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Indonesia is one of the most emerging democratic countries in South East Asia. The location of Indonesia is close to major investment hubs, which include Australia, Japan, China, South Korea, and New Zealand. In fact, Indonesia is also house to the largest population of Muslims on the entire globe. The religion and culture of Indonesia play a significant role in contributing to modern-day investments, such as binary options Indonesia. In this article, we will specifically discuss: Is binary options trading legal in Indonesia? We will discuss all the rules and regulations that the citizens need to follow for a safe investment and ethical investing.

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The financial markets of Indonesia are under the regulations of the Indonesia Financial Services Authority, which has a local name as Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK). This organization is handling the investment regulations in the country, including binary options. Indonesia is adapting to the fast pace of financial investment markets, and the country needed to impose regulatory activities to control these investments and markets altogether.  

Binary Options trading is fully legal in Indonesia!

Indonesia soon became the popular destination for binary options trading or retail trading. Brokers from all across the world were willing to make this country’s young population part of these new financial products. So, the organization embedded its actions in 2011 and is continuing to regulate the financial markets. Without regulations, the offshore brokers were bringing in several regulated & unregulated financial products to the Indonesian public. Binary Options Indonesia trading was also one of those modes of investment!

Young people of Indonesia are very much keen on binary options trading with overseas brokers. So, Indonesia is offering regulatory trading accessibility to its public for binary options trading. There is more to it that you should know on priority! So, if you were searching for the legality status of binary options Indonesia, then you have landed on the right article. Follow till the end!

Indonesian market realized the potential of binary options trading

The retail binary trading in Indonesia was soon popular after it was live in 2008. This mode of investment was kind of easy for trading and simple to understand. Soon, binary options Indonesia became one of the best profitable activities over online platforms. Almost every average Indonesian is investing in binary options trading and is winning impeccable profits as well.

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When you compare the binary options Indonesia market with the European market, then the Indonesian market might lag slightly. It is mainly because the people of Indonesia do not hold much experience in binary options trading. Moreover, they are unaware of the technicality that is essential for them to carry out this form of trading. Therefore, the scammers find it easy to target the Indonesian binary options traders.


The regulations by OJK are pretty much tight, especially for the binary options Indonesia trading and Forex trading. But, no such prohibitions are there for the people of Indonesia to invest and trade on binary options within the country. The regulations are primarily upon the taxes on returns to the country authorities that they win from their profits. Also, the investors in Indonesia are liable to pay a higher tax than the traders in all the other countries.

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This taxation system is under the business model “Introducing Broker”! Under this model, all of the overseas brokers will have to abide by some specific rules to mark their presence as brokers within the country. Therefore, the traders also need to follow the right binary options trading strategies without violating the regulations. In addition to that, the binary options Indonesian traders need to look for the brokers with whom they need to pay less possible fees. And the traders need to do their research right before signing up to the broker platforms.


When you choose the wrong broker firm, you end up paying a large chunk of your profit as tax and fees. The Indonesian Government wants more people to trade binary options to bring in more economic stability in the form of taxes. Amidst all of these tax regulations, the OJK took the responsibility to look after few attributes of the financial market, that includes:

  1. OJK will ensure that the industry of financial services is operating within fair means, is transparent, and in order.
  2. Also, OJK will look after establishing a seamless financial system that can grow steadily and be stable during the growth phase.
  3. OJK intends to offer protection to the consumers’ interest in the financial market.

Best Broker Platforms for Investing in Binary Options legal in Indonesia

Binary Options Indonesia trading is legal and permissible, as per the authorities. Keep aside the regulations, and plan out your investment strategies to ensure higher profits. If you can make more profits, then a minimal tax won’t bother you much. And for that, you need to start with selecting the right broker that would help you with affordable fees. The brokers are:

#1 is one of the biggest names in the list of brokers for binary options trading. It has a convenient interface with a signal accuracy of 87% to help you prepare your investment strategy. The maximum pay-out efficiency for the same is 95% on every successful trade. The trading indicators within will help you predict the worth of stock, crypto, commodity, or others.

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It is genuine and charges $10 as an initial deposit and $1 as the minimum trading amount. To know more, you can always use their demo account to learn the mode of investment and the seamlessness of the app.

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#2 Pocket Option 

If you intend to earn more, then you have to play big. But, if you are a rookie, you can always start with $1. Pocket Option is yet another popular binary options broker platform that supports a minimum trade amount of $1.

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This platform has over 50 payment options and over 100 assets for trading. You do not have to pay anything as commission on this platform for deposit or withdrawal. It also has a demo account for you to try out the interface and learn the correct technique of investment. 

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#3 IQ Option 

IQ Option is yet another popular and top platform for binary trading Indonesia. It has over 300 assets on its platform for you to trade. In addition to that, you have a minimum deposit amount of $10 and minimum trade amount of $1.

iq option broker

IQ Option offers you the pathway to make intelligent investments and pursue convenience withdrawals. In fact, here, the interface is customizable, and there is a team offering you support 24/7

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All of these platforms are low on minimum deposits and trading amounts. The pay-out percentage is above 90% for all these platforms, and the overall fees are low for trading over them. In fact, you may come across many more options on the internet, but these are the top names that deserve your attention.

Deposit or payment options available within Indonesia for binary options traders

Just like the legality of binary options Indonesia, it is also crucial for aspiring traders to know the available payment options in the country. The payment infrastructure of Indonesia is pretty much established. Hence, it has the potential to facilitate the payments in & out of the country.

payment methods

Therefore, the binary options Indonesia traders won’t be facing any kind of problems with payment transfers. There are all possible measures to help them fund the trading account and commence with their investments.

Bank wire transfers are pretty much common in Indonesia. Most of the binary options traders of the country are preferably using this mode of payment transfer on priority. Not just that, but credit & debit cards are also an ideal choice of payment for the middle-class population.

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With most of the population of Indonesia learning about internet perks, eWallets are also picking up the pace. The young population is leveraging the use of eWallets for funding their trading accounts.

In fact, you do need to look for brokers who are offering all of these payment modes. Indonesia, as a country, supports all of the payment modes, in and out of the country. But, it is upon the broker to have such payment gateways over their platform to process your funds. When you achieve success in finding the right broker, you will sort your payment hassle.

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So, you can conclude that there won’t be any such problem for the binary options trader to make payments. Finding a broker is also easy now, as you just need to explore the top names to avail the best perks. The following section is to elaborate on the best broker platforms for you to invest in binary options in Indonesia.


Now, you are well-versed with the legality of binary options Indonesia. You just need to keep in mind that the income tax is high over the region for Forex and binary options trading. Therefore, it is always better to go for the brokers who charge less.

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It is to ensure that you don’t have to cut through your profit in terms of tax and broker fees. Before you take on binary options trading in Indonesia, it is better to go through the regulations and understand the proper technique of approach for this form of trading.  

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