How many trades per day should you make for Binary Options?

Are you in search of getting quick rich schemes? Then binary options trading is not a good choice for you. 

Binary options trading can indeed make you a billionaire, but a lot of effort, analysis power, perseverance, and most importantly, patience is required.

If you want to generate decent money with binary options trading, you need to be determined and understand it sharply. So what’s the point of mentioning these words? It’s because most of the newcomers take binary options trading in the wrong way.

Experts and dedicated traders like you know the values of determination on binary trading. It is an undeniable fact that binary trading is considered one of the powerful trading options. The reasons are several.

  • Because of having all the options of trading, everyone goes for binary trading. 
  • So be it, Indexes, commodities, crude oil, cryptocurrencies, stock exchange, and forex market, an individual can trade on everything.
  • Binary options trading has some special hours. Unfortunately, those hours overlap with other countries. The benefit of this is, the more the number of traders, the more profit will be. 
  • Lastly, binary options trading can be done 24×7. So, traders with other professions can participate too.

These are the reasons why engagement is high on binary options trading. But, along with engagement, competition is high in this field too, and so is the risk ratio. So, fighting while having rivalry and risk is not easy. Therefore, a well-planned strategy is required.

How many trades are made by professionals per day for Binary Options?

Let’s get back to the question. How many trades are required per day? Well, it would be better to divide the circumstances into two parts. For this purpose, we’ll first know how professionals handle their trading and then how many they handle in a single day.

On what a professional always focus?

A professional trader always focuses on one thing irrespective of the field, i.e.,  Increasing the trade value by minimizing the risk. They are called professionals because the number of losses is minimal. Therefore, all their effort goes on improving their skills for minimizing the loss.

Because of this, most professional traders trade during the best hours. The specialty of the best hours is, it is safe to trade and profitable too. According to region or point of interest, the trading time may differ. So, they utilize the time to do the analysis. If you wonder how a professional makes his schedule for the day, here is its overview.

#1 Finding the best trade

If you plan to trade on a particular commodity, index, forex market, Bitcoin, or anything else, you need to have a complete idea about them. As they already have a good grip on their respective topic, they do proper research on that thing in the respective market.

Every single move, like the MetaTrader’s graph movement, and the rise and fall of candlesticks, all these things matter a lot while doing trading. A professional always makes sure of their points, depending on those factors. Then, they make their strategies before trading on it.

#2 Working on the risk

Risk Management is involved right from the first step. While deciding on the best trading, they have already eliminated the problematic trades. As they are now focusing on a single trade, it’s time to reduce the risks from this selected trade.

That’s why they use signals and automation bots. Sometimes they use specific indicators and software to know the best possible results. Most of the professionals recommend automation bots because AI is installed there. That’s a huge plus point to judge the risk.

#3 One or multiple trading?

If the trader focuses on the best hours for binary options trading, it won’t take too much time. In the meantime, another trading can be done easily. However, that entirely depends on the trader’s situation. If he has a good grip on multiple trading fields, he can easily handle multiple trades.

On the other hand, most of the traders earn huge money by using this trick. For example, suppose a trader is good at Bitcoin trading. So, he focuses on Bitcoin binary trading for the time being. 

However, if he has a good grasp of stock exchange binary trading, he can apply that here. Thus by applying to multiple fields of trading, professionals are earning a good income.

That’s how professionals work. Probably you have gained some extraordinary beneficial knowledge from these. Now it’s time for how a beginner must proceed.

On what basis a beginner may proceed?

If you are a beginner and have doubts about how many trades are good for you per day, then you are in the right place. For a beginner, it is important to know in what field they have adequate information. In simple words, it is quite tough for a beginner to understand the rules and regulations of particular trading. 

Understanding the most volatile and liquid assets, understanding the market values according to the current situation, trading on which country, and others. So, if you ask for a guideline for your initial steps, here’s the solution.

  • Know your special field of interest and go with only one trading.
  • Know the profit and risks as well. Watch over some live binary trading on that option.
  • Better to start with stock exchange binary options trading as risk is lower (comparatively). You can have details of the Best Hours for Binary Options Trading. Read that and trade at a specific time.
  • Always go with one trading option. Don’t try multiple trades in one day. It will increase mental pressure as well as risk. Instead, make your base stronger first, and then you may go for it.

Final Words

How much trading you must do, depends on how much you are capable of managing things. As it is not gambling, you must not rely on luck. Instead, put your efforts, gather knowledge, and trade accordingly. Your dedication will surely make you a successful binary trader one day. So, trade strategically and win over every trade.

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I am an experienced Binary Options trader for more than 10 years. Mainly, I trade 60 second-trades at a very high hit rate.

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