Ako používať ekonomický kalendár na obchodovanie s binárnymi opciami


A helpful tool for binary options trading is the Economic Calendar. It provides you with daily financial news and can be considered a timeline of political and economic activities. In addition, it shows the results of the obchodné ukazovatele used to evaluate specific sectors of the economy.

For all financial market participants, these data can be used to predict predict market events. They also serve you as a basis for short-, medium- and long-term investment decisions, as the measured indicators show how healthy a country’s economy is.

The economic calendar can be found on several websites and accessed for free. In the following example, we will use the economic calendar of Investing.com for illustration. You can also choose any other suitable economic calendar for binary options trading.

This is how an economic calendar is usually structured

The economic calendar from Investing.com

No matter what economic calendar you use, they usually have a similar structure. Here, the standard time of the financial markets, the US Eastern Time, is generally given.

On top, there is helpful information about the country from which the press release originates. Often, either the country’s flag or its abbreviated name is displayed. You can make use of this information to determine which currency will most likely be affected by volatility when the news is released.

It is common to find fundamental indicators or press release events that can be traded. Here, a clickable link might display a drop-down menu explaining what the particular indicator measures and how important it is for the current trade.

The economic calendar also includes an overview of volatilita. Different formats display the volatility indicator, especially asterisks, color codes (red, yellow, and green), or exclamation points are standard formats. They indicate how the message is likely to impact the currency in question. The impact levels range from low to medium to high.

How to interpret the economic calendar as a binary options trader


In order to interpret the economic calendar in binary options trading, it is vital to look at several factors. Especially the date and time are the first trading considerations you pay attention to plan your trading strategy for the news.

Kliknutím na tlačidlo načítate obsah zo stránky sslecal2.investing.com.

Načítať obsah

Ekonomický kalendár v reálnom čase poskytuje Investing.com.

Knowing when the news will be released also reminds you to close open positions as soon as possible to protect them from occurring market volatility after the release. Besides, it is helpful to note which country the news originates from. Make sure to read about it before you invest your money. Here, particular attention should be paid to the actual, expected, old and new numbers.

Besides using the economic calendar only, make sure to implement various binary options trading strategies and make use of other nástroje binárnych opcií to get more data for your investment decisions. Especially economic calendars should not be the only information source for binary options trading.

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