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Pocket Option review – Is it a scam or not? – Test of the broker

  • Accepts international clients
  • High payouts
  • Professional platform
  • Fast deposits/withdrawals
  • Free demo account

Is Pocket Option a scam or a reliable company? – Find out on my real review. As an advanced trader, I checked the Binary Options broker for you. Read if it is worth investing your money in the binary options market with Pocket Option or not and get the best information in my Pocket Option review.

Official website of Pocket Option

I will introduce you to everything you need to know about the binary options broker. Is it a reliable broker? What are the trading conditions, what’s the minimum deposit? Are the indicators available? Can you trade via a Pocket Option app? Which account types does the broker offer? Is there a binary demo account you can use for getting started? To get the answers to all of these questions and many more, keep reading.

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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

What is Pocket Option? – The company presented

Pocket Option is an international Binary Options broker. You can bet there (binary options market) on rising or falling markets with a chance of a high payout (yield). Pocket Option is a broker who is owned by Gembell Limited and based in the Marshal Islands. It is a registered company with the number 86967. Also, the broker is regulated by the IFMRRC.

At first glance, the website of Pocket Option looks very nice and clear. Directly you can see what they are offering their traders. Trade more than 100 different assets as Binary Options with a yield (of 90%+). For traders, there are like 10000 combinations possible. It is very easy to start trading with a broker. You can open a new account in a few seconds. In addition, they offer a free demo account for practicing the platform.

Watch my full review in this youtube video:


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Facts of Pocket Option:

  • The location is in Marshal Islands
  • Regulated by the IFMRRC
  • High yield 90%+
  • User-friendly trading platform
  • More than 100 assets
  • Free Demo Account
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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Is Pocket Option regulated?

After getting known with Pocket Option, let’s answer the question: Is Pocket Option regulated? It is important to deal with a trustworthy and regulated broker to avoid scams and losing money. With Pocket Option, you deal with a broker that’s not regulated by any government. Additionally, it doesn’t have any two-factor authentification.

But: It is regulated by the International Financial Markets Relations Regulation Centre, also known as IFMRRC.

Pocket Option is certified by the IFMRRC

The missing regulation may be one reason why the broker isn’t available in every country. For example, countries such as Malaysia, Nigeria, the United States, and New Zealand banned Pocket Option. It’s also banned in the whole Europe, but you can still register for the free demo account.

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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Review of the conditions for traders of Pocket Option

After answering the regulation question, let’s get into the platform and its trading services.

Start to invest real money with a small deposit of 50$ in your account. Also, you can use only 1$ as the minimum bet amount for each asset. The broker provides you a 10.000$ free Pocket Option demo account too. So you can practice trading on the new platform.

pocket option minimum deposit
You have to deposit at least 50$

It is very easy to deposit real money on Pocket Option because they offer you more than 50 different payment methods (read more about it below). After all, they charge you no commission for a deposit or payout. The payment system works 24 hours per day.

The regular asset profit of a Binary Option is between 80 – 97% which is compared to other brokers very high. Sometimes it depends on the asset you are investing in. Choose between 60-second trades minimum and 4-hour trades maximum. They offer you a lot of different time horizons. The execution of trades is very simple and fast. From my experience, there are no problems opening or closing a trade. It is possible to sell an option before the expiry time ends. This is a big advantage for this broker.

pocket option assets
Pocket Option offers a lot of different assets

The diversity of assets is very high. Choose between Stocks, Forex, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, and Commodities. In conclusion, the conditions and the offers of Pocket Option are compared to other brokers at their best.


  • High yields 80-95%
  • 50 different payment methods
  • Start trading with a 50$ deposit
  • You only need 1$ per trade
  • Trade OTC Assets on Pocket Option as well (it allows trading 24/7)
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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

How much does it cost to trade on Pocket Option?

Have you ever heard about the high fees and hidden costs you have to pay when dealing with a shady broker? No worries: With Pocket Option you are safe, the binary options broker won’t charge any untrustworthy fees.

