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A trader can profit most if he chooses the best trading platform. TradingView offers traders the best trading features. It helps traders indulge in an automated trading experience. Above all, TradingView prices are very affordable for any trader. 

The best thing about using this automated trading platform is that traders can access it on all leading platforms. All TradingView brokers offer their traders a unique trading experience by giving them access to this platform. However, not all online brokers or trading platforms will offer TradingView for free. 

Here, we will discuss brokers who offer traders the best experience by allowing them to access the trading platforms for free. Let’s look at TradingView prices first. 

Free TradingView plans on Vantage Markets
All TradingView plans are available for free on Vantage Markets!

The pricing and costs of TradingView

Here is an overview of the pricing and costs of TradingView:

TradingView Pro:TradingView Pro+:TradingView Premium:
Price for the monthly subscription:$14.95 per month$29.95 per month$59.95 per month
Price for the annual subscription:$12.95 / month or $155.40 / year$24.95 / month or $299.40 / year$49.95 / month $599.40 / year
Key benefits:– Volume profile indicators
– Custom time intervals
– Multiple watchlists
– Bar Replay on intraday bars
– 5 indicators per chart
– 2 charts in one layout
– 20 active server-side alerts
– Ad-free
– Multi-monitor support in Desktop app
All advantages of TradingView Pro and:

– 10 trading indicators per chart
– 4 charts in one layout
– Chart data export
– Indicators on indicators
– 100 active server-side alerts
– 10 saved chart layouts
– Intraday exotic charts
– Charts based on custom formulas
All advantages of TradingView Pro+ and:

– 25 indicators per chart
– 8 charts in one layout
– 400 active server-side alerts
– Unlimited saved chart layouts
– Second-based intervals
– Alerts that don’t expire
– 4x more data on charts (20K bars)
– Publishing invite-only indicators
– 4x more intraday data in Bar Replay
How to get it for free:Option A: With BlackBull Markets.

Trade a minimum of 5 lot on BlackBull Markets per month.

Option B: With Vantage Markets.

Make a minimum deposit on Vantage Markets of at least $500 and trade a turnover of minimum $1 million per month.
Deposit $1000 on Vantage Markets and have an additional turnover of $1.8 million per monthDeposit $2000 on Vantage Markets and have an additional turnover of $2.8 million per month

A trader looks forward to trading on TradingView among all leading automated trading platforms because it offers him the best features. Apart from features, TradingView prices are very affordable for any trader. Thus, traders look up to using TradingView to fulfilling their requirements for an automated trading platform. 

Good to know!

Usually, when a trader visits TradingView’s website, three account types become accessible. All three account types offered by TradingView have different pricing. However, if a trader chooses the annual plan for any of these account types, he can save considerable funds using an automated platform. 

TradingView prices and costs for using this trading platform are as below. 

TradingView Pro

Key benefits of TradingView Pro

TradingView Pro is the cheapest of all account versions available for traders on this platform. A trader can subscribe to the TradingView Pro by paying only $14.95/month. However, traders can get it at this low price only when they opt for an annual subscription. 

Good to know!

TradingView Pro is the basic account type that a trader can get. It has all the basic features essential for a beginner trader. So, if a trader wishes to try TradingView, TradingView Pro is the account type he can try. 

The features available on TradingView Pro are as follows:

  • Traders get the best trading tools that are otherwise unavailable on this platform. 
  • Technical indicators and tools on this trading platform are available in plenty to conduct technical analysis. 
  • Traders can use two trading charts on TradingView Pro. Not only candlestick charts are available, but also other chart types.
  • In addition, traders get price alerts when using this account type on the trading platform. 
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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

TradingView Pro+

Key benefits of TradingView Pro+

TradingView Pro+ is available for traders with some advanced features. It includes more features than those available on TradingView Pro+. TradingView pricing for this account type stands at $29.95/month. However, a trader can access this account type at this low cost if he goes with the annual subscription. 

Good to know!

TradingView Pro+ is the best account type for beginners and intermediate traders. This trading platform offers traders several features that allow them to get the best trading experience. 

Good to know!

For instance, the following features are available on TradingView Pro+:

  • The platform enables a trader to open multiple trading charts at any time. 
  • Upto 4 trading charts are available for traders trading on TradingView Pro+. 
  • This trading platform also offers a wide range of technical indicators to traders. Traders can get almost 20 technical indicators when using this trading platform. 
  • The market reach of the trader increases when using this trading platform. 

So, TradingView Pro+ is a great alternative to other trading platforms. In addition, the TradingView Pricing for this platform is very reasonable. Any trader, whether a beginner or an experienced, can sign up for TradingView Pro+. 

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

TradingView Premium

Key benefits of TradingView Premium

Besides the above two trading account types, traders also have the option of using the TradingView Premium. This account type is a highly advanced option for traders and costs $59.95 per month (lower monthly cost with an annual subscription). In addition, it offers a great list of automated features that help improve the trader’s trading experience. 

