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Binary options are an all-or-nothing market where traders speculate the price movement of any asset. The asset can be anything like stocks of a company, indices, commodities, or currency pairs.

Traders can choose any of these assets and start trading. While the fundaments of binary options trading sound easy, it’s a little tricky. Especially new traders find difficulty in learning the basics of binary trading and platforms.

That’s why here we have listed a range of useful videos that run through important aspects of binary options trading.

What are Binary Options?

Here is the first video that clearly explains binary options trading with examples and how you can make a successful trade. The video highlights some important aspects of options trading.

With the help of this video, you can also understand how much money you should invest in trading.

What is Binary Options Trading – Explained With Example | What is Binary Trading And How to Trade

What is the Best Chart Type?

Once you have understood what binary options trading is and how it works, it’s then time to learn about charts.

In options trading, there are three popular charts, i.e., candlestick, line, and bar. Each of these charts is used by several traders, and they have their pros and cons.

This video highlights different components of line, bar, and candlestick charts. Also, it tells how useful these charts are. Additionally, you can also understand the importance of setting Stop Loss and Take Profit orders through this video.

What is the Best Chart Type?

Best Candlestick Patterns

Out of three chart types, the candlestick chart is used by several traders. That’s because the candlestick chart gives a better visual representation of what’s happening in the market.

Also, by seeing different candlestick patterns, you can easily identify the best time to invest in the binary options market.

This video highlights different candlestick patterns like Hammer, Inverse Hammer, Bullish Engulfing, Piercing Line, Morning Star, Three White Soldier, Hanging Man, Shooting Star, Evening Star, Three Black Crows, and more.

The video also tells how these candlestick patterns look so that you can easily spot them in the chart. Also, the video explains the advantages and limitations of these patterns so that you can trade accordingly.

The Best Candlestick Patterns to Profit in Forex and binary – For Beginners

Best Binary Options Broker

This section of the article talks about the best binary options broker. If you don’t want to lose your money, you can choose one of these brokers, register yourself with it, and start trading.

The video here talks about IQ Option, Pocket Option, and Quotex. Through this video, you can learn about the features of these trading brokers and different deposit and withdrawal methods.

Also, this video shows how you can get yourself to register with any of these brokers to start trading. Not to mention, this video also highlights the downside of these trading platforms so that you can make a better decision.

Best Binary Options Brokers in 2021

Technical Analysis Videos

This section has different technical analysis videos, i.e., videos on trading indicators that you can use to increase your trade’s profitability.

Moving Average

The moving average is one of the few indicators that traders widely use to understand the market better.

The first video shows how you can minimize the risk by using a moving average. Also, it highlights some important aspects of this indicator.

The second video shows how to identify trend direction, determine support and resistance levels, and find entry and exit points.

How to Trade Moving Averages (Part 1)

How to Trade Moving Averages (Part 2)

MACD Indicator

The second popular indicator in the binary options trading world is the MACD indicator. The video briefly describes this indicator and tells about the best time to use the MACD indicator.

The Best Times to Use the MACD Indicator


The videos listed here can give you a clear idea of how binary options trading is done. Also, you can learn about the best trading chart patterns like candlestick and bar.

Lastly, this article features top binary options brokers and excellent technical indicators for trading.

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