Binary Options Investment Amount | Definition & Example

Binary options investment amount is the monetary sum allocated by an investor for trading binary options, a financial derivative characterized by its binary outcome—either yielding significant profits or resulting in the loss of the initial investment. In this all-or-nothing trading market, even seasoned traders with comprehensive knowledge of options trading recognize the importance of setting a predetermined investment amount.

Binary Options Investment Amount in a nutshell

  • Binary options investment amount refers to the sum allocated for trading binary options, known for binary outcomes.
  • Risk management rules advise limiting each trade to a small percentage of total capital, typically 1-3%.

How much should you invest? 

Fixing an amount is the right way of trading in this moving market. But how much amount should you keep for trading? The trading amount differs for each trader because everyone cannot handle a similar amount of loss. 

You should never invest a considerable amount in binary options trading because you can either win or lose all the amount. Also, it would be best if you did not treat binary options trading as your savings. Additionally, this market is not a reliable option for earning for your future.

Rules for selecting investment amount

When trading in the options market, you can remember the 5% rule. This rule says that each trader should only trade a small amount of what they have in their bank account. This way, you can trade safely without putting your financial situation at risk. 

What investment amount can a trader risk on each trade?

A commonly recommended approach is to limit the risk on each individual trade to a small percentage of the trader’s total capital, usually between 1 and 3%. Following this strategy ensures that losses on individual trades do not have a significant impact on the trader’s account balance, allowing for greater resilience and longevity in the markets.


Let’s say a trader has $10,000 in their trading account and decides to trade gold binary options on Pocket Option with an 86% payout and a 5-minute expiry time. Following the recommended risk management approach, the trader aims to limit their risk to 2% of their total capital per trade.

With a $10,000 account, 2% of the total capital is $200. This means the trader should only risk $200 on each trade.

For instance, if the trader decides to enter a trade with a $200 investment and the trade is successful, they would earn a profit of $172 ($200 investment * 86% payout – $200 investment). However, if the trade is unsuccessful, the loss would also be limited to $200.


Trading in the binary options market is not a form of investment but betting on a moving market. That’s why you should analyze the market and fix an amount before trading. 

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