Withdrawal fees pexels
Let’s find out if there are any Pocket Option fees

Let’s have a quick overview of what it costs to trade on Pocket Option:

Deposit fees$0
Withdrawal fees$0
Inactivity fees/
Trading fees$0
Forex trading fees/
Stock trading fees/
ETF trading fees/
Crypto trading fees/
Saving plan fees/

As you can see there aren’t any fees, whether for trading or for depositing and withdrawing money.

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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Review of the Pocket Option trading platform

In my opinion Pocket Option offers a very good trading platform. It seems that they programmed it independently. From my experience, it feels very comfortable to trade on this platform. You can clearly see what happens in the market. Also, the platform is very customizable. You can use different Pocket Option indicators or chart types.

earn money with Pocket Option
Pocket Option trading desk

Select between 100 different assets and analyze the chart. After that, you can open a trade with a call or put option. Use the social trading function to copy the best traders of Pocket Option and turn their profit into your profit.

Trade via computer or app. It is possible to trade from every point of the earth with the intelligent app on your smartphone. Finally, the trading platform gets 5 stars on my review. I really like the design and functions.

pocket option download
Pocket Option is available for any devices

The platform runs smoothly in our Pocket Option review and is professionally programmed. There are not any bugs or lags with using it. In addition, the app is available for android and apple ios. That is another big advantage because most brokers do not offer an IOS app.

Also, the app runs very smoothly like the web version. In conclusion, the trading platform of the broker is useful l for every trader because it is flexible.

Facts about the trading platform: 

  • Different chart types
  • Different time frames (5-second chart up to daily chart)
  • Free indicators and analysis tools
  • Customizable and user-friendly for traders
  • Social Trading, Signals, and Tournaments
  • Very fast execution of trades
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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Trading advantages: Pocket Option indicators

If you want to trade binary options you will recognize very soon: You have to use technical indicators to analyze the markets with their trends and structures. Without these «trading advantages»; it’s difficult to be successful. Pocket Option offers a wide range of indicators in its trading software.

Pocket Option indicators
You can use more than 30 different indicators on Pocket Option

Let’s have a look at the 13 best indicators available on Pocket Option:

  • #1 RSI
  • #2 Stochastic Oscillator
  • #3 CCI
  • #4 Bollinger Bands
  • #5 Donchian Channel
  • #6 Moving averages
  • #7 Fractal
  • #8 Vortex 
  • #9 Accelerator Oscillator
  • #10 Average true range
  • #11 OsMA
  • #12 Momentum indicator
  • #13 Price rate of change

These are only thirteen out of more than 30 technical indicators the binary options brokers offers. If you want to get more detail and learn how to use them, read our article regarding the 13 best Pocket Option indicators.

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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Mobile trading via the Pocket Option App

If you’re not the type of person who sits in front of the computer at the desk all day long, I can recommend the Pocket Option app. With the mobile application of the broker, you can show your trading skills where ever you are.

Pocket Option Apple Store
Pocket Option app in the App Store

It’s available for Android smartphones as well as for iPhones. Of course, you can use it with tablets that run iOS or Android as well. Just download it from the Play Store or App Store, log in with your data and start trading via your phone or tablet.

Every function that is available in the browser version is available in the Pocket Option app as well. If you want to know more about the app, just visit our article «Pocket Option app«.

How to trade on Pocket Option?

Pocket Option can be used to bet on rising or falling markets. Make a forecast for the direction of the price of an asset on the platform. It can be Forex, Stocks, Cryptos, and more. Always the Binary Options got an expiry time. You can trade in different time horizons no matter if it is short-term or long-term. After the expiry time, the trade is automatically closed.

order mask
Up or down – Binary Options are easy to understand
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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Example: How to trade crypto (Bitcoin, 90%)

I’ll give you an example within this Pocket Option review. If you open a trade on Bitcoin with the amount of 1000$, you make the right forecast of the markets you will win a payout of 1900$. 900$ is the profit and 1000$ is the return of your bet amount. There are no hidden fees for investing.

