How to earn money with Exnova – Our tips

Trading on Exnova or any other trading platform requires skill and expertise. Undoubtedly, Exnova offers great trading conditions for traders. However, if a trader does not utilize features offered by the broker, making money on Exnova can seem like a far-sighted dream. 

If you have tried your luck on Exnova, and it didn’t turn out well, this guide will help you know where you went wrong. We’ll tell you how to act like an experienced trader on Exnova and make money. If you wonder, ‘Can Exnova make you rich,’ the answer is yes. A trader just needs the right tips to follow.

How to earn money with Exnova - Our tips
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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Can you make money with Exnova?

Profits on Exnova
Exnova provides traders with the chance to earn significant profits

Of course, any trader can make money with Exnova. It offers many underlying assets for traders to trade. Traders can use many tools, technical Exnova indicators, etc., to determine their trading plan. So, if a trader moves correctly, he can make money with Exnova. 

Exnova has the power to make a trader rich. However, whether a trader earns money depends solely on his trading skills and expertise. Most traders make plenty of mistakes while trading online. 

These mistakes put them into losses instead of making money. For instance, some traders might indulge in over trading on Exnova. Such decisions are not fruitful in the trading world. However, some tips to earn money with Exnova can help a trader earn big time. Let’s look at such tips. 

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Tips to earn money with Exnova

A trader using Exnova to become rich can follow these tips:

Know the platform – What is Exnova?

Exnova - Get the low-down before you dive in
Exnova – Get the low-down before you dive in

First, a trader must acquaint himself with the broker to trade on any platform and become rich. So, if you are starting on Exnova, you must know how the broker operates. 

Exnova is a great online platform-serving traders in more than 100 countries. The broker extends its services in multiple languages and presents various underlying trading markets.

Traders can find over 250 underlying assets for trading on Exnova. However, before settling on one asset for trading, a trader should research it well. A trader should also understand how the broker operates. 

Understand the features offered by Exnova 

Exnova - Settings

Once a trader understands how Exnova operates, traders must also learn the features offered by the broker. Exnova offers very advanced trading features. For instance, it offers trading tools for technical analysis, charting features, etc. 

If a trader has chosen a particular financial instrument, he should use these features before placing the trade. 

In addition to these features, Exnova also offers the following features: 

  • Stop-loss
  • Take-profit
  • Negative balance protection

Whether a trader earns money or not depends upon his trading decisions. However, he can use these features offered by the broker to limit his losses. Stop Loss and Take Profit features ensure that traders do not lose their funds above a threshold.

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Use charting

Charting on Exnova
Exnova – Charting feature

Exnova offers a great charting feature to traders. To become rich by making money on Exnova, you can use charting. The broker allows you to set up multiple charts at any time. So, traders can learn about and understand trends in a much better way. 

The charts feature drawing tools and time frames traders can use for technical analyses. In addition, different types of charts tell about prevalent and upcoming market situations. Traders can make their trading decisions depending on the results on these charts to make profits on Exnova.

Formulate a trading plan on Exnova

Every trader has his personal trading style, needs, and preferences. So, one plan will not work for every trader. Therefore, instead of copying another trader’s plan, a trader must build his trading plan. 

Having a trading plan is crucial for trading on any platform. A trading plan will contain your trading goals and risk tolerance. Sticking to this trading plan is important to avoid any unexpected losses. If a trader deviates from his trading plan very often, it can result in tremendous losses.

Know the amount you have to invest

Exnova - amount

Every trader should trade with the amount that he is accepting to lose. However, since trading is not all sunshine, you can lose money in many instances. A trader must place trades with the amount he is accepting to lose.

Exnova is a great platform as it offers traders a very low minimum deposit amount. Traders only need to fund their trading accounts with $10. They can place trades with an amount as low as $10. 

While investing funds with Exnova, follow trade diversification. Several assets are available on Exnova, and you can easily spread your investment across these assets. It is a great risk management tactic that allows you to make money on Exnova.

