the chart of the selected asset, decide upon the deposit amount, and predict the price rise or fall. If your prediction is correct, you win the reward; else, you lose your deposit amount. The difference between the platforms that make one better than the other is the additional features or perks that they offer. 

The Binary Options brokers UK can offer you some of the additional perks: trading tools, minimum deposit, deposit bonus, custom packages, etc. Therefore, you need to focus more on the additional features these platforms offer, apart from just the trading interface. The trading interface has the least to do with you winning profitable returns by minimizing the loss. So, if you have the binary options trading strategies in hand, the right platform will excel your ROI. 

Hence, this article will help you streamlined your search for the best binary options brokers that allow UK traders to trade upon. These platforms below intend to help not just professional traders but also beginners. So, if you are keen to learn, practice, and implement binary options trading, then leverage the potential of these three platforms. 

#1 Quotex.io

The most recent introduction to the list of brokers is Quotex.io. This broker platform came live in 2020. In fact, it has an impeccable count of UK clients trading over it. This platform allows trading over a web platform and also offers market signals for better accuracy in trading. Quotex.io is operating under the company Awesomo Ltd. Moreover, this platform is also under the regulation of IFRMRRC (International Financial Markets Regulatory Center)

The company got its license in November 2020. This platform consists of powerful tools and features to enhance the trading experience of the clients. Right from the moment you select an asset over Quotex.io for your trading needs, you will see a live chart indicating the price. This chart shows you the movement of the price graph of 5 seconds or a day old. And this will help you make your predictions accordingly. You need the analyzing skills to make proficient trading decisions.

Quotex.io also has over 15 drawing tools within its platform to help them inform ideal projections. Along with that, there are nine indicator tools to help refine your trading decisions, as per the preferences. Also, everything is visible over the main page of the platform. But if you choose to get a clear view of the pricing chart, then you can also consider keeping it disabled. You have the feature of marking up the charts at your desirable point. This, in turn, will help you whether the price is up or down. 

There are a plethora of ways using which you can analyze your trading decision over the platform. It will help you minimize the possibility of losses. Apart from that, there is a copy trading or strategy duplication feature within Quotex.io for beginners. This feature allows the traders in the UK to copy the trading pattern of successful traders over the platform. The beginners can replicate their strategies and impose them on their trading account. This, in turn, will help them kick start their trading journey with profits. 

The platform also has a leaderboard section where you get the list of the top 20 earners of that particular day. Also, this list changes every day, depending upon the trader’s movements, decisions, and earnings. Market signals within Quotex.io are more like analyst recommendations on different attributes of binary options trading. Some of such attributes include price direction, asset, trade expiry duration, and others. It is also a sort of copy trading but is more of a manual approach. 

You also get a demo account over this platform to practice your trading strategies with $10,000 virtual funds. Moreover, it will also help you get the hang of the interface of Quotex.io. To help you know more, here are a few of the characteristics through which you can judge the potential of Quotex.io. The specific features are as follows:

Trading Options

Quotex.io is one of the best Binary Options brokers UK, which is offering more than 410 assets over its platform for you to implement digital options trading. The available options for you to trade are:

  • You get to trade with 27 forex pairs, ranging from significant forex to exotic forex. 
  • You can trade with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.
  • Quotex.io also allows you to trade over gold, silver, oil, and other popular commodities. 
  • Trade with indices, and even you have options to trade upon 15 leading exchanges. Moreover, you also get to trade with FTSE 100 and Dow Jones. 

These are the trading options you get over Quotex.io for investing, predicting, and winning profitable outcomes. The best part is that you also get to invest in crypto assets, which are not familiar with usual Binary Options brokers UK. 

Trading Fees & Minimum Deposit

Quotex.io doesn’t charge for any kind of commission upon its trading attributes. All you need to do is deposit the minimum amount or your desired amount to commence with the trading options. The minimum deposit limit over Quotex.io is just $10, which is apt for beginners to afford. In fact, you don’t have to invest all of $10 on your first trade, as the minimum trade amount is $1. 

With Quotex.io, you get the maximum return percentage of around 100% on selected assets. The profit percentage might vary depending on asset liquidity, trade execution time, and other such events. Therefore, you need to check the profit percentage of the assets and then decide about trading on them to maximize the earnings. 