To make it more clear and explain to you in detail how to trade binary options, you can visit my YouTube channel. See my full Pocket Option trading tutorial video here:


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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Social Trading – Copy binary options trading from others automatically

Pocket Option offers you to copy the best traders of the broker. First of all, it is important to know that social trading only works on a live account. Open the menu “social trading” and you see the best traders at the moment. You can click on them and watch their profile (picture below).


You can add the trader to a “watchlist” and follow him for a certain time. If you think he is good enough, you can copy him with one click. In my opinion, it is significant to analyze the trades of all time. If a social trading user got a high win rate overall time it is a good way to earn some extra profit. It is a big advantage for traders to see the whole profile and the trading style on Pocket Option.

How to open your trading account on Pocket Option

Have you read enough and want to open your own account on Pocket Option to prove your trading skills? Okay, let’s do this – it’s very easy. It just takes a few clicks to get there. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the homepage and click the «START IN ONE CLICK» button that appears in front of you
  2. Click on «CONTINUE DEMO TRADING» to use the demo account at first
  3. Once you practiced enough, click the “Registration” button in the bottom left corner
  4. Now choose one of the three methods (via email, Google, or Facebook) to create your account
  5. Fill in all the required information
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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

The following screenshots show you the first three steps – that’s the way how you get to the registration form which lets you register your account.

Step #1
Step #2
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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Step #3

Once you are finished with the registration, you can start trading. For some features, you have to verify your account. I’ll show you how to do that later in this article.

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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Pocket Option account types:

There are several different account types Pocket Option offers. Let’s have a detailed look at every of them in the following table:

Account types:Specifications:
demo accountvirtual money, up to $10000
top up whenever you want
novice traderaccount balance: less than $100
maximum transaction amount: $1000
beginner traderall novice trader points plus:
account balance: $100 – $1000
access to the lottery of crystals, express orders, trading achievements
experienced traderall beginner trader points plus:
account balance: $1000 – $5000
increase profitability by 2%
master traderall experienced trader points plus:
account balance: $5000 – $15000
maximum transaction amount: $2000
increase profitability by 4%
priority for withdrawals
professional traderall master trader points plus:
account balance: $15000 – $50000
maximum transaction amount: $3000
increase profitability by 6%
personal manager
expert traderall professional trader points plus:
account balance: from $50000
maximum transaction amount: $5000
increase profitability by 8%
high priority for withdrawals
premium gifts
personal discounts
MT5 Forexavailable for all stages beginning with experienced
: 1:10 up to 1:1000
floating spread: from 1.1 pips
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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Can you use a demo account on Pocket Option?

It offers a free demo account for everybody to get started with binary options trading. The demo account can be used for training before starting to make real investments on Pocket Option. With just one click you can trade with virtual money on the platform. There is no registration or deposit needed for practice trading with virtual money. A lot of traders get their first experience in the demo account before starting with real money. I recommend that everybody practice the platform in the demo account – even if you read every single word of my Pocket Option review ;-)

Pocket Option demo account
Use the demo account when you’re new into binary options trading

The binary demo account is unlimited with 10.000$ virtual money. You can charge it with one click if you lose some money. After you got some experience and learned to trade Binary Options successfully you can directly start trading using real money.

  • Free and unlimited account
  • The best way to practice and learn how to trade
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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Your Pocket Option trading account

Let’s have a closer look at how to log in to your Pocket Option account and how to verify it. The verification is an important step if you want to experience all functions of the Pocket Option platform.

How to login to your Pocket Option account

If you already created a Pocket Option account, the login is very easy. Just visit the website of the broker via pocketoption.com or search for the broker via Google. Once you got directed to the website, watch the upper right corner. Click on «Pocket Option Log in».

pocket option login
Click on «Log in» to get started

Type in your e-mail and your password, do the reCAPTCHA, and press «LOGIN». If you want, you can save your details and stay logged in.

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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Pocket Option verification: How to verify your account

To get access to all Pocket Option functions, you have to verify your account. This takes a few steps but is easy to do.