Use the Exnova demo account

Exnova - Demo account

If you are a beginner on Exnova, you might experience losses if you don’t have good trading Exnova strategies. Trading on a real account right away might cause you to lose a lot of funds. However, you can use the Exnova demo account to practice trading. 

The demo account the broker offers comes with virtual funds of $10,000. Traders can use this virtual currency to practice how to trade. They can trade just like they would on their live trading account. It is easy to build trading strategies that work well on the demo account. Besides, a trader loses nothing and only learns. 

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

How to set up the Exnova demo account?

Setting up the Exnova demo account is simple for traders. Traders can visit the Exnova website and click the ‘free demo account’ option. Then, traders can use their login credentials to log in and get started with demo trading.

Keep a trading journal

If you want to avoid losses and make money on Exnova, it is essential that you record your trading moves. Keeping a trading journal will help you make money in the long run. With a trading journal, you can easily know about the moves that caused you losses. 

So, you can avoid making such trading mistakes in the future thanks to a trading journal.

Use educational resources

Exnova - how to withdraw funds - tutorial
Educational resources on Exnova

Exnova offers decent educational resources to traders. Beginners and advanced traders can enjoy learning more about trading through trading journals. Exnova also offers trading magazines to traders. 

With a live chat feature, traders can connect with the other traders, too. So, traders can communicate with other traders and learn from their trading experience. 

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Other tips and tricks

Apart from implementing these tips to make money on Exnova, traders can also use the following tips. 

  • While placing a trade, ensure you use only some percentage of your trading account balance. As profits are not always promised, a trader should use the Exnova leverage only up to a maximum of 5% of the available trading account balance. It helps him keep a reserve for losses if he encounters any. 
  • Make use of the numerous asset offerings available on Exnova.
  • It makes it possible to vary your investment portfolio.
  • So, even if you suffer losses on one trade, you can compensate for the losses through your other investments. 
  • Invest step-by-step. Place small trades every day. It helps traders understand how to trade successfully.
  • If you invest a huge sum all at once, you could lose it.
  • Whenever a trader wishes to come up with a new trading strategy, try testing it first. Use the Exnova demo account for the same. This practice will allow you to check the strength of your trading strategy in the real trading world. 
  • Finally, take more time to conduct your technical analysis before placing any trade.

Why should you choose Exnova?

Introducing Exnova

Traders should choose Exnova because it is a very beginner-friendly online trading platform. It offers several features ideal for traders looking to start small with trading. 

Exnova’s minimum deposit and its minimum trading amount are definitely low. Also, traders can get help from the robust customer support offered by the broker in case of any problems while trading online. 

Exnova makes trading simple for traders thanks to its demo account. This account is refillable. This allows traders to start trading on this platform first.

Conclusion – Try to trade on Exnova!

Exnova trading platform with indicators

Traders have the best resources at their disposal while using Exnova. With a wide range of financial instruments available on Exnova, making profits and money on Exnova is a straightforward process. However, making money on Exnova is not a simple thing. Traders need to move in a well-planned manner to make trading profitable. 

These tips and tricks allow traders to plan their trading moves. However, traders must build strategies that work well to implement these tricks and make money on Exnova. Only then can Exnova make you rich.

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Frequently asked questions about making money with Exnova:

Can a trader become rich by trading on Exnova?

Yes, if a trader has the right strategies and trades in a disciplined manner, he can become rich by trading on Exnova. Exnova offers all the necessary tools that make trading profitable for traders. A trader should practice his skills to make money.

Is Exnova good for trading?

Yes, Exnova is a good trading platform that offers more than 250 financial instruments for trading. It has advanced features that any trader would want a trading platform to have.

Why do traders make losses on Exnova?

Traders make losses on Exnova because they lack proper skill and expertise. Some traders just don’t make their trading decisions consciously. Most traders indulge in emotional trading and overtrading, which brings them losses. However, if a trader implements these tips, he can avoid losses. 

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