Binary Options No Touch Option definition

The no-touch option is precisely the opposite of the one-touch option. In this trading method, a trader needs to predict that the price of a commodity will not reach its predetermined value. 

When the price of a commodity does not touch the decided price, traders make a huge profit. Otherwise, they lose the invested amount.  

No Touch Trading strategy

The no-touch trading method is generally used when the market is about to consolidate. 

For a successful no-touch trade, you need to build a good strategy by examining changes in the market and the previous price movement of a particular commodity. 

Using your binary options trading knowledge and the information, you can develop a no-touch trading strategy that can work in your favor—meaning, a strategy that can help you earn a considerable profit

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Example of No Touch Option

Here’s a simple situation where no touch option can be used. 

Suppose you are trading on silver, and its current price is $25.05. The broker has predetermined its price to be $26.05 with an expiry time of 24 hours. 

Now, if you believe that the price of silver will fall beyond its current price, you can opt for the no-touch option. If this same thing happens, you will earn a profit. However, if the price reaches or exceeds the current value, you will lose. 


No-touch options offer a large payout, and you can make a huge profit. But without proper market knowledge, you won’t be able to analyze the market trend correctly. And you will end up losing the trade. 

So, before choosing the no-touch option, create a successful strategy. 

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