Is Binary Options trading legal in Vietnam? – Guide for Vietnamese traders

Vietnam is full of landscapes and ancient monuments. This nation embodies natural beauty at its finest. And in terms of economic strength, the living standards of the Vietnamese people within the country have increased substantially in the past 40 years. Most of the citizens of this country are now earning a proficient amount of income for investing in diverse financial activities

Binomo legal in Vietnam

One of the most evident reasons for doubling up the earned money is binary options trading in Vietnam. The reason behind its popularity is the simple format and the availability of diverse asset options. If you are a binary options trader in Vietnam, you can opt for mastering this format without any professional help

With binary options trading, you do not need any other financial activity to multiply your income. But, you can always combine it with other trading forms to strengthen your investment portfolio.

For this, the most important thing to consider is the legality of this trading format in Vietnam. Therefore, this article is here to help you with an in-depth understanding of the country’s regulations & legality. 

What are Binary Options?

Binary Options is a very simplistic trading format. People need to understand the positives and negatives of this trading form before blindly investing in it. It does offer great earning potential but demands an ideal strategy of trading or investment. Without ideal knowledge and expertise, binary options trading will eventually bankrupt you. 

If you are blindly investing in binary options, then it is better for you to place small trades at all times. Unless you master the fundamentals and are aware of the strategies to maximize wins, you should not invest big.

Binary Options trading Vietnam is completely legal, and you need to be responsible for what measures you follow. It is because you will be held responsible for all your wins and losses. 

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You just have to predict the price graph movement for an asset, and that is what this trading is all about. Many countries across the globe have banned this trading form for its risk factors.

But there are still many accessible countries that have imposed regulations on trading within their country boundaries. If you are a Vietnamese trader, then you do not have to worry about any restrictions or bans, as the country is open for offshore brokers to offer their trading services. 

Are Binary Options legal in Vietnam?

There is no such legalization or regulation imposed on binary options trading in Vietnam. Hence, it means that there is no such ban or strict restriction on Vietnamese traders for leveraging its potential. The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) is accountable for implementing regulatory practices on financial activities. 

Binary Options trading legal in Vietnam

The duty of SBV is to ensure that there is a safe environment for the country traders. There is no legal restriction as of now, but the risk factors of binary options trading still exist. Therefore, the regulatory authority of the country raises regular warnings on binary options trading Vietnam. It is to educate the traders about its positive and negative repercussions. 

SBV suggests that the traders should consider relying on legitimate brokers. To judge the genuineness, one can check for their licensing under stringent regulations. For instance, the broker platforms should have CySEC, IFMRRC, MiFID, and other such strong regulations to operate with international traders. Hence, this will prove their legitimate intentions towards their services. 


The United States, Australia, and the UK regulated brokers with CFTC, ASIC, and FCA regulation licenses, respectively, can also offer service to Vietnamese traders. Hence, this is the only warning and suggestion that the SBV authority requests for implementation. The traders are responsible for utilizing their own funds, and the country authority is not accountable for any compensation on losses. 

How to trade Binary Options in Vietnam?

Binary options trading in Vietnam is legal, but there are no local brokers within the country. For trading binary options, you should rely on offshore brokers. And they should be regulated and licensed by their respective countries in order to offer you legit services.

There are few things that you need to consider in order to pick the best broker for binary options trading in Vietnam that includes:

  • Check the terms and conditions of your broker platforms. 
  • Refer to their withdrawal and deposit bonus. 
  • Look for the licensing and regulation concerns. Verify that from the official websites to know if they are genuinely licensed or not. 
  • They should have a demo account to ensure that beginners can practice their trading skills and knowledge. 

These are a few things that you need to keep in mind before picking up the right broker.

