Is Binary Options Trading Legal in South Africa? – Guide for South African Traders

The people in South Africa are aware of Binary Options, and they have shown their interest in this trading form. The financial market within South Africa has immense scope to help the investors buy and trade with different financial instruments. But certain regulations are mandatory for the South African audience to follow. 

Binary Options have made it easy for potential traders to get into the field of financial trading. The South Africans have easy options to trade with their desired asset in the form of binary options. It means that they are open to high earning potential and low initial risks. 

The number of international brokers allowing the South Africans to trade with binary options is increasing day by day. As per the present laws within South Africa for binary options, the local brokers do not have permission to offer their trading perks to the South African investors or traders.

Therefore, the South African traders need to look for international brokers who have the license and authorization to offer their services. This article will give you clarity upon the legality of binary options trading in South Africa. Along with that, this guide will also elaborate on the top brokers who are offering trading services in the country. 

What Are Binary Options?

This trading form got its name, ‘Binary Options’, because, here, all that traders need to do is choose among YES or NO. You will be betting on the fluctuation of the asset’s price. Hence, you need to trade by predicting whether the price will go high or low than the present value. And this is pretty much binary options trading for you. 

Binary Options will either pay you a wholesome profit or no money at all. It means that if your prediction is correct, then you get a stipulated amount as per the payout percentage of that asset. But if your prediction goes wrong, then you lose all of the money that you traded. Therefore, it is also advisable for beginners to start slow and increase the trading amount gradually. 

In addition to that, Binary Options gives you the exact expiration date, strike price, and time of expiry. You need to set that for your trade, depending upon your prediction. The professionals study the market fluctuation of the asset and then predict upon the accurate movements. All you need to do is pick the correct expiry time! If you have chosen a broader or shorter time slab without proper judgment, then you will lose your money. 

In fact, there are many brokers out there who are offering seamless binary options trading across the globe. South Africa is yet another financially developed country that has an adequate demand for this trading form. So, if you are a South African trader and want to learn about its legalization, stay tuned with this article till the end! 

Are Binary Options Legal in South Africa?

There are not many hints about the legalization of Binary Options in South Africa to date. There is a clear insight about it being regularized soon within the country. But, there are even chances that the South African industry will put up a ban on binary options trading in the country. And as of now, the government has not imposed any regulation of illegal status on it. But, the local traders are not permitted to do their business with South African citizens. 

There is a very rare chance that the country will completely ban binary options! Instead, they will soon impose regulations that will be in favor of traders. Many countries have already banned or regulated the adaptation of binary options trading. It is because of the risk factor that makes traders even go bankrupt. South Africa won’t stand out to be an exception by permitting it as a whole trading option.

But currently, there is no such regulation or ban on Binary Options trading in South Africa. And this is the right time for people to leverage it. 

How to Trade Binary Options in South Africa?

If you intend to go with binary options trading in South Africa, you must have a broker account with top international platforms. South Africa doesn’t prohibit the locals from trading binary options offered by international brokers. Therefore, you need to choose the best in the lot for commencing with the trading options. 

In fact, you need to consider the reputation and genuineness of the broker in order to believe in their services. You can do it by considering certain factors. The factors include:

  • The brokers should be under the regulation specified by international authorities and the country authorities. 
  • You need to check up on the execution speed in terms of binary options trading. It will define the ease of use and navigation across the platform. 
  • You need to learn about the asset classes that are signed with the binary options broker platform. Along with that, you must also check up on the payout percentage of all the assets. If the platform is offering a good payout percentage, then you can rely upon it. 
  • Check whether they are offering trial or demo accounts with their platform. It is because the beginners need to try out their knowledge and skills on binary options trading South Africa before they trade with real money. It is for practice and for getting used to the platform. 
  • The withdrawal ease is also one of the most important aspects to consider before choosing any platform. For instance, the withdrawal time should not exceed 3 to 5 days. If it does, then you should look for a better alternative. 

Consider all of these points on priority to ensure that you go along with a reputed, licensed, and proficient broker. A good broker will help you earn a fortune with binary options trading. But an inefficient broker will limit your profit upon successful trades and might even turn out to be fake. 

Brokers and Platforms in South Africa

This section is to help make you aware of the best three broker platforms that offer binary options trading in South Africa. These platforms have the best of features and offerings to help you win a big chunk of money. Moreover, these broker platforms listed below follow the regulations of specific countries where they give their services. They have the license to operate internationally. 

#1 is the best and the most preferred broker platform for binary options trading in South Africa. Even though this platform is new to the game, but has already stated its potential in the industry. gives out market signals for accurate trading and has a copy trading feature as well. With the use of copy trading, you can duplicate the trading pattern of experts over the platform. 

Not just copy trading, but you are about to get a plethora of features with this new broker platform. In addition to that, makes use of powerful features and tools to help give ease of trading to the South African citizens. doesn’t have an application to let you operate the platform. But instead, you can visit their web interface to do the needful. 

Also, did optimize its web interface to ensure that the clients and customers find it easy to use or navigate. The site is highly responsive and lets the people pick their assets, trade their capital, and complete all of the processes at ease. offers you over 410 assets to trade. For example, you get currencies, crypto, indices, and commodities to trade. offers you a maximum payout of up to 100%. The payout might differ depending upon the assets and their liquidity aspects. For instance, you are investing $1000 in EUR/USD currency with an 80% payout. And, you have predicted the price rise in the next one day. If you get the prediction right, you will get $1000+$800 for the same. If you lose the trade, then you will lose the entire $1000. 