Follow these verification steps:

  • Log in to your account
  • Open your personal account settings (profile)
  • Prepare proof of an identification document (e.g. a scan of your ID, passport, or driver’s license)
  • Upload the document
  • Track the verification process
You can find the verification details in your account settings

You have to enter an address proof as well. You can use a bank letter or documents like an electricity bill. It’s important that it has the name of the person who runs the account. Be careful: The document shouldn’t be cropped, and all important information should be clearly visible.

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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Available payment methods for deposit and withdrawal

The good thing about Pocket Option is that they offer about 50 different payment methods for deposit and withdrawal.

Pocket Option payment methods
There are tons of different payment methods – for example, a lot of cryptocurrencies

The minimum deposit is 50$. You can use cards, e-payments, or cryptocurrency. They do not charge any commission and the withdrawal works within the time horizon of 24 hours. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10$.

Some more Pocket Option payment methods

Facts about the payment methods: 

  • Minimum deposit 50$ and the minimum withdrawal 10$
  • Instant deposits with electronic methods
  • Credit Cards
  • Skrill, Neteller, ADV Cash, WebMoney, Payeer, Perfect Money
  • Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and more
  • No commissions and fees
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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

How to deposit money on Pocket Option

Do you want to start trading? The first thing you need to do after registration and verification: is deposit money. The process is very easy to understand. Open the Pocket Option website. Once you’re logged in, you can see your dashboard. Click on the «TOP-UP» button at the top of the page.

pocket option top up
You can’t miss the button

You can now choose one of the different payment methods. The minimum deposit is $50. After you select one payment method, follow the displayed steps.

pocket option deposit
Select your favorite payment method

If everything worked out well, your account is topped up (minimum deposit: $50). You can start trading now!

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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Are there any deposit bonuses?

Yes! Pocket Option offers deposit bonuses to attract new customers and give some credit to existing customers as well. If you choose a payment method you can see how much deposit bonus you will get. It depends on how much money you want to deposit.

pocket option bonus
The more you deposit, the higher your bonus

For example, if you top up your account with $5000, you will get an extra 43% which is $2150. So your account balance will be $7150 after the deposit.

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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

How to withdraw money from Pocket Option

In conclusion, the first tests of the withdrawal with the broker in our Pocket Option review are successful. Withdrawing funds and the deposit system works very well. Also, Pocket Option offers you a cashback of a maximum of 10% of your deposit or losses.

Pocket Option withdrawal option
It’s easy to withdraw money – but you need to have a verified account

For more information open a real account. In addition, I have to mention you should verify your account before you start trading with real money. The broker does not pay out to unverified accounts.

Test of the bonus system and awards

As you see in the picture below Pocket Option offers you a bonus system. There is a large choice of options for earning additional money. Use a deposit or no-deposit bonus to get a bigger account. In addition to that, they offer risk-free trades, cash-backs, or promo codes.

Pocket Option Bonus

You get rewarded if your trading volume is high. They give you “Gems” which you can use in the award shop. In the award shop, there are some options to buy additional bonuses.

Is the bonus system good?

For the first time, I see such a big bonus system with different options. But do not forget that every bonus is linked to a condition. On the other hand, you can cancel the bonus at any time by just clicking on the icon in your account. No money is held if you got an active bonus. You have to make an x50 turnover of your bonus to get paid.

Facts about the bonus system:

  • Deposit Bonus
  • No-Deposit Bonus
  • Risk-Free trades
  • Cashback
  • Gems for Bonus
  • Boosters for more profit
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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Support and service for Pocket Option traders

The support is very important for traders to build a reliable relationships. The broker offers fast responsible chat support in our Pocket Option review.


Also, they got the phone and email support. The support works in different languages. According to that, they got an agent in the EU (Czech).

Facts about the support:

  • Support 24/7
  • Phone, Email, and Chat Service
  • Support in more than 5 different languages
  • Free education center
  • Analysis and training

Free education: How to learn trading with Pocket Option

For beginners and advanced traders, there is a big education section on the platform. Watch video tutorials or read new strategies from the experts of Pocket Option. They explain in detail how it works. It is important to get more knowledge before trading with real money.