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After that, all you need to do is to follow the below steps to get started with your earnings from binary options trading Vietnam. The steps are:

  1. Sign-up to the broker platform and make your initial deposit. You can either go with the minimum deposit or pick an amount as per your desire. 
  2. If you are a beginner, then you must start with a demo account before creating the live account. Some brokers demand mandatory sign-up of using the demo account, while you don’t need that for some. 
  3. Pick the asset from a wide range of options. Choose the asset for which you want to trade your money. 
  4. Choose the expiry window within which the trade will last. 
  5. Enter the trade amount. You can either start with the minimum trade amount, which is mostly $1 for all brokers. Also, you can also go for larger trade amounts, depending upon your expertise in the field. 
  6. Now, make your prediction of whether the price graph of a particular asset will go up or down within the expiry duration. 

Hence, this is how you can expect to commence with binary options trading in Vietnam. Follow these steps, and start your journey of earning big profits.


But remember to explore the trading tools and market signals of selected brokers to determine accurate predictions. It will help you minimize your losses and maximize your success

Brokers and platforms in Vietnam

To save you time and effort, here is the list of 3 top brokers that are reputed and renowned for offering services of binary options trading in Vietnam. These broker platforms have all the features and bonuses to help accelerate the trading potential of individuals. So, it is time for you to get a brief insight into the perks of these platforms to help you decide whether to rely upon them or not. 

#1 Expert Option

Expert Option is operating under the regulations of VFSC, MiFID, CySEC, and IFMRRC. Hence, all of these specific regulations are verified, and the platform is trustworthy. It is one of the top names in the list of binary options brokers. It offers quality trading services with bonus features to most of the countries with regulated or free binary options trading norms. 

The maximum leverage over Expert Option is 1:500, and the lowest spread over currencies is 0.5 pips. You can use this platform over a mobile application as well to take your trading practice on the go. It is an ideal pick for both beginners as well as professionals. Moreover, it also promotes asset coverage and other security measures for better trading

The minimum deposit of Expert Option is $10, whereas you can start your trade with just $1. You are free to deposit or trade larger amounts as per your desire. But, for beginners, it is a great option to start with low investments for learning and utilizing the skills before going big. 

#2 IQ Option

IQ Option is operating under the regulations of MiFID, CySEC, and FCA. The trading experience for all of the users over this platform is outstanding, with an impeccable maximum pay-out of 95%. The maximum leverage over this platform is 1:1000, and the lowest spreads for currencies are 0.6 pips. 

You get a mobile trading platform with IQ Option that helps you place your trades while you are on the go. The web and mobile interface are well-optimized to give you accurate insight into the assets. Moreover, it makes the trading features properly accessible at all times

The minimum deposit that you should make over IQ Option for starting your journey of binary options trading Vietnam is $10. And the minimum trade for the same is $1! Hence, you do not have to put up big bucks right from the beginning of your trading journey. Start slow and gradually increase the investment amount. 

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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

#3 Pocket Option

Pocket Option is one of the biggest names among all of the binary options trading platforms. It is offering its services to Vietnamese traders with utmost ease and convenience. You get over 130 assets to trade over this platform. The maximum pay-out is up to 92% over this platform, which is pretty high than most of the other platforms. 

The minimum deposit for the Pocket Option is $50. Every deposit above $50 will get a deposit bonus of 50%. It means that you will get $75 by depositing just $50. So, it is pretty much a good deposit requirement. You are not mandatorily asked to use all the deposit money for the first trade. The minimum trade amount is $1

Pocket Option operates under the regulation of CySEC, which proves its genuineness. You get instant access to social trading aspects. Also, you get just one account type with no other VIP options. You get diverse payment methods as well to add convenience to your money transactions. 

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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Regulations in Vietnam

Vietnam has not put up any regulation for its binary options trading aspects. SBV doesn’t intend to give any attention to this trading format anytime soon. The only purpose of SBV is to ensure a safe investment environment for all Vietnamese traders. And, despite all the countries imposing bans on binary options trading, Vietnam is willing to educate its people about the risks involved in this trading format. 


