Quotex tips and tricks – How to make more profit?

Binary options trading is a trend followed by many around the globe. This trading program is the source of income for so many traders, be it active or passive. Though it comes with high risks and a positive-negative probability ratio, it is quite popular.


Now the question arises of how one can make so much out of trading business only? The answer lies in simple yet very important tips and tricks of the trading world which can make you tons of successful trades.

Is Binary Options safe?

Binary trading is safe to trade when done with proper guidance and risk management strategies. In binary, you will get only two outcomes- either you will lose the investment or win it along with some payouts. 

Since the ratio is fifty-fifty, there are high chances of losing the trade. However, the risk can be reduced to a minimum value if done with prior cautions and the right approach.

quotex trade

Binary options trading can make you earn profits of around 60% to 80% and go as high as 90%. This proves that this is a safe money-making method most of the time. As a trader, you have to first learn some basic knowledge and tactics.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Make money with Binary Options

Binary trading is on the rise, and choosing it can be fruitful for many people. With the right broker, you can minimize your risks of losing investments and can regulate your platform. 

Making money can be very easy with the right broker. With some regular practice and the formulation of new strategies, the traders can work their way up. 

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Which broker to choose?

Choosing the right broker is the very first and important step. Here are some points which you must consider before selecting the platform to make your trades:

1. Regulation

Check whether the broker is regulated by some authentic party or not. This is to ensure that your money is safe and secured. In unregulated brokers, you will not get any security on your deposits. 

2. Payouts 

Having great payouts is another thing to look for in a broker. The general rule is to accept 65%-85% or more payouts and not less than it. 

3. Payment Methods 

Having varieties of payment methods is always a plus point. The more options you have, the better. Select the one which offers you international as well as local means of deposits and withdrawal procedures.

quotex payment methods

4. Customer Aid

Consider the customer support not only in a binary broker but in every online transaction business you deal in. In case of any query or issue, you must be able to reach the support staff quickly. The absence of this point can cause you a hindrance. 

5. Number of assets 

The diversity of underlying instruments is much needed today. The more assets you get to trade in, the chances of getting profit increases.

All these things are satisfied by an offshore broker named Quotex.io. This broker is popular and has many registered users. Let us have a look at its trading platform and some easy tricks that can be profitable for you. 

Quotex.io and its trading terminal 

This broker is registered in Seychelles under the brand name Awesomo Limited and was founded in 2020. In spite of the fact that it was launched recently, it has gained a powerful following. It can be used via a desktop version or mobile app.

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Currently, it has thousands of users all over the world, for example in India, and is continuously getting more and more recognition. Quotex is regulated by an independent body of the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Centre or IFMRRC, which forms rules and policies regarding its monetary functions.

quotex trading

The platform of Quotex is easy to work with as it is simple to get the hang of the features and trading steps. The interactive terminal makes it very intriguing and beginner-friendly. 

Getting started with this binary broker platform is a very relaxed procedure. If you do not want to fill in your personal details, you always have the option to sign in via Facebook or Gmail account. 

After this sign-in process, you can start right away to make some hefty amount. However, if you are a beginner, it is always advisable to learn using the demo accounts. 

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Quotex tips and tricks to make more profits

Every trader comes with his dream to establish himself as a pro, and many want to earn their living through this means. And this is possible if you get the right strategy up your sleeve along with some tricks

Here are some methods which might prove profitable if used in a proper way. 

Focus on market 

Knowing the current market status is an important and initial step. The financial market keeps on fluctuating. Hence, it is necessary to keep track. There are two types of analysis.

  • Fundamental Analysis 

This kind of analysis takes place from a broader perspective. You have to check the conditions of other scenarios as well. This includes geographical, demographical, political, or any other factor which might affect the market. 

  • Technical Analysis 

This form revolves around the price value of the market only. You have to analyze the price charts and the movements. Careful observation will give you a breakthrough for your next step.

quotex technical analysis

Run both these analyses. They are important, and with time you can get the upper hand in predicting the price movements. 

Insights – An interesting feature of Quotex 

In this platform, there is an outstanding feature called Insights. This will show you the recent economic events that are affecting the market. This helps in analyzing the market condition.

Keeping an eye on this attribute will enhance your chances of a better prediction. Along with this, checking the economic calendars are always a good option

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Formulate your own strategy 

Strategies are extremely important if you want to get into the race of winning trades. A shot in the dark might work once or twice, but in the long run, it is a big no. You need to have some strong approach prepared beforehand so that in any unforeseen situation, you can save your investments.

With Quotex, you will get an educational section where you can find many ready-to-apply strategies. These strategies use different indicators that work on specific patterns only. Therefore, selecting the one that is right for you and your ongoing trade is important. 

This way, you will be shooting two birds with one stone; First, with the right strategy, you will secure your money invested, and second, you will gain some returns. 

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Selection of your asset 

Quotex offers its traders numerous underlying instruments for trading. The number of available assets is more than 400. They are divided into four categories:

  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrencies 
  • Currency pairs or Forex 
  • Commodities 

When you have diversity in choices, it is apparent that you want to try everything to find your favorite one. However, this step might prove wrong as this will produce perplexity only. 

quotex assets

Selecting your asset means giving a clear thought on the underlying instrument you want to trade in. It is always easy to maintain a small number of assets simultaneously. Investing in many will be difficult to manage. 

Check the asset carefully and understand their work. With time you will be able to grab the concept and then can move from one asset to another to make a profitable sum. 

Manage your money with risk management strategies 

Along with trade strategies, one more thing that is important for every trader is the risk management strategy. This will help you in many beneficial ways:

  • Is the right approach in high-risk trading
  • Will prevent you from facing extra losses
  • Will stabilize your profit and your trading account
  • Saves your monetary funds

That is why you need a risk management strategy that will protect you and your account. On the other hand, money management will control the flow of your capital and your trading verdicts. 

This is necessary because, in the trading world, you need to set aside your emotional factor since it can hinder your other trades. Especially for beginners, a loss can affect them and their morale.

To avoid this, make the right money management and risk management strategies and apply them at the right time.

Quotex strategies that you can use to make your account profitable 

It is evident that in online trading, having the right tactic is important. Only with a correct strategy applied at the correct time one can earn handsomely. Hence, here are the two best tricks/strategies that you can apply on the Quotex trading platform

1. Trade on higher time frame 

It is better to have a bigger picture, and for the same, do not restrict yourself up to one frame only. This will help you in deciding the best market condition and whether to go for the long position or the short position.

quotex time frame

2. The stop loss 

As the name depicts, this will save you from incurring losses by closing the position at the prior selected level. You can put the stop loss according to you, but the question here is, how to detect that level?

The answer is simple, choose the one where you feel doubtful and expect to go wrong with your decision. By putting the stop loss there, you will restrict yourself from going past that value. 

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How to move the Stop Loss? Quotex allows you to move your stop-loss option as per the market condition so that you can protect your funds.

Conclusion: Quotex tips and tricks

There are numerous strategies, tricks, and tactics that can be used in order to make successful trades. You can construct your own strategy or can use the existing one. Any other trick that you find useful in trading can be used as well.

quotex broker

Quotex is a platform that allows you to use many indicators required to formulate strategies. These tricks can help you make profits and establish you as a long-run trader. However, the financial market is always at high risks; hence before putting any plan into action, you must be well prepared. Additionally, Quotex offers attractive bonuses and fair fees, so it’s worth signing up.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

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