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IQcent withdrawal: How does it work?

Minimum withdrawal$10
Payment methods Wire Transfer, Credit Cards, E-Wallet, Crypto
Withdrawal fees$0

The stockbroker provides an intermediary platform to the traders known as online trading platforms. Now, you can buy financial instruments without visiting the broker. 

The online trading platforms have helped the brokers to take the load off their shoulders. These platforms are easy to use. They come with various features that allow the trader to carry trading operations easily. 

The traders can handle the financial assets with the help of trading platforms, monitor the movement of assets, keep an eye on their funds and learn from the best traders.

IQcent provides call and puts options for the execution of the trade. The trade duration is between one to thirty minutes, and you can measure the probable gains and market conditions with measuring tools.

The trading platform is available in three different languages; this is Spanish, English, and Russian.

Trading through these platforms is easy and time-saving. You don’t need to visit your broker every time you wish to buy or sell the securities; it also provides you with 24 hours customer support.

IQcent Platform

IQcent is also an online trading platform; it is perfect for beginners who wish to learn about online trading and the market conditions.

The company was established in Majuro, Marshall Islands, in 2017 and commenced online trading in 2020. It is a new way of trading in the speculative market and is perfect for beginners. 

Various features of this platform make it stand above its competitors. These features include charts, copy trading tools, and many more.


The platform provides trading in many assets like CFDs, binary options, and crypto.

Features of The Platform

The online trading platform is easy to use and versatile. You can use it on any device you want to operate. All the information is saved on the website once you create an account with IQcent. 

On the platform, various chart types make it easy for you to analyze the market conditions and the movement of the financial instrument you wish to trade. These charts include the candlestick chart and the tick chart. 

A copy trading tool helps the client copy the expert’s trade moves and makes profits in no time. The service provider also offers the first three risk-free trades on opening an account with them.

Countries of Operation

You can create an account in any part of the world, but certain features of the trading platform may not operate because of the online trading restrictions in that particular county. The website does not operate in the US Territories.

Types of Accounts

IQcent offers three types of live accounts, each with different features:

  • Silver Account

This account provides you with a bonus of up to 50%, and the first three trades that you perform in this account are risk-free. A demo account is available to help you in learning speculative trade. The silver account comes with a master class that would help you in increasing your knowledge. You can easily make withdrawals in 1 hour.

  • Bronze Account

The bronze account provides you with a copy trading tool, which helps you to copy the experts and make profits in no time. The account rewards you with a bonus of 20%, and you can make the withdrawals in 1 hour; a demo account for enhancing the learning is also available with a bronze account.

  • Gold Account

The gold account holder receives access to a personal success manager who helps you trade in a risk-free environment. Video chat support is available in case of any problem faced by the client. Master class provides with the knowledge and expertise on performing in speculative conditions. You can make withdrawals in an hour.


Once you make the desired profits and wish to withdraw the amount from the platform, you can do this at any time, and the process does not take more than one hour to process the amount.

You can enter the amount and process the withdrawals safely. The minimum amount required for making the withdrawals is $20. If the amount available in your account is less than the minimum required amount, then the platform does not process the withdrawal.

In IQcent, withdrawals are safe and easy. You can withdraw profits in no time. It takes up to one hour to withdraw the profits. 

How to Make Withdrawals?

You can follow the given steps for making withdrawals:

#1 Go to the platform and click FUNDS. Under the fund’s section, select WITHDRAWALS.

#2 Select the withdrawal method, make sure that the withdrawal method you have selected is the same as the deposit method.

Conditions for Withdrawal

It is essential that you first confirm your identity to process the withdrawal amount because of security reasons. If you are unable to verify your identity, the withdrawal may not process in your account.

The minimum amount required to make the withdrawal is $20. 

All withdrawals processing takes up to one hour from placing the withdrawal request.

If the trader does not submit requested documents on time, it can delay the withdrawals as verification takes time.

There are no fees charged on withdrawals, but if the transfer takes place through a third party, then 5% fees are charged. For example, they charge a withdrawal fee if you request withdrawals through Visa and MasterCard.

Withdrawal Methods

There are various methods available for withdrawing the profits; these methods are safe and easy.

  • Visa

It is easy to make withdrawals through a visa card. Withdrawals to your account take up to one hour, and 5% fees are chargeable for making withdrawals through Visa.

  • MasterCard

Another method for processing the withdrawals is through MasterCard. Go to the withdrawals section, select the MasterCard option, and enter the withdrawal amount; it is easy to process the withdrawal.

MasterCard is a third-party service; the platform may charge fees up to 5%.

Confirm your identity and withdrawals are transferred within one hour.

  • Bitcoins

One of the methods for making the withdrawals is through bitcoins, they are safe and easy, and the money is transferred in no time; all you have to do is confirm your identity.

The online platform does not charge any fees for making withdrawals through bitcoins.

  • Altcoins

Withdrawals through Altcoins are similar to bitcoins. The online broker does not charge any extra fees for making withdrawals through Altcoin. The withdrawal amount is transferred in no time after the verification of the trader’s identity.

  • Ethereum

Ethereums are safe to use. Select ethereum as a withdrawal method only if you selected the same option for making the deposit. In the withdrawals option, select ethereum as the medium for transferring withdrawals. 

The withdrawal amount reflects in your account within one hour once the platform verifies your identification.

  • Skrill

Skrill is an easy and safe way to make withdrawals. No fees are charged for withdrawing through this medium. It is a hassle-free mode of transferring profits.

The amount is transferred within one hour of making the withdrawal request.

No fee is charged on withdrawals, but some charges may apply on payment through third parties like banks. You can make withdrawals in 60 minutes after confirmation is received for the withdrawal. You need to understand that some banks may take several days to reflect money into your account.

Leverage and Bonus

IQcent offers leverage up to the ratio of 1:100. Leverage determines the profit potential of the trader and provides exposure to the trader in speculative market conditions.

IQcent offers different types of bonuses on different accounts. Brokers provide a bonus for the traders to attract potential traders to trade through their platforms.

The broker provides a referral bonus to its clients whenever you share your referral code with your friends and family. The bonus is offered up to 20%. Bonuses are helpful when trading is done in high volumes.


The platform charges commission for the services provided to its clients. The size of the commission varies according to the level of service offered by the broker.

The trading platform charges no fees on withdrawal or deposits, but institutional charges may apply.


IQcent is an easy-to-use platform, especially for beginners. It creates a risk-free environment with the help of innovative features to make online trading easy for traders. Though the platform tries its best to help the client avoid the risk, one must make sure about the uncertainties in the market before investing.

The minimum deposit amount for IQcent is $10. You can also trade on this platform in the form of cents as low as $0.01.

It is easy to withdraw from the platform and takes up to one hour after the confirmation for the withdrawal is received. Except for perfect money, making withdrawals through perfect money takes more than one hour. The broker charges no commission on withdrawals.

Confirming your identity is an essential part of making withdrawals due to security reasons. If the trader cannot verify their identity, there may be a hindrance in processing the amount into your account.

It is also necessary that you select the same method for withdrawals as you selected for making the deposits.