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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Trading signals on Pocket Option

If you don’t have the time to analyze the markets by yourself, there are many options how you can make a profit eitherway. Copy trading is one of them, but also signals are very helpful to find trading setups that can work and let you make a lot of money.

pocket option signals
Pocket Option offers signals

But not every binary options broker offers such trading signals. The good thing about Pocket Option is: It does offer those signals. Just open your account and trading desk and click on the «Signals» button on the right side of the screen.

You can now see all the signals generated by the system. If you want to copy one, just click «Copy signal».

pocket option copy signal
You can see many signals at once

That’s all the magic – you now placed a trade according to the signal. This can help you to develop your trading skills. While signals are available on Pocket Option, trading robots are not!

Where is Pocket Option available?

You may have noticed that you can’t use the Pocket Option trading platforms in every single country of the world. Let’s have a quick overview of all available and banned countries.

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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Available countries list:

These are the countries where you can trade via Pocket Option:

  • China
  • India
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Persia
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • UAE

See the full Pocket Option country list here!

Unfortunately, there are some countries that banned trading with binary options completely.

Banned countries list:

These are the countries where you can’t trade via Pocket Option:

  • All countries that belong to the European Union
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • UK
  • USA

Conclusion of my Pocket Option review: Is it a reliable broker or a scam?

The result of my Pocket Option review: Pocket Option looks like a reliable Binary Options broker. There is a big range of different assets with high profits for traders. Binary Options are very simple and easy to understand on the platform. For further questions, you can use the big education center. In my opinion, the trading platform is one of the best in the world because you can customize it quickly. Moreover, it is very user-friendly, and it feels very comfortable to trade there.

Pocket Option is a legit broker

For withdrawals and deposits, you got a lot of different payment methods. Opening an account in less than 5 minutes is no problem. You can start trading real money with a start balance of 50$. This is a good value for every trader. Also, big deposits are welcome, too. The only disadvantage of Pocket Option is the lack of real regulation of a financial institute. In conclusion, from my experience, this broker can be very useful.

The advantages of Pocket Option:

  • High asset profit 96%+
  • 100+ assets
  • Fast and reliable support
  • Social trading
  • A lot of different payment methods
  • No hidden fees
  • Excellent trading platform
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Withdrawing funds is easy

Pocket Option shows a really good bonus program and a reliable platform for trading in my review. It’s one of the best trading platforms. Furthermore, read what other traders say about this broker in our Pocket Option reviews.

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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Pocket Option regulated?

Yes, it’s regulated by the International Financial Markets Relations Regulation Centre, also known as IFMRRC. You can invest your money without any doubts in the binary options market with this broker.

Is Pocket Option a good broker?

From my point of view, Pocket Option is a reliable broker. You can use the demo account, trade without any fees, deposit and withdraw money without fees and earn a lot of money due to the high payout (96%+). Additionally, the platform offers good support and social trading as well.

Is Pocket Option available in the USA?

No. Unfortunately, Pocket Option can’t be used by US traders. But US traders can still create a free demo account.

Is Pocket Option safe?

Pocket Option is a legit and safe broker where you can trade binary options. Your funds are safe and it’s easy to withdraw money.

How long does the Pocket Option withdrawal take?

The payout at Pocket Option is usually very fast. When we tested the platform, the money was in the account the very next day. However, withdrawals can take up to 5 days. This depends on the chosen withdrawal method and the day of the week.

Withdrawals to electronic wallets and credit cards are usually fast. Bank or wire transfers take 4-5 business days and cryptocurrency withdrawals take 2-3 business days on average.

Can you make money on Pocket Option?

Yes, it is possible to make money on Pocket Option. There are many people who do it full time, and have made a fortune doing it. However, there are always two sides to the coin. It is not unlikely to make losses as well.

In general, it is about choosing a suitable trading strategy and placing correct trades at the right time. If you succeed, you can make a lot of money with Pocket Option. There is no upper limit on how much money you can earn.

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