Good to know!

TradingView pricing for the premium account stands at $59.95. A trader can access the leading functionalities that are not available on any other trading platform. This trading account type is available for an annual subscription, and a trader should choose it for some heavy discounts. 

The features available on the premium account type are as follows:

  • Almost 8 charts are available to conduct technical analysis on this account type. A trader can open these charts simultaneously. 
  • Traders can use more than 20 technical indicators. 
  • Features such as price alerts, etc., are available on this advanced trading platform. 

So, a trader can choose TradingView Premium to access the best features of TradingView

Apart from these paid plans, there are several ways that a trader can use to access TradingView for free. For instance, a trader can easily signup for a demo trading account with any broker. Besides, a trader can also choose a trading platform for a broker that extends him TradingView for free. 

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

How to get TradingView Pro, Pro+, or Premium for free?

Free TradingView plans on Vantage Markets
Free TradingView plans are available on Vantage Markets!

TradingView offers only paid plans to a trader. So, to access TradingView for free, a trader would need to rely upon a broker. While some brokers offer all TradingView account types for free, others do not. 

Also, when trading on TradingView for free, you should rely only on a trusted broker. 

Let’s explore the TradingView account types offered for free by brokers. 

TradingView Pro

Free TradingView Pro account on BlackBull Markets
Free TradingView Pro account on BlackBull Markets

The most basic version of this platform is free on platforms such as BlackBull Markets and Vantage Markets. A trader can easily collaborate with these brokers to get TradingView for free. 

These brokers offer traders a chance to use the Pro account type for free. Mostly, traders would need to bear a subscription fee when choosing this trading platform. 

However, when a trader uses this platform with these two brokers, he can access it for free:

  • Traders get access to TradingView Pro for 30 days. 
  • The access makes TradingView available for free. 
  • After 30 days, a trader would need to bear the subscription cost with the broker. 

Thus, TradingView Pro is the most basic and low-cost of all the available trading account types. A trader can signup with a broker and enjoy using it for free. Also, a trader can use the demo account offered by BlackBull Markets and Vantage Markets to trade without using real funds. 

TradingView Pro+ for free

How to get TradingView for free on Vantage Markets
How to get TradingView for free on Vantage Markets

As mentioned, TradingView Pro+ carries a small charge that a trader might need to pay for the annual subscription. However, brokers such as Vantage Markets offer traders a chance to use TradingView Pro+ for free. This trading account type is accessible to traders without paying $29.95/month for the annual subscription. 

However, a trader can use TradingView for free on Vantage Markets for only 30 days. Just like TradingView Pro, a trader would need to get the subscription after their brokers halt their free usage. 

TradingView Premium

Only Vantage Markets is a reputed broker that offers traders the best features. It also allows them to access TradingView Premium for free. The free usage is available to traders for 30 days. After 30 days, a trader would need to adhere to the TradingView pricing to continue using it. 

So, a trader can access the best features on the TradingView platform. As mentioned, traders can also access this trading platform without any fee. However, a trader cannot access the leading features available on paid accounts. 

Some features available on the TradingView paid accounts are as follows. 

Features of paid accounts on TradingView

  • Traders can access a number of trading tools for technical analysis on this trading platform. 
  • More than 25 technical tools are available on the paid version, depending upon the account type a trader chooses. 
  • Traders can access several charts that improvise their technical analysis. 
  • TradingView offers traders the best features pertaining to access to underlying assets
  • It widens the trader’s reach to the underlying markets. 
  • Traders can get the best drawing tools on this platform. 
  • The platform offers all automated trading features for traders. 

Conclusion – TradingView is affordable and available for free!

Benefits of using TradingView with BlackBull Markets

So, TradingView pricing is very affordable for traders. Traders can use this account type to get the best trading services. Some brokers might also make available TradingView for free. To access this trading platform for free, a trader can rely on BlackBull Markets and Vantage Markets. 

Both these brokers offer the best services to traders. Also, the two brokers are highly trustworthy for any trader. Traders get the best services at TradingView with these brokers. So, a trader can signup with any of these brokers to enjoy the best of TradingView. 

Frequently asked questions about the TradingView pricing plans:

Is using TradingView worth it?

Yes, TradingView can improvise the overall trading experience of a trader. So, yes, it is worth using for any trader. Also, it is available at a very affordable price with most brokers. So, a trader can most certainly use TradingView for automated trading. 

How can I get TradingView for free?

A trader can get TradingView for free by signing up with brokers such as BlackBull Markets and Vantage Markets. These brokers allow traders to use TradingView for free for 30 days. 

Which is the cheapest option for using TradingView?

A trader can access the cheapest account type with TradingView by signing up for the TradingView Pro account type. This account is highly affordable if a trader opts for an annual subscription. 

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