The withdrawal limit for Quotex.io is the same as that of the deposit, i.e., $10. But if you are withdrawing the amount in Bitcoin, then the minimum limit will be $50. For low-value transactions or withdrawals, there will be no necessity for any additional verification. However, if you are making high-amount transactions, then the broker platform might demand some authentication. The time of withdrawal ranges between 1 to 5 days.

Deposit Bonus

Here are the bonuses that you get on a certain amount of deposit you make over Quotex.io:

  • You get a deposit bonus of 20% for a deposit ranging from $50 to $99.
  • A deposit bonus of 25% for a deposit ranging from $100 to $149.
  • You receive a deposit bonus of 30% for a deposit ranging from $150 to $299.
  • A deposit bonus of 35% for a deposit above $300. 

These bonuses are an ideal way of helping the traders get a kick start. Moreover, it is also a generous gesture to promote the demand for trading. Along with these bonuses, you also get cashback, reduced risk options, Cancel X points, and some minimum balance bonuses. All of it is to ensure a good trading experience for you. 

#2 IQ Option

IQ Options is one of the most trustworthy binary brokers in the UK. It is highly popular for its intuitive trading support. The UK traders find this platform proficient enough to invest in their selected assets and earn impeccable returns. IQ Options is more convenient for traders who want to invest in CFDs. Moreover, IQ Options is also popular for its competitive fees structure. You just have to open an account and get started with the binary options trading aspects. 

IQ Options is live since 2013 and is operating under the regulation of CySEC. It possesses the Cif License #247/14. Also, it comes with a mobile application for both iOS and Android devices. Apart from that, you can also access the platform over macOS and Windows devices. IQ Options currently has over 50 million users, and there are around 1 million transactions recorded every day. The platform is also available in over 13 languages for worldwide traders. 

IQ Options consists of technical indicators that help guide the traders to identify and monitor the trends. The indicators will bring to your attention the more profitable trades. Some of the technical indicators within this broker platform are Volume or Exchange, Alligator RSI, Parabolic SAR, ATR, CCI, DPO, and others. Apart from that, you also get charting tools for better analysis and mapping out the trading strategies. 

The graphs available over the interface have lines, candles, hollow candles, bar, and area-wise displays. Hence, you can expect to get clarity about the price fluctuations on your asset within a specific period of time. IQ Options is ideal for mobile traders who want to take their trading practice from desktop to remote devices. Apple Company has some particular rules in association with binary options trading. Therefore, Apple built the iOS version of the IQ Options app again to adhere to those rules. 

You get a demo account over this platform with around $10000 virtual funds. It is to help you get used to this new intuitive interface and practice binary options trading. If you are a beginner, then this demo account will help you get a hold of the tactics and strategies of trading. In fact, you can test several methods to master your fundamentals and analyze before you create your real trading account. 

Here are a few of its core characteristics to help you learn a little more about IQ Options. These attributes will explain to you the efficacy of this platform that makes it one of the best Binary Options brokers UK. 

Trading Options or Financial Instruments

You get quite a lot of options to trade with over Quotex.io. All of these financial instruments have their profit percentages highlighted next to them. You get a maximum profit return of up to 95%. Hence, it is to give you an idea of what profit you can expect from a successful trade. The trading options over Quotex.io are as follows:

  • Forex trading is popular over the platform, with over 50 currency pairs. 
  • Some of the pairs include USD/CHF, NZD/USD, and others. 
  • You can invest in CFDs on over 184 stocks. There is no feed for trading with the stock CFDs. You can trade with the top companies such as AMD, Apple, Amazon, Tesla, and others. 
  • Also, you can trade with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, TRON, and others. 
  • Trade with commodities such as platinum, gold, crude oil, silver, and others. 
  • IQ Options also allow you to trade with ETFs as well. It includes energy, metals, technology, semi-conductors, and others. 

Account Types and Minimum Deposits

IQ Options comes with custom packages in the face of two account types. The account type you intend to choose will be decided upon the features and perks you have accessibility to. The account types are as follows:

#1 Standard Account Type

For the standard account, you need to deposit only an amount of $10. And there are no such restrictions on the trading functionality. With this account type, you are accessible with features such as a 1-business day withdrawal and trading accessibility on 250 assets. You will also get clearance for participating in all of the tournaments held over this broker platform. As a matter of fact, IQ Options hosts tournaments every week. 

