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Quotex withdrawal tutorial and payment methods

Minimum withdrawal$100
Payment methods Credit Cards, E-Wallet, Crypto
Withdrawal fees$0
Withdrawal duration14 days

Unsurprisingly, most traders seek out broker firms that provide favorable trading conditions to supplement their money-making opportunities. However, if you’re looking for a trading platform that can help you fine-tune your trading strategies and take your trading to the next level, Quotex is your one-stop-shop.

Quotex is an options trading broker established in 2020 that offers market signals and copy trading via its patented technology web platform. Quotex is a trademark name of Awesomo Ltd, a Seychelles-based corporation controlled by the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Centre (IFMRRC). In November 2020, the company received its license as a broker. The brokerage is trying to pool great tools with simple digital options products.

Features of the Platform

When we get to the features! We discuss what this broker can offer you that other brokers cannot. Quotex, on the other hand, simplifies binary options trading with features such as:

  • Pair Information

First and foremost, reading the information about the asset before you begin trading is a requirement that every broker must meet! As an example, reflect the AUD/JPY (OTC) trading pair!

  • Trading Signals

A trading signal is an analyst recommendation rather than a direct instruction to trade. Quotex provides the highest quality trading signals for the instruments available; however, we cannot use these signals as our primary entry because they do not replace technical analysis.

  • Exchange Form

This platform has an amazing feature that allows traders to switch their main currency to another one at any time with a few clicks and without incurring any exchange fees! To be honest, this feature has never been used by any other brokers before!

Countries of Operations

Quotex acknowledges merchants from, Saudi Arabia Thailand, Canada, Qatar, United Kingdom, Sweden, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, France, Norway, Italy, Denmark, United States, Kuwait, Luxembourg, and numerous different countries.

Types of Accounts

  • Demo Account

Quotex provides traders with a risk-free demo account at no cost. To begin trading in a demo account, you do not need to update any financial data. The Demo Account is free and includes $10,000 in virtual money. You can top up the Demo Account for free at any time.

  • Standard Account

Quotex Standard Account provides access to the financial trading market for as little as $10. You can use credit or debit cards and e-wallets such as Skrill, Webmoney, Advcash, Neteller, and PerfectMoney to make a deposit. Quotex accepts cryptocurrency deposits as well. It offers a Basic Payout of up to 85% in every single accessible asset.

  • Pro Account

Serious traders are entitled to a broader trade experience. Quotex grants Pro status to traders who have a balance of more than $1000. Pro traders receive priority support, a relatively high payout than Standard Account holders, and a dedicated account manager. Pro accounts benefit from increased payouts and quicker profit withdrawals. 

  • VIP Account

Professional traders with more significant investments deserve the broker’s undivided attention. Quotex provides VIP status to traders who have a balance of more than $5000. VIP traders receive priority support, a higher payout, and a personal account manager. VIP accounts also get free faster fund withdrawals.


Profit withdrawing is without a doubt one of the most important issues that every trader is concerned about.

The withdrawal method differs depending on the nation of origin, but it can be distributed into three categories: cryptocurrency, electronic payment systems, and bank cards. Withdrawals are processed in the same manner as deposits, using the chosen trading method.

Withdrawing money from Quotex takes 1 to 5 working days. Identification or verification may be required at the time of a considerably high amount of withdrawal.

Minimum Withdrawal

Most payment systems have a minimum withdrawal amount of USD 10. The minimum Bitcoin withdrawal amount is USD 50.

How to Make Withdrawals

Withdrawing funds is a simple process that takes place through your personal account.

The method you selected for depositing funds is the method you will need for withdrawing funds from the account. For example, if you used the Visa payment system to deposit money into your account, you will also use the Visa payment system to withdraw money.

When withdrawing a huge amount, the company might demand authentication (authentication is requested at the lone decision of the company), as for a reason it is critical to register an account exclusively for yourself to confirm your rights.

