How to use the chaikin oscillator in Binary Options trading?

Binary options trading might require the trader to very much make use of certain technical indicators while they operate. It helps in making their trading better and allows them to efficiently utilize the opportunities that follow. 

If one is not familiar with what binary options signify, it essentially means a financial option that pays or rather gives remuneration in the form of a fixed amount in monetary terms or gives away nothing at all, which depends on whether it perishes monetarily, it ultimately allows the traders to earn profits from the arising fluctuations in the multiple markets globally. 

Coming back to the technical indicators such as an oscillator used in trading binary options. The Chaikin oscillator is one such technical tool that helps in the technical analysis, which furthermore happens to be fundamentally a subject of trading specialties.

Oscillators like the Chaikin are extensively used by most binary traders as an indicator of trends to realize overly purchased or excessively traded conditions.

Before furthering the details of oscillators that are used in technical analysis, it is fundamental to acquire the basic idea of what technical analysis suggests to a trader entering into this domain that makes use of technical analysis tools such as the Chaikin oscillator.

The technical analysis 

This form of trade analysis is quite different from the standard fundamental analysis. 

The latter tries to estimate the worth of security based on business results such as earnings and trades. Whereas the Technical one concentrates primarily on studying the price along with volume.

It uses these instruments for examining the possible ways in which the demand and supply will cause the changes that would affect the price and volume together with the instability that occurs as a consequential result. The technical analysis is used by the analysts on the past trading data, which includes the parameters such as stocks, futures, currencies, etc.

In understanding the technical analysis, we realize that it is something that functions based on the supposition, which signifies that the trading activities in the past, along with the change in the price of the security, becomes valuable in indicating the future of the security’s price movement.

Through the use of technical analysis, the trader is enabled to attempt the forecasting of the price movement of any tool that is virtually tradable and is related to the strength of supply and demand, inclusive of stocks and bonds. 

But also, the technical analysis can be seen as the subject that deals with the studying of the supply and demand forces that are visible in the movement of prices of a security in the market. 

Technical analysis is applied more often to price changes, but it can also be used in tracking numbers such as the trading volume in addition to tracking the price.

Through the exhaustive research in this area, now it is possible to say that some numerous patterns and signals supplement the trading done with the help of technical analysis.

Moreover, now various other trading systems help in forecasting and trading along with the price movement that has been developed by the technical analysts. This additionally gives an advantage as it supports the trader in the effective execution of their plans and provides them with an upper hand over their competitors if it is put into the proper usage. 

Although a few of the indicators mainly focus on the identification of the present trend in the market that includes the resistance areas as well, many others focus on determining how strong the trend is. 

And also, to what extent it is likely to continue further in the same way. In order to give a broad understanding of the matter related to technical analysis, examples of certain technical indicators such as moving averages, volume, and momentum indicators along with the oscillators can be given.

What are oscillators in general trading conditions?

Even a brief understanding of the concepts relating to technical analysis helps further in comprehending what oscillators are and how oscillators such as the Chaikin oscillator function in the case of binary options. 

In the context of trading, the oscillators are understood as the indicators of momentum that implies the motion of the trend in technical analysis, which is relatable to the fluctuations that are surrounded by superior and inferior bands. 

It builds high and low bands in between the extreme values, and by using that, it creates an indicator for the trend that oscillates within the set limits, hence living up to the literal meaning of the term as well.

The oscillators provide help to the traders in making them aware of the signs of excessively purchased or oversold trade conditions. In addition to all that, they are many times pooled together with average indicators that are in motion, which helps in signaling the breakouts in the respective trends or the setback happening.

The oscillators are a technical analysis tool that is known to help investors in measuring a percentage scale where the closing price is comparative to the total range of the price for a specified sum of bars in a bar chart.

Various kinds of techniques are employed to manipulate and smoothen out multiple averages in motion. 

The oscillators fulfill their function by following the variations that happen when the market trades along with a specified range. It directs the trader to the over-purchased condition when the percentage is more than the limit prescribed to the total range of the price. It also signifies to the trader the opportunity to purchase. 

According to the technical analysts, the breakout in the price is considered to happen either when the range is resetting, which the current sideways market is related to or when the beginning of a new trend is set to occur. It is also observable that the oscillator might sometimes remain in the range of overbought or oversold for a prolonged period.

The oscillators are believed by the trade analysts to be more suitable in the case of sideways markets. They are seen to be more effective when they are used in unification with a technical indicator that recognizes the market in a trend.

Stochastic oscillator

A stochastic oscillator is also a technical analysis tool much like the Chaikin oscillator, which is quite popular as an indicator even though it was introduced in the 1950s, unlike the Chaikin oscillator that came later in the 80s. 

It is known as a momentum indicator that generates overbought and oversold signals making the trader aware of it very much similar to the Chaikin oscillator that also creates signals of overbought and oversold. 

The stochastic oscillator differs in that it relies upon the asset’s price history. The stochastic oscillator is used in many charting tools and is very effective because of its easy-to-use nature. The main drawback with this oscillator is also the tendency to create false signals like seen before in another case. 

Also, when the instability is quite at the peak in the market, this irregularity in the signals can often happen, making it to be used with caution and unreliable at times. If one considers the trend in price to act as a filter and the signals are taken if it is aligned with the direction in which the trend follows, the problem of unreliability could be averted. 

What do chaikin money flow crosses signify?

The most probable signals can be viewed by just looking at the crosses occurring between the Chaikin money flow line and the centerline. 