#2 VIP Account Type

For opening a VIP account, you will have to make a deposit of a minimum of $1900 within a day or two. With this account type, you get all the features of a Standard account. But apart from that, you also get a 3% of additional return. Moreover, you also get a personal account manager to help you with your trading decisions and manage the account. Not just that, but you also get monthly reports to track the profit, loss, and trading progress. 

Trading Fees

Not all Binary Options brokers UK are transparent about their charges and commissions. IQ Options will give you clarity on this factor to help you choose on the basis of transparency. Here are the fees that you are chargeable for trading with IQ Options:

For all the cryptocurrency trade, IQ Options will charge 2.9% of the earnings. Apart from that, there are no fees or charges for trading with any other instrument. 

You need to pay swap fees if you seek overnight funding, ranging from 0.1% to 0.5%. It is 3X higher if you are opening a position at weekends. 

If you are inactive on your account for a consecutive duration of 90 days, then IQ Options will charge a fee of €10/month. 

There are no charges for the withdrawals if the client chooses any payment service provider for the purpose. But, if the client is seeking bank transfers, then the flat fee is $31 for the withdrawals. 

#3 RaceOption

RaceOption is also one of the top three best Binary Options brokers UK. It is live since 2014 and has earned the trust of UK traders and also of traders worldwide. The platform is based in London and offers its trading services to clients across the globe. Also, the platform is user-friendly and is full of perks for traders. They accept quite a lot of currencies and have a plethora of assets to trade with.

In addition to that, the platform comprises of top-notch technology and has some quality bonuses for helping the traders start well. Moreover, it also has a guide-trading facility over the platform. These are just a few of the many features of RaceOption that made it earn its name within the binary options market in a very short span of time. RaceOption is under the regulation of Finance Group Corp, which makes it a legit platform for trading. 

RaceOption has an easy-to-understand and straightforward platform with a streamlined layout. You also get a demo account that will help you practice binary options trading seamlessly. You need to utilize this feature to the best of your potential. It is because developing the basic trading skills of binary options over the demo account will help you master the trading pattern utilization in a real account. 

To help you get better clarity about the core perks of RaceOption, here are some of its characteristics. These characteristics give clarity to why RaceOption is considerably one of the top Binary Options brokers UK. 

Trading Options

With RaceOption, all the UK traders have access to trade on different assets with high-profit outcomes. The maximum profit percentage is up to 90% for all of the assets over RaceOption. The profit percentage fluctuates, depending upon the asset liquidity, choice of expiry time, and other events. In addition to that, you get over 150 assets to trade with over RaceOption. The assets are:

  • Forex pairs
  • CFDs
  • Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Indices

RaceOption is yet to add crypto to the list of its assets! But even without it, the platform is in demand and is attractive for most of traders. It has all the standard trading options that you will possibly look for in any other Binary Option brokers UK. 

Account Types & Minimum Deposit

There are three account types within the RaceOption platform that include:

  • Bronze Account Type

The bronze account type has a minimum deposit limit of $250, with a 20% of the first deposit bonus. You get your withdrawal within one business day and have access to the copy trading tool. Even though it is the lowest tier, you still get to explore the educational materials over it for mastering the use of this platform for binary options trading. 

  • Silver Account Type

Silver account type has a minimum deposit limit of $1000, with 50% of the first deposit bonus. You get a personal account manager, a web session guide, and three risk-free trades with this account type. In fact, in risk-free trades, you won’t lose anything if your prediction is wrong but will get the profit if you win. 

  • Gold Account Type

Gold account type is the highest account tier of RaceOption. It has a minimum deposit of $3000, with a first deposit bonus of 100%. Along with all the features of bronze and silver, you get technical analysis support in this feature. You can use this account to make a higher initial deposit to get a significant chunk of free funds as a bonus. 

Trading Fees

RaceOption doesn’t accept any kind of service or transfer fees, except for credit cards. The platform charges 5%, especially for credit cards only. Also, RaceOption allows you to deposit and withdraw with options such as credit card, debit card, bank wire transfer, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency. RaceOption has no charges but is not giving assurance for any of the changes implemented by third-party payment providers, which includes banks as well. 


If you are a UK trader and faced complexities while looking for the best Binary Options brokers UK, then your search comes to an end now. You can now settle with these three platforms. Check their features, efficacies, bonuses, and trading options practically to get a clear glimpse of what they have to offer. All of the essential features are elaborated within this article for you to make a firm decision. But for a practical review, you can always check their websites. 

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