SBV does give you warnings about the minute involvement in the aspects of binary options trading Vietnam. They say that the country’s authority will offer limited or no protection for this trading format.

The traders are solely responsible for their success and failures over this format. In case of any fraudulent or scam activities, it might be difficult for the country’s authority to offer solutions. 

Mobile Trading App

SBV also suggests checking the licensing of brokers in detail. It means that the license number available over the dedicated license logos on the broker’s platform should be verifiable at the official websites of those authorities. If they do not match or exist, then the broker platform is probably fake or a scammer. All of the researches for determining the genuineness of the broker should be done by the traders. 

There are no local brokers operating in Vietnam. Therefore, SBV recommends that the traders can turn up to offshore brokers with their respective country-wise regulations.

All of the income that the traders generate with binary options trading Vietnam by relying upon offshore brokers will be taxable in the country. The traders need to follow the rules to update their income report of trading through the official methods. 

Apart from these basic guidelines, there are no strict regulations on binary options trading in Vietnam. There are no such rules that would stop the traders from investing in this format. So, you are currently not under any obligations for adapting this trading format. Follow the warnings, guidelines, and instructions by SBV to ensure a safe earning potential

Education for Vietnamese traders

There is pretty much a lot for Vietnamese traders to learn. Starting from approach to execution, the traders need to master their intentions toward binary options trading Vietnam. Before you gain access to the trading features of your broker platform, you need to get insight into the basic understanding of trading steps

Earlier in this article, you got an idea of the steps on how to carry out binary options trading. But, if you are a beginner, the importance of each of those steps is still unknown to you. So, here are the explanations for each of the steps that you carry out for placing your binary options trade:

  1. Signing Up and Making Deposit

When you sign-up for a broker platform, it is important you should read the terms and conditions. You might be lured to this broker platform for the sake of its deposit bonus.

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But there might be some hidden conditions that will impact your bonus count. So, before you make your deposit, ensure that you are aware of the bonus and all other minute conditions. 

  1. Choosing The Asset

You get a big list of assets to choose from. Some of those assets might seem familiar to you, while some might be new. So, if you plan to trade with any particular asset, then get some market information about it. For instance, if you are trading with bitcoin, you need to study any market signal or information about this crypto’s price hike or drop.

Overview coding and trading

Depending upon such signals, you will eventually be able to make accurate predictions. Therefore, before you pick an asset, just go ahead and learn something about it. Professionals might already be in that habit, but beginners need to follow the same. 

  1. Choosing Expiry Duration

The expiry duration is what helps you decide the window of your trade. This is what limits your trade within a stipulated time closet! You will either win or lose the trade within this window.


By the end of expiry duration, if the price of your selected asset rises or falls, based on your prediction, then you win. But if it replicates the opposite of your prediction, then you lose! Therefore, give time and in-depth analysis to the asset’s market fluctuation and pattern to decide an ideal expiry duration. 

  1. Picking the Trading Amount

The amount you choose for a particular trade will be the price at stake. If your trade is a success, then you get the pay-out specified as per the asset.


But if you lose the trade, then the amount will be deducted from your broker account. So, it is advisable that you start low at the beginner’s level. Trade with the minimum amount, as per the broker’s policy, and gradually increase it over time with more knowledge and confidence. 

  1. Making the Prediction

You need to analyze the market movement for the asset. Give it time, make small trades, implement a trial & error method, and do everything possible to understand the pattern of price movement. For some assets, there will be uniform highs and lows in the price graph.


You need to observe and track that to ensure that you predict more accurately. You are not just destined to predict the price hike, but you can also win with price drop predictions. So, keep your focus on both options

Conclusion: Is Binary Options trading legal in Vietnam?

Put an end to your concerns about the legality of binary options trading in Vietnam. Go ahead, choose the ideal broker, and start your binary options trading journey.

Binomo legal in Vietnam

Utilize your skills over the demo account, and then opt for the live account to earn some big bucks

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