In doing so, the Chaikin money flow crosses become an effective way of recognizing potential threats and taking the measures accordingly, eventually preventing greater losses. 

For determining a purchasing signal through this useful technique, the most fundamental way is to watch and observe the moment in which the line of Chaikin money flow crosses overhead the line of zero. At the same time, the price keeps on moving in an upward direction, opposite of the same strategy holds for the selling signal indication.

The only downfall of relying upon the Chaikin money flow cross is that sometimes it may appear to be false because of the existing probability for a very short amount of time. The line of zero can be crossed and can come back the very next instant of time. 

Hence this momentary switch between the zero line is what could amount to the false signal that may arise and affect negatively if the trader solely relies on the cross completely. Therefore, it is advised that the trader understands this characteristic of the cross well before trying it out in real trade.

How do you trade chaikin money flow in Binary Options?

The Chaikin money flow is an indicator used for technical analysis that is used in trading, which is closely associated with Chaikin oscillator-like indicators. 

The Chaikin money flow, like the Chaikin oscillator, owes its creation to the renowned stock analyst Marc Chaikin who is be credited for both the indicators. The measuring of the money flow volume during a specific period is what the Chaikin money flow does fundamentally. 

The Chaikin money flow indicator is used in determining the possibility of purchasing pressure or trading pressure present in the market. This helps the trader using this indicator to anticipate the buying pressure or selling pressure if present in the market. 

Based on the notion that whenever the closing price gets nearer to the high, then a buildup is very likely to occur, on the other hand, if, however, the closing price is near to the low, then there happens a distribution. 

The traders can use this money flow indicator created by Chaikin to ratify a trend or in measuring how much strong a trend is along with finding the potential breakouts in the trends or, in other words, the trend reversals that may occur.

The Chaikin money flow indicator is fixed with the periods of the value either 20 or 21.

Whereas an overview of the steps involved in this money flow indicator which the traders are expected to make use of can be taken from the calculation of the money flow multiplier first. It is again determining the volume of the money flow that takes place by multiplying the money flow multiplier for each period with the volume that is linked with each. 

Finally, the last step involves summing up the money flow volume for the number of periods taken into consideration and then dividing the value by the period sum of the volume, which usually is 20 as the default setting is so. Which, of course, can be changed according to the trader’s preferences and strategies formulated.

It can be observed here that the money flow volume relies on the value of the multiplier, which can be seen to have a positive value when the close price is overhead the midpoint for that specific period. Its value becomes negative When the price at closing drops below the mid-point.

The Chaikin money flow can be also useful when put together in the same basket as that of support and resistance when it can confirm the breakouts from these levels.

Money flow 

The term money flow in trading signifies nothing but the calculation of averaging the high, low, and the prices that are at closing afterward, which is multiplied by the daily volume.

The money flow calculation is put into use by the traders in relating its value with the previous day’s value to understand whether the money flow is positive or negative for the specific day of comparison. 

The money flow tells a lot to the traders in planning their goals for the day. A positive money flow will hint out to the trader about the possible higher movement of the prices and contradicting to which would indicate otherwise.

In emphasizing to understand this, we realize that a positive money flow occurs when the stock at a high price is purchased, while the opposite comes to play when it’s negative.

How good is chaikin money flow for Binary Options?

The Chaikin money flow indicator is found to be quite useful for trading, but like any technical indicator, it is also followed by certain drawbacks that are inevitable. The best functioning is not when the drawbacks are nil but when the drawbacks are relatively lower in number.

The money flow indicator developed by Marc Chaikin is productive in recognizing a market that is relatively new and also in trend. Moreover, it tells about the emerging trend of that market as well. As mentioned a while earlier, if the indication of the line is above zero, then it can be inferred as an uptrend that is in an emerging condition.

Whereas if it drops below zero, then it’s evident that the line indicates a downtrend in an emerging condition. This money flow indicator is frequently used in approving the direction of the trend.

If there happens to be a strong bullish trend, then the Chaikin money flow stops at the positive area and contrasts to which when there is a strong bearish trend then it stays at the negative area. By using this indicator, the trend lines can be seen to show the direction of the specific trend and notify the potential rising also.

To fully understand how good, the Chaikin money flow indicator the analysis can be drawn through the comparison between its advantages and the possible downfalls is. 

But, one can be fully sure about one thing that the Chaikin money flow is a helpful indicator during the trending markets where it is quite useful in determining the direction of the trend.

Along with it, this indicator provides the possible exit signs in the presence of a possible trend reversal. 

The best strategy

We can see the visible application and the nature of the Chaikin money flow, which is similar to other tools used as technical indicators in the trade analysis. Chaikin oscillator was created in the hope of anticipating the movement in assets price and its future outcomes. The Chaikin oscillator achieves this by noticing the motion of assets and the following volume analysis.

Although it may appear to be fulfilling the purpose, but considering the drawbacks that may follow sometimes, the best strategy could be recommended. As the combination of one or more technical analysis tools, combining oscillators like the Chaikin and the stochastic might be proven effective in resolving many of their drawbacks. 


From the detailed understanding of the indicators for technical analysis and their role in trading, one cannot neglect the effective nature of these indicators. Still, at the same time, the setbacks that are associated with their use bring about a concern; no matter how efficient and reliable any strategy or technical analysis tool may appear, a word of caution is always present. After all, no indicator can be recommended to the trader for relying blindly upon, and the trader has to be careful in using any of them. Hence, it applies with the Chaikin money flow indicator as well, just like it is with other indicators. 

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