Below are the steps to withdraw money in Quotex:

Step #1 Navigate to Withdrawal.

Step #2 Select a payment method

To withdraw money using Bitcoin, enter the bitcoin address in which you want to receive the funds and enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

Step #3 Enter the Pin-code that will be sent to you over an email. Then, click the “Confirm” button.

Step#4 Your request gets placed successfully.

Step #5 To view the status of your Withdrawal requests, click “Transaction.”

Withdrawal Method

There are different techniques accessible for pulling out the benefits; these strategies are protected and simple. 

  • Visa 

It is not difficult to make withdrawals through a visa card. However, withdrawals to your record require as long as 60 minutes, and 5% of expenses are chargeable for making withdrawals through Visa. 

  • MasterCard 

One more strategy for handling the withdrawals is through MasterCard. Go to the withdrawals segment, select the MasterCard choice, and enter the withdrawal sum; it isn’t easy to handle. 

MasterCard is an outsider help; the stage might energize charges to 5%. 

Affirm your character and withdrawals are moved inside 60 minutes. 

  • Bitcoins 

One of the strategies for making the withdrawals is through bitcoins, they are protected and simple, and the cash is moved quickly; you should affirm your personality. 

The online stage doesn’t charge any expenses for making withdrawals through bitcoins. 

  • Altcoins 

Withdrawals through Altcoins are like bitcoins. The online specialist doesn’t charge any additional expenses for making withdrawals through Altcoin. The withdrawal sum is moved in the blink of an eye after the confirmation of the merchant’s character. 

  • Ethereum 

Ethereums are protected to utilize. Select ethereum as a withdrawal technique in particular in the event that you chose a similar alternative for putting aside the installment. In the withdrawals choice, select ethereum as the vehicle for moving withdrawals. 

The withdrawal sum reflects in your record within one hour once the stage checks your recognizable proof. 

  • Skrill 

Skrill is a simple and safe approach to make withdrawals. No expenses are charged for pulling out thereby. It is a problem-free method of moving benefits. 

The sum is moved within one hour of making the withdrawal demand. 

No expense is charged on withdrawals, yet a few charges might apply on installment through outsiders like banks. You can make withdrawals in an hour after affirmation is gotten for the withdrawal. You need to comprehend that a few banks might require a few days to reflect cash into your record.


Quotex defines the profit proportion associated with each instrument, which varies depending on aspects such as economic events, asset liquidity, and trade execution time.

For example, the EUR/USD pair is currently trading at an 80 percent yield, which means that a client who invested $1,000 and correctly predicted the price movement over the specified period would receive $1,800 in that trade.

On trading processes, Quotex does not charge commissions. And does not charge any kind of fees for withdrawals and deposits.

Mobile Apps

Currently, the broker does not provide a mobile app. Their web-based platform, on the other hand, can be accessed via any browser, including one on a mobile phone. As a result, clients will be able to monitor markets and perform trades with a few taps. Quotex may also launch a mobile application for its users in the near future.


Typically, additional documents are not required to withdraw funds. However, the company might, at its will, request you to confirm your personal information by providing specific documents. Typically, this is done to prevent illegal trade, financial fraud, and the use of funds obtained illegally.

The list of these documents is short, and the process to deliver them will not take too much time or effort on your part.

Leverages and Bonuses

Quotex doesn’t, as of now, offer utilized contributions. While this may limit market access for some fledglings, it may also shorten misfortunes.

Quotex offers bonuses to its traders, which depend on the available promo code. The bonus usually ranges between 10% to 80% on the deposit amount. For example, traders can get 80% on the deposited fund as a welcome bonus. This is a large incentive and an exceptional technique to boost your initial trading funds.


Quotex provides a simple and convenient method for withdrawing funds without incurring any transaction fees. Furthermore, the entire money withdrawal process is completely safe and secure. They even offer a variety of money transfer methods for your convenience.