Binary Options Withdrawal | How to Withdraw From a Broker

Each broker adheres to their own unique set of rules, so the best way to withdraw money from your broker is to follow their withdrawal rules. You need to review the rules associated with withdrawals from your broker, and most importantly, you need to know whether or not there are stipulations against withdrawing from your account.

Most Important Facts About Binary Options Withdrawal:

  • Traders need to make sure that their account meets the minimum amount specified by the broker before attempting to withdraw funds.
  • Brokers offer various withdrawal payment methods, including credit cards, bank wires, and e-wallets, each with its own rules and processing times.
  • Traders typically follow a series of steps to withdraw funds, including logging into their trading account, selecting the ‘Withdraw Funds’ option, entering the withdrawal amount, choosing a payment method, and submitting the request.
  • The time taken to process withdrawal requests varies among brokers, with some completing the process on the same day and others requiring more than a week, influenced by platform rules and chosen payment methods.
  • Traders may find it beneficial to review withdrawal-proof examples to vet platforms
  • Some brokers impose fees for withdrawals, which can vary based on the withdrawal method chosen, with considerations such as one free withdrawal, subsequent charges, and varying fees for bank wire withdrawals

Let’s look at the most common withdrawal procedures for broker platforms.

Minimum Withdrawal Requirements for Binary Options:

First, you need to make sure that your account meets the minimum amount before withdrawing your money. Many brokers require that traders reach a minimum amount before withdrawing money. If you have not met the minimum, you may be 1) unable to withdraw or 2) able to withdraw but with an additional charge.

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Withdrawal Payment Methods:

Each broker will have different payment methods approved for withdrawal. Most brokers allow traders to withdraw funds using a credit card or bank wire. They may also allow the use of e-wallets. It is best to visit the site, check the page, and locate the bottom icons defining withdrawal methods. 

The icons also convey the type of credit card the broker accepts. You can gather further knowledge by going through the FAQs section.

Some popular withdrawal methods are:

How to Make a Withdrawal on a Binary Options Broker Site?

A trader must first clarify the concept of withdrawing money from his trading account. If you need to learn the withdrawal process, taking out funds from your trading account might be a hassle. 

Many binary brokers follow similar steps. The following steps are the most common sequence used for withdrawals on broker platforms:

Step #1 Enter Your Trading Account By Logging Into It

A trader must enter his trading account with the broker by entering his login credentials. By logging into your trading account, you can withdraw funds. But first, you need to enter your username and password.

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Step #2 Choose the ‘Withdraw Funds’ Option

As you enter your trading account, you will see a dashboard. The dashboard has several options, including one for fund withdrawals

The best binary options broker for withdrawals shows traders the option of ‘withdrawing funds’ so that they can easily choose when they want to withdraw.

Step #3 Enter the Withdrawal Amount

Traders can withdraw any amount that they have in their trading account. However, some binary options brokers have a stipulated minimum withdrawal amount. If your broker has such a condition, you might have to withdraw equal to or greater than the minimum withdrawal amount. Otherwise, brokers charge a fee

Step #4 Choose a Payment Method

Now, there are several payment methods that you can use to withdraw your funds. For instance, bank transfers, cryptocurrency, electronic wallets, and cards are common payment methods that most brokers support. Check the payment methods used by your broker before you sign up to make sure that the platform will work for you.

Step #5 Submit Your Request

Finally, after choosing a payment method, you can submit your request. The binary options broker will process your withdrawal within the allotted time frame. 

Good to know!
Most brokers that offer binary trading take up to 8-24 hours to process the withdrawals. However, the duration in which traders receive their funds depends on the platform rules as well as the chosen payment method.
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Binary Options Broker Withdrawal Proof:

In the picture above, you can see my withdrawal on Quotex. I withdrew $2000 using the Bitcoin payment method to my wallet. The request duration was only 3 hours. Binary options withdrawals are easy when you choose a reputable broker.

Withdrawal Request Submission From Your Account

If you are ready to withdraw the amount, you have to log in to your account, and after that, you must click on the withdrawal button and enter the amount you want to withdraw.

However, it is essential to submit the documents needed to submit the withdrawal request. You would require the following documents like identity proof:

  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Utility bill

In case of a credit card withdrawal, it is crucial to procure a photocopy or a scanned copy of both sides of the credit card. Again, the last four digits of the credit card must be properly visible in the photocopy. After submission of the necessary documents, the request is generally approved.

You have to adhere to the same method for depositing money into the account as withdrawing money from the account.

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Binary Options Withdrawal Problems Which Can Occur:

When you want to withdraw money from your Binary Options broker, the following problems can occur:

  • Withdrawal gets rejected
  • The withdrawal process takes too long
  • The broker does not execute the withdrawal
  • Your account is not able to withdraw money because of the lack of verification

We recommend verifying your trading account before requesting the withdrawal. The lack of full verification is the reason for almost 90% of all problems that occur when requesting a withdrawal.

