Are Binary Options legal in the UK? – Trading guide

Binary Options are a facultative type of financial trading. This tool either pays the required monetary amount or nothing at all. But Binary options has traders trading daily globally since 2011. Due to its fast and extremely easy simple strategies in terms of trading, many traders prefer this to gain profit and get rich.

This kind of trading option in the UK has become very popular in recent times. 

But meanwhile, in some countries use of Binary Options is completely prohibited due to its lack of reputation. So instead, many call this a gambling finance game or a prediction game.

In this, you gain profit only when your prediction, which is firmly based on ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, is correct; otherwise, nothing at all. Thus, as a whole, it is the game of probabilities. 

Binary Option is structured differently in the UK and also in the US

So now, first, let’s talk about the legality of the Binary option in other countries.

Accept this or not, in some countries of the world, Binary Options trading is illegal as said they associate this with gambling. But in other regions or countries, they take it as another method or tool in the financial market to earn profit. 

Binary Options Trading in the UK explained

The main and foremost financial dominance or authority in the United Kingdom is the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). And when it comes to the policies and regulations of Binary Options in the UK, the picture is not entirely clear due to strategic trading options or broker landscapes. 

FCA is involved in enforcing the rules and regulations that dictate how the financial services are actually firm and offer services to the clients of the UK.

This authority is currently regulating and synchronizing the Forex and CFD(Contract for difference) brokers, and to provide and claim the services, they need to get a license certification. 

Also, Binary trading options are considered betting in the UK, too, so this authority FCA takes charge of it. As a financial result, the reputed professional brokers attract traders concerning so-called amazing profits. Moreover, for UK traders, the binary options are tax-free for making an investment that gives clear and extremely fast results. 

Although in the year 2018, the European regulators prohibited the laws and promotion of the Binary Trading option to retail investors in the EEA (European Economic Area), which also included the UK. 

Role Of Binary Brokers Of UK 

Binary brokers play a crucial role in Binary tools as scam-related issues solely depend on them. They are like game-changer. They usually offer around 70% to 90% as the return during investment. But also, not every other broker is equal in its products and rates. 

But do keep in mind that if traders do not know the proper way or strategy in terms of the expiration date and right direction, they might lose all the investment during trading.

The return or payout looks really appealing, but in reality, it isn’t. Also, be selective in choosing the right UK broker who is legally as well as professionally reputed. 

So be selective. Here are some points based on which you will get ideas for choosing the right broker.

  • Technology
  • Legality 
  • Pricing
  • Payoffs
  • Regulation 
  • Proficiency
  • Research  

And when once you found the broker that you would like to start with, try to choose a Binary Options Trading Demo Account to make sure you have low-risk factors. They are also free and give a demo account to trade and gain experience. 

Also, the top 3 Binary Trading Option brokers in the UK are mainly Binarycent, IQ Option,

UK Binary Trading Option Laws And Regulations 

The authority of the UK that controls or authorizes this Binary Option is FCA, which particularly does not provide any acclaim or regulation. Instead, they treat the Binary Option format as an “Over The Counter” (OTC), and according to this, the Big investments platform does trading. 

This widens the channels of the services of many Retail Binary Trading Brokers. And here comes the role of another regulation named MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive); it is a European Regulation that increases the financial market’s transparency and protection for investors or traders. 

If we talk about the tax savings and the standard cost of doing business, some brokers have also chosen Cyprus as their EU(European Union)which claims that the broker is controlled or regulated by CySec (Cyrus Securities And Exchange Commission).   

However, some Binary Brokers still like to have some kind of UK-based regulation of their services. And with this, another option for Binary Brokers is a gambling license.  

Uk Trader’s Tax Obligations 

UK regulation is considerably stated as gambling or betting, but the entire picture is not yet clear. But they are somewhat clear in terms of traders in the name of taxes and fees. 

The gain or any type of profit in trading Binary Options is generated according to the income tax requirements of HMRC (Her Majesty Revenue and Customs).

HMRC has its principles and regulations. It will only regard or consider you as a trader if you are involved in serious speculative transactions. 

Talking about the tax rates, which vary now and then, and the client’s tax bracket, the average range of these rates is around 20%-50%. 

Future Of Binary Option

In recent years the Binary Trading Option has become well advanced and saturated. So about the future of Binary, the graph will extend more and will surely grow up more.

And the concept of Binary Options will diversify in the coming years and with much more new trading opportunities. 

The advantage of the Binary Option in the UK is this, and the field is unbiased there. And mainly the traders have open-minded and non-judgemental opinions there, ignoring the vision of traders on betting. This is also one of the reasons why it is one of the leading countries. 

Though there are some negative thoughts in some traders and investors, there are substantial profits. And this field will grow more in terms of opportunities. In short, it will rise drastically.

What Type Of Account Do They Support?

At the time of registration, mention the account type, and possibly it might ask for the owner too. And confirm that ownership category, and that is when you land with a broker. 

And you have to be very selective in terms of brokers; they are the base of this Binary Options Trading; they sometimes also offer free services and promotions and more casual traders. 

Some binary brokers sometimes place a limit on the amount you have to withdraw at that particular time. They are a vital part of Binary Trading, and they can sometimes get creative too with their terms, policies, and fees. So research thoroughly.  

Account Funding 

Funding an account under UK Binary Option has many ways to fund the trading account with an eligible broker. And brokers help in the funding of accounts under the UK Binary Option.

It includes some deliverables like credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, Skrill (a UK-based payment processor), and a Neteller. All these also have strong and strict account merchant regulations. 

The broker itself does the withdrawing and charging, and they may charge fees for deposits. And before any payment or crediting, make sure to read the terms and conditions because terms may vary from broker to broker. Don’t forget that concerning the broker, the trader will need to provide the required proof documentation, which is used as verification and identity.  

Meanwhile, mostly all the brokers have strict or authorized requirements in terms of payment providers and with regards to money laundering and if any kind of fraud regulations. 

Usually, the UK Brokers suggest that the traders hold the account in GBP, a British Pound, and must be funded in that currency.  


Due to high-risk factors and frauds and scams, the UK considers this as gambling, and also it is a fact that it is highly unregulated in many parts of the world. Another way to decline is the scams that flourished in this instrument which depends on brokers. 

Moreover, traders still don’t know the risks associated with Binary Trading.  

Though it has greater growth and expanding factors ahead in the future. 

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