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Quotex fees and costs for traders

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Online trading refers to the trading that takes place through the internet. An investor has to register himself on the online portal to start online trading. One such growing and innovative online trading platform are Quotex. It is a broker for trading various binary options. It is one of the best platforms for online trading. It is a user-friendly platform that provides a variety of options for online trading like forex, indices, and cryptocurrencies.

Quotex is regulated by The International Financial Market Regulation Centre and was established in 2019. It is a brand name of Awesome Limited, from Seychelles.


It is an easy-to-use portal because of the interactive user interface. There is a low minimum deposit on brokerage, zero withdrawal fees, and a 40% sign-up bonus. The user interface is very simple and has high-security standards for the client’s safety.

What is a Trading Platform?

The trading platform is software that helps the users to conduct trade using various financial instruments. It also has information regarding real-time trading, the value of quotations, actions of the company, etc.

Steps for Trading with Quotex

Quotex is an innovative platform with 24/7 support for online trading.

It is very easy to create a trading account with Quotex.

Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Signing Up

For signing up, you have to fill up the details in the form provided.

  • Select an Asset

After signing up, you have the option to select an instrument. The percentage of return is available along with the asset.

  • Expiration Time

The expiration period is the time when the trade is complete, and the result sums up. You have the choice to determine the expiration time according to your convenience.

  • Enter The Investment Amount

The next step is to enter the amount you wish to invest.

  • Select Upward or Downward Direction 

Select upward or downward direction, in which you believe the asset can move during the expiration.

Cost for Traders

Quotex sets its profit percentage depending upon the liquidity of the financial instrument.

No commission is chargeable on a trading operation.


Quotex offers a wide choice of financial instruments, including currencies, like cryptocurrencies, indices, and commodities, including gold, silver, and oil.

Quotex Fees

The minimum deposit for Quotex is $10. The Quotex online broker offers you high payouts, so it is elementary to deposit. Various deposit options are available on this platform. This platform is perfect for starting a brokerage business as it charges no commission on deposits. 

Quotex provides its services for 24 hours. The minimum trading value here is $1 per trade, but you can earn the maximum here. The brokers here offer a very high payout of up to 95% or higher.

How to Deposit?

The Quotex website is user-friendly. Therefore, it is easy to deposit with quotex. The best methods are available for deposits; the merchants don’t have to pay any fees on deposits or withdraws. There are multiple payments methods made available on the website; these include:

  • Bank Card

Visa card and Master card

  • Crypto Currencies

Coinbase, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Zcash, Dai, PaxosStandart, and USD Tether.

  • Epayments

Advcash, Perfect Money, and Plastrix

These payment methods are for instant submission. So the money deposited during any time can be credited instantly into the trading account. No confusion is caused to the clients by the brokers. The only goal is to save money in every way possible. It is not a scam.

Deposits Bonus

Before going for the deposit, you must ensure the amount of money you want to deposit and select the payment method of your choice. You can also use promotional codes for making payments.

To receive a bonus, you can select the offer of your choice; the amount of the deposit ascertains the amount of bonus Higher the deposit, the more the bonus offers you receive. You need to comply with the conditions to use the bonus.

Quotex calculates the bonus and converts it into a real fund that is withdrawable. You can withdraw the money before processing the bonuses.

Withdrawal Fees

There are no fees on withdrawing, and you can receive the withdrawal in the same account.

Features of Quotex

  • For technical analysis, Quotex uses charts that make the analysis and interpretation very easy. Not only charts but various other analytical tools help for interpretation as brokers and traders don’t rely only on the charts for the analysis.
  • Indicators help in ascertaining the market position. Quotes provide various indexing and charting tools that allow traders to make more profit. 
  • The company uses frames for technical analysis, and these frames change from time to time. The duration is mostly less than or more than five minutes.
  • You can select the frame time according to your convenience. You can connect with multiple frames with Quotex. 
  • A range of indicators is available in charting options, such as Bollinger bands and moving averages. Traders need to be aware of the market risk and should keep observing the market position regularly.
  • The platform delivers incredible speed.


These are the indicators that are easy to analyze and highly customizable. There are different varieties of indicators provided on the website that the user can use according to their taste. On the right of the chart, ordering screens are visible that makes trading easy.

Demo Account

The demo account provides complete access to the online trading features but not full access is given to certain features, including proprietary information.

The beginners have a great opportunity to work with the experts, gain experience from them, and learn various trading skills. 

Multiple Availabilities OF Platform Channels

All the features of multiple trading channels are readily available with quotex for the brokers, which are not easily accessible with other websites. A lot of assets are traded through Quotex, which makes it different from other brokers.

Advantages OF Using Quotex

Quotex provides various benefits to its users:

  • It has various tools for analysis and trading that makes it an entertaining platform for trading
  • The minimum deposit for trading is low that also attracts new users for trading with Quotex.
  • There is quick access to a demo account for practice and learning.
  • You can receive a 40% of deposit bonus on the basis of bonus terms and conditions.


Along with the advantages, there are few disadvantages of the online trading platform Quotex:

  • Though the website provides various digital options, there is no margin provided on these options.
  • This is only a website and has no app of its own, which is quite a big deal for new users and creates a hindrance for attracting new users.
  • Quotex doesn’t provide its services in several countries, including the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, and Germany, but people can also open their accounts from these countries. 

However, on this platform, people under the age of 18 years are not allowed to do the trading or register themselves with a broker. Not every feature of Quotex is available to users from certain countries due to legal restrictions in that particular country. 

Customer Support

The website provides with 24 hours’ customer support through live chats to resolve the issues as soon as possible, and users face fewer hindrances.

Email address: Support@quotex.io is available by the Quotex team for quick solutions to various users’ problems.


Quotex uses high-security standards to protect the user’s money at any cost. The company protects the information of its clients by using a strong security system. 

The company uses a specialized security system, and no data of the user is shared with any third party. The broker doesn’t sell or disclose personal data to a third party.


Quotex is a digital options broker that provides easy trading of various financial instruments. It is user-friendly with a minimum deposit amount of $10.

It is a web-based trading platform with 24 hours’ customer support. The IFMRRC regulates the broker. It has high-security standards to protect the information of its clients and doesn’t sell the data to a third party. 

To protect the traders’ investment is the primary goal of the company. A demo account is available that helps the user to study the platform and sharpen the skills without investing personal funds. 

Quotex allows trading in small amounts. Different methods are available for depositing money. A demo account provides the user to study the platform and sharpen the skills without investing personal funds. 

It is one of the most trusted and licensed brokers; you can have access to varieties of markets so, you can start a business with trust in Quotex. The best advantage of using Quotex is that there are no fees in depositing or withdrawing the money. This platform is highly recommendable if you want to make profits in less duration of time.