Binary Options Tunnel Vega definition

Tunnel Vega metric in binary options trading explained

“Tunnel Vega” is a well-known metric used in binary options trading. But what exactly does it indicate? How can you use this metric to have even more success in binary options trading? In this article, we want to take a closer look at the details.

What does Tunnel Vega measure when trading binary options?

Tunnel Vega measures how a change in implied volatility affects the fair value of a binary option. It is also mathematically expressed as the first derivative of the fair value of a بائنری اختیارات سرنگ.

The mathematical representation of Tunnel Vega is:

Features of the tunnel vega metric

The soybean chart on TradingView
The soybean chart on TradingView

Suppose we select the 1-day vega profile from the soybean chart. In that case, we see that the Vega is slightly different from zero halfway between strikes. This indicates that the probability of the price going down has increased due to the longer time to expiration.

On a 10-day profile, this pattern continues. But we also notice that the absolute value of the Binary Options Tunnel Vegas decreases again. This is because the probability of the price being between strikes is becoming less dependent on the current strike price.

Besides, it is noticeable that from an implied اتار چڑھاؤ of 20% and above, there is not much difference between Vega and other indicators. This can be a possible indication of an even price rise. Keep that in mind for your next بائنری اختیارات تجارت.

بہترین بائنری بروکر:
(خطرے کی تنبیہ: تجارت خطرناک ہے)

Quotex - زیادہ منافع کے ساتھ تجارت کریں۔


Quotex - زیادہ منافع کے ساتھ تجارت کریں۔

  • بین الاقوامی گاہکوں کو قبول کرتا ہے
  • کم از کم $10 جمع کریں۔
  • $10,000 ڈیمو
  • پیشہ ورانہ پلیٹ فارم
  • 95% تک زیادہ منافع (صحیح پیشین گوئی کی صورت میں)
  • تیزی سے واپسی
(خطرے کی تنبیہ: تجارت خطرناک ہے)

Conclusion – Tunnel Vega is a helpful metric

Tunnel Vega in binary options trading

Yes, Tunnel Vega can be a helpful metric that you can use in binary options trading. However, I always recommend having a closer look not only at the Vega, but also at the Tunnel-Theta, Tunnel-Gamma, and Tunnel-Delta. If you have determined all four values, your chances of making better predictions about market movements increase.

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