How to trade cryptocurrencies with Pocket Option?

You can start trading cryptocurrency from Pocket Option as it has recently launched the trading platform. You can trade so many popular currencies like Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum with absolutely safety and swiftness from whichever place you are. There are also cryptocurrency multipliers available on the Pocket Option for investors who want to trade with crypto and magnify their profits too.

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Trading cryptocurrencies with Pocket Option has become quite famous and the Pocket Option is no less. This article will explain cryptocurrencies and how Pocket Option trades in cryptos. You will further be able to understand whether you should choose cryptocurrency as an asset or not.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

About Pocket Option

In a nutshell, Pocket Option enables both experienced and inexperienced traders to execute trades more quickly while delivering bigger rewards than other prominent brokers.

Pocket Option, which is administered by Gembell Limited, debuted the binary options industry in 2017. The brokerage rose to prominence in a short period of time. The IFMRRC (International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center) presently regulates the firm.

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With over 100 instrument kinds to deal and many payment alternatives to entice global investors, the broker provides simple trading chances to millions of consumers.

Pocket Option’s biggest feature is its greater payments. According to the official website, the least one could get approximately 50%. You can anticipate receiving a payment of 80 to 100 % if your forecasts are correct.

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Individuals have been apprehensive about investing in binary options due to the significant risks associated; however, Pocket Option has created a safe and simple platform where users can not only exchange their financial data but also win certain trades and generate excellent rewards.

This website has assisted all types of traders, whether they are novices or professionals. Since they were housed here, individuals from all over the world have had a plethora of trading options. Investors have at least 100 investment possibilities to pick from, as well as a large range of payment options.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

How to trade cryptocurrencies on Pocket Option?

Trading cryptocurrency is not difficult if you know the market well and can predict which crypto will move up or down in the market. Moreover, you can also use market signals to know when the top-selling cryptos are present in the market and when you can invest in them. Following is a step-by-step guide to trading crypto on the Pocket Option:

  1. Register on the platform by following the simple steps on Pocket Option website.
  2. Now, add a deposit amount through any payment method like MasterCard, VISA and Webmoney, etc.
  3. Now choose crypto available on the market and platform of your choice. The available choices on the Pocket Option are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Polkadot, etc.
  4. Now choose the trading amount. Lowest trade amount is $1
  5. Predict the price movement by setting the position “up” or “down”.
  6. Mark your trade and wait for the result. 
  7. If your predictions prove to be correct, you receive your earnings.
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There is a certain cryptocurrency multiplier also that you can use to increase your profit as it increases the winning amount by adding a value to the capital already deposited. Moreover, it is amazing that you can earn money through this method without any physical value since the money you win will come in the form of cryptos only.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

What is cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a virtual currency like Bitcoin, which is traded in a blockchain format from peer-to-peer and is free from any authority such as the government or banks. These are available on the digital platform only and therefore have no physicality and no material value too. They are completely virtual in nature and hold no value on their own except in the trading industry.

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Since cryptocurrency depends on a peer-to-peer blockchain for the completion of a transaction, their technology is quite different. First, the transfer request enters the network and gets validated by it to get added to another area where all the transactions are processed.

This creates a data block for the ledger, which is added to this blockchain. Then, all the transactions get completely approved as the block gets inserted into the chain.

Cryptocurrency has recently become popular as a commodity in the most popular financial organizations in countries like Japan and Australia. However, risks are involved in any financial transaction, so one must be careful enough.

Cryptocurrency multipliers

There are several cryptocurrency multipliers available which are basically leveraged trades where the price stays the same. The multipliers increase the profit or loss like the Bitcoin X100 is a cryptocurrency multiplier which magnifies its value to 100.

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However, after this Bitcoin multiplier was successful as a multiplier, the Pocket Option released several other ranges on the Pocket Option platform. Some other crypto multipliers include Ethereum, Ripple, Iota and TRON and are available in different quantities like X20, X100, etc.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Why choose Pocket Option?

You can make the quickest deposit and withdrawal from this platform with methods such as MasterCard, Visa, Web money, etc.

A highly liquid and reliable platform for all those traders who wish to trade and earn maximum profits. This platform has seen a volume of more than $11M in a month.

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You receive amazing customer support, which is ready to solve any problem in only 26 seconds, as claimed by the website.

The platform allows short sales for traders so that they can benefit from the ever-changing market and gain ultimate control over their trading sessions. You can trade from the website, iOS and Android apps, as well as a desktop which makes it accessible at all times.

Demo accounts are available for all clients, whether they are beginners or experienced. This feature helps the customer learn certain strategies or study the market trends and usage of certain instruments and tools.

Are Pocket Options safe to use?

Because it is solely supervised by the International Financial Markets Relations Regulation Centre, or IFMRRC, the Pocket Option’s safety standards is likely to require some improvement. It is not controlled by any governmental organization and does not use two-factor verification.


This might be dangerous for any investor who submits private financial information on the site. As a result, utilize the website at your own risk. They do, nevertheless, maintain an anti-money laundering strategy as well as a know-your-customer strategy.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Frequently asked questions

Is it permissible to use Pocket Option in the United States?

Pocket Option is offered in a variety of nations, such as the United States and Europe. Overall, Pocket Option is a secure, user-friendly binary options brokerage firm with a global clientele.

Is it possible to withdraw profits from Pocket option?

Withdrawals, refunds, settlements, and other transactions performed from the Customer ’s account must be performed using the same method that was used to deposit the money. Withdrawals from the Account are only permitted in the denomination wherein the relevant investment was placed.

Is it beneficial to use Pocket Option?

Because of its FMRRC certification, the Pocket Option brokerage is famous amongst binary options investors. Investors of the organization are rewarded up to 92 percent, have exposure to several incentive offerings, and may earn from a lucrative affiliate network.

Conclusion: Cryptocurrencies with Pocket Option

Pocket Option is one of the most versatile platforms that have been brokers in this industry for quite some time now. They have regulated brokers and are known for being an intuitive trading base for all investors.

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This platform has great customer service with great services. This broker can be used from either a website on a desktop or on an app on iOS or Android Smartphones. Moreover, there are so many investment options available with fees levied on them. The platform is rich in features and even has a variety of certifications available. Features like a user-friendly interface, asset options, low minimum trades, minimum deposit amount as well as a demo account feature are added bonuses on this platform.

However, trading cryptocurrencies with Pocket Option should be done carefully as your finances are at risk of being lost if there is foul play or you keep losing the trades.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

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