But unfortunately, there are also scam brokers who do not execute their withdrawals. Therefore, see our Blacklist of brokers or read our article about avoiding scams!

Withdrawal Fees

Some brokers require a fee to withdraw, while others do not. Some brokers charge money only for bank wire withdrawals but do not charge a fee for credit card withdrawals. Typically, it is a $35 fee for a bank wire withdrawal. Some brokers allow one free withdrawal and then begin to charge for withdrawals. It’s always a good idea to review the terms and conditions of the site before you begin to use the money on the site in any capacity.

Most people trade binary options online for profit generation. After generating significant profit, they want to withdraw some of their earnings. Traders can get confused with the vast array of methods related to withdrawal.

However, some brokers impose such rules intentionally to prevent the traders from accessing their money. Finding and using a reputable broker will help make sure that you get your money.

Time is taken to process a withdrawal request.

The time taken to process the withdrawal request varies in the case of each broker. Some process the request on the same day, while others may require more than a week to process the withdrawal. Once the request is processed, the bank must proceed with the withdrawal process to display the amount taken out of the account. Generally, the fund is credited into the bank account within ten days.

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Withdrawal Duration Time on Binary Options Brokers:

So, it can be said that you are not likely to receive the amount of money in your account instantly. It has two main reasons:

Firstly, it happens because the withdrawals are not executed automatically using any software. Instead, it is done manually, just as in the case of depositing money. Often, the binary options broker team cannot process the amount of money requested for withdrawal by the trader. 

Several traders request withdrawals every day, which exerts pressure on the staff members who handle the task manually. As a result, the process gets delayed, and the waiting time reaches up to ten days. Then, after this period of delay, the amount reaches your bank account.

Secondly, the delay is caused by the brokers screening the withdrawals. Thus, each case of withdrawal is thoroughly scrutinized by the staff members of the broker. The members verify whether the trader has earned the amount legitimately or if some malfunction, like hacking, was involved in earning the amount. This rule is crucial for security reasons and is not some arbitrary rule added by the brokers. To delay the process.

An SSL encryption system ensures the security of the transactions involved in withdrawing the money. However, you must consider the following aspects before withdrawing an amount from your trading account.

Contrary to the popular notions of these rules being useless, this rule prevents foul practices and ensures that the traders can continue fair trading. The brokers must stick to these rules to evade unfair loss of money. If they fail to implement these rules, they might lose their licenses, so they stringently abide by them.

Withdrawal method Duration
Bank transfers2-5 days
Electronic funds Instant
Debit and credit cards Up to 24 hours
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How to Make a Withdrawal on a Binary Options Broker?

Typically, you can withdraw profits at your convenience, a practice endorsed by reputable financial trading providers. However, the immediate withdrawal of the initial deposit or bonuses received may not always be feasible.

For instance, many betting service providers extend bonuses as incentives for traders who make initial deposits, aiming to attract registrations and funds. Succumbing to these enticing bonuses might entail relinquishing the prompt withdrawal of the deposit, coupled with the imposition of specific conditions that must be fulfilled before such withdrawals can be initiated.

Such conditions include the clauses that make traders need to buy some contracts or invest in trades. If the trader can fulfill those conditions, he can take out the deposit and the bonus amount. 

These regulations and stipulations serve as essential safeguards for the security and well-being of trading service providers. Without such guidelines, traders might exploit the system by registering on a platform, claiming the bonus, and promptly withdrawing both the deposit and bonus, leading to potential losses for brokers and service providers.

Conversely, when a trader receives a bonus but hasn’t fulfilled the necessary conditions for withdrawing the deposit and bonus, they may still be permitted to withdraw the profits generated from these funds. Generally, reputable brokers do not impose minimum withdrawal requirements.

Even when aiming to withdraw a modest sum, such as $10, it is essential for the broker to facilitate the process without unnecessary obstacles or stringent conditions.

For beginners in this domain, valuable information about binary trading options can be acquired through online tutorials and trading guides. To maximize the potential for significant revenue, it is imperative to gain a comprehensive understanding of all aspects related to binary trading.

Which Binary Options Brokers Are Secure for Withdrawals?

Out of all binary options brokers that traders can access, five brokers offer the best services for traders seeking withdrawal. These brokers include the following:

1. Quotex

The binary options broker, Quotex, offers the best services to traders who wish to trade binary options. Even the deposit and withdrawal process of Quotex is seamless

The withdrawal conditions of the broker are as follows:

  • Traders must make a withdrawal of at least $10. It is the minimum withdrawal amount for Quotex. 
  • The withdrawal time frame of this broker ranges between 1 to 5 days
  • Traders must use the same withdrawal method on Quotex that they used to deposit funds. 