There are no additional charges for you to pay over for using its services. has no such privilege for leveraged investing, as it might limit the market accessibility for some of the beginners. Therefore, the loss potential increases! And this is the evident reason for for not including it in its services. offers brokerage services for binary options trading in South Africa without violating any hinted regulations. So, if you are a beginner or a professional, you can consider this platform for your binary options trading requirements. Start trading with just a minimum deposit of $10. 

#2 IQ Option

IQ Option is yet another trusted broker that allows you to commence with binary options trading in South Africa. It is popular for its intuitive platform, allowing users to gain insight into even the minute details of market price fluctuation for financial instruments. In fact, IQ Option is under the legal regulations of international and country-wise authorities. 

The entire portfolio of financial assets for binary options trading is optimal, as it offers diverse choices to the customers. You do not have to start with a heavy deposit amount, as the minimum deposit is $10. But, you can trade with just $1 until you gain the confidence of making substantial profits. 

With IQ Option, you can get up to 95% payout for all of the assets. The payout percentage might fluctuate, depending upon several financial aspects of the asset. You get to check the payout percentage before you can invest in any particular financial instrument. The options of assets that you can trade with are diverse. You get to start your binary options trading South Africa with Forex, Stock CFDs, ETFs, Commodities, and other such options. 

The best thing is that you get a mobile application for your Android & iOS device. So, you can now trade with binary options on the go. You do not have to stick to your desktop for trading the assets, as you get an amazing app interface with detailed insights. Also, you get to deposit your capital to the broker account with the use of credit cards, Maestro, Debit Cards, and e-wallets. 

The withdrawals within this platform are processed within just one business day. IQ Option is operating under the regulation of CySec, which states its genuineness. In addition to that, you also get a demo account to help you learn and utilize your skills for binary options trading in South Africa. You get market signals for determining more accuracy upon binary options trading. Apart from that, you have a big chart with all pricing details for specific market assets. You can toggle the chart to see price variations depending upon time. 

With IQ Option, you get two account options to choose from. The first account type is a standard account that allows you to start your binary options trading journey with a $10 deposit and a minimum $1 trading amount. But if you go with the VIP account, then the minimum deposit is $1900 for the same, within 2-days. The VIP account offers you additional returns of 3% and offers you a personal account manager to keep track of your trading capital. 

#3 Pocket Option

Pocket Option operates under the IFMRRC regulation and demands a minimum deposit of $50. There is a fixed deposit bonus of 50%. It means that if you are depositing a minimum of $50, your brokerage account will have $75 as a deposit. It comes with high/low and turbo trading options to suit the needs of potential traders. 

Also, Pocket Option has over 100 assets for the people of South Africa to trade with. Moreover, the highest payout that you will get with this broker platform for binary options trading in South Africa is 90%. The minimum payout that has been recorded over the platform is 50%, which is a rare scenario. It is because the asset prices fluctuate even at micro-seconds. Therefore, the liquidity aspect varies depending upon the performance of that asset in the market. As a result, the payout drops or hikes! 

You do not get the option of withdrawing the bonus without trading! Therefore, you need to fulfill the minimum trading criteria over the platform to withdraw the funds. You can make use of the demo account within the platform to learn more about the interface and this trading form. All the beginners who have heard of binary options trading in South Africa, but have never tried it, can use this demo account for the learning purpose. 

You get a mobile application to use this platform anywhere and anytime you like. You can trade with Forex, Stocks, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, and other such assets within the platform. Deposits are accepted from all modes of payment, including crypto and e-wallets. Also, the Pocket Option doesn’t charge any additional funds from you for the sake of commission. But it doesn’t assure any charges imposed by the third-party payment providers. 

Regulations in South Africa

As stated above, currently, there are no such regulations or bans on binary options trading in South Africa. But in the future, if there will be any regulation or decision made, then the controlling authority will be the FSB (Financial Services Board). The FSB takes control of all the financial operations in South Africa and will eventually regulate all of the financial structures associated with binary options trading. 

In addition to that, FSB plays a significant role in securing the capital markets and imposing control schemes for the same. As per the discussions around the country regarding binary options trading in South Africa, the FSB intends to set up an agency for controlling and regulating this trading form to ensure its smooth operation. A statement regulation states South African citizens cannot trade binary options with their local brokers. 

Education for South African Traders

The South African traders have the proper knowledge and skills to leverage the potential of binary options trading. The only hesitation they have is about the legalization concern. With this article, you must have got a clear idea of that aspect. Currently, you are free to trade with binary options with any of the international brokers

You just need to ensure that the broker you choose is suitable for your trading preferences. For instance, if you don’t want to trade with a high amount, go for the one that allows you to start with a low amount. In this process, you will slowly train yourself to be the best South African trader of binary options. 


With all of these insights, you must be clear on how to seek binary options trading South Africa. It is presently legal and has no regulations, but the government can impose a verdict anytime! So, it is better to contact a broker that is licensed and has regularization to operate in other countries. It will help you stay safe, even if FSB imposes strong regulations on this trading form in the country. 

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