So, traders on Quotex can enjoy trading binary options as they can access their profits any time they need it. 

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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

If you want to know more detailed information about Quotex and its withdrawal process, read our Article “Quotex withdrawals.”

2. Pocket Option

This binary options broker is a trusted choice of many traders because of several trading features. It is an intuitive online trading platform that offers traders a wide range of underlying assets

The withdrawal conditions of the Pocket Option as the best binary options broker for withdrawal are as follows: 

  • Starting from $10, traders can withdraw any amount they wish to withdraw on the Pocket Option. 
  • Binary options traders can use one of the several payment methods available on Pocket Option. 
  • This binary trading platform supports fast withdrawals
  • The withdrawals on Pocket Option do not involve any fee for traders.

So, Pocket Option is a great online trading platform from the perspective of withdrawals. Traders can withdraw any amount they wish. 

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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

If you want to know more detailed information about Pocket Option and its withdrawal process, read our Article “Pocket Option withdrawals.”

3. Olymp Trade

The name Olymp Trade might be new in binary options trading. However, the broker has amazing reviews since it offers traders the best. Besides helping traders trade the best underlying assets, Olymp Trade allows traders to withdraw quickly. 

Here are the Olymp Trade withdrawal terms: 

  • A trader can withdraw an amount as low as $10 from the Olymp Trade live trading account. 
  • The withdrawal process for Olymp Trade is purely seamless. A trader does not need to undergo any hassle to withdraw his funds.  
  • Binary options withdrawals do not have any limit. A trader can withdraw as much from his Olymp Trade trading account as possible. 
  • Olymp Trade offers several payment methods to traders to help them conveniently withdraw their funds. 
  • The broker does not charge any fees or commissions from traders making withdrawals.
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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

If you want to know more detailed information about Olymp Trade and its withdrawal process, read our Article “Olym Trade withdrawals.”

4. BinaryCent

Besides offering great trading services to traders, BinaryCent offers traders a seamless withdrawal experience. As a result, many traders often connect with BinaryCent because of its smooth deposit and withdrawal process

BinaryCent has great services and all the features that any trader trading binary options could dream of. The terms and conditions for withdrawing from your BinaryCent trading account are as follows: 

  • Traders can withdraw any amount starting with $50. Thus, BinaryCent has a minimum withdrawal amount of $50. You must attract a withdrawal fee if you withdraw any less than this. 
  • BinaryCent supports a couple of payment methods. For instance, you can withdraw funds through your bank account, cards, etc. 
  • If you choose the method of credit card withdrawal, BinaryCent charges a 5% transfer fee. Excluding these charges, there are no other charges that traders have to pay to withdraw funds. 
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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

If you want to know more detailed information about Binarycent and its withdrawal process, read our Article “Binarycent withdrawals.”

5. IQ Cent 

Once a trader makes profitable trades on the IQ Cent trading account, he can withdraw such funds. The withdrawal process for traders on IQ Cent is the same as we discussed. Thus, a trader can sign up for a trading account on IQ Cent with closed eyes as it is the most reliable broker. 

Some withdrawal conditions that IQ Cent stipulates are as under: 

  • Traders must make a minimum withdrawal of $20
  • A trader’s withdrawal method to take out funds from his trading account must be the same as the deposit method
  • Traders must submit their identity proof to the broker once they submit their withdrawal request. 
  • There are no withdrawal fees that the broker charges. 
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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

If you want to know more detailed information about IQcent and its withdrawal process, read our Article “IQcent withdrawals.”

Conclusion: Save Your Profits When Withdrawing Money

Navigating withdrawing money from these sites can be challenging. For instance, withdrawal issues with the broker may arise due to incomplete account information, outdated personal identification documents, or providing incorrect details to the bank.

Moreover, exercising caution is crucial during investment, as traders can fall prey to frauds and scams perpetrated by deceptive individuals who make false promises and deplete funds. Therefore, before starting this venture, a comprehensive understanding of the broker and their withdrawal policies is imperative.

Most asked questions about the topic (FAQ):

Is the binary options fund withdrawal process easy?

Yes, the binary options fund withdrawal process is easy for any trader who wishes to withdraw funds from their trading account. The best binary options brokers have a seamless withdrawal process. Therefore, traders can withdraw funds from their trading accounts in simple steps

What problems can a trader encounter while withdrawing funds?

There are several problems that a trader can encounter when trying to make withdrawals. For instance, the trader might not find their desired payment method
They might be unable to withdraw if they do not use their payment method.

What is the best payment method for binary options withdrawals?

Withdrawals made through bank transfers or card payments are the best, as the traders receive the funds directly into their bank accounts. 

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