Binary Options Refund | Definition & How to get it

Binary Options Refund is a procedure allowing traders to reclaim their investment in binary options trading if they suspect unfair practices or fraud. It involves a chargeback, where the bank reimburses the disputed transaction amount from the broker without needing their approval.

With binary options trading getting popular, scams are also increasing. Sadly, these companies have successfully found new ways to con traders. Also, sometimes they successfully do it. But there is a way to get your money back lost in the binary options trading scam

How to get the money back through a Refund?

Whichever way, you have lost your money in the binary options scam, you can get it back through refund. 

One exciting thing about refund is that you can directly contact your bank or card issuer. Your bank will then take the matter further by contacting the fraudster company. In short, by using chargeback, traders can get their lost money back. 

You can use the refund method within 120 days to get back your money quickly. 

How to initiate a Refund?

To recover lost funds in Binary trading, here are a few steps you can follow

  • Firstly, you have to find the address of your credit or debit card company. 
  • After that, you need to provide information about the payment. You can give a few things like proof of income, the total amount paid, the company’s name you made payment to, and the payment date. If you can’t provide the relevant information, your refund process will take so much time to complete. 
  • Lastly, you can compose a letter by mentioning all the required details and send it. 

If your cardholder doesn’t respond within 60 days, you can take a follow-up. 


Losing money in binary options trading scams is a huge thing. But you can trade without worrying because you can find money lost in scams via the refund method. To keep yourself safe from increasing binary options scams, you should thoroughly understand the market before starting a trade. 

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Percival Knight is an experienced Binary Options trader for more than ten years. Mainly, he trades 60-second trades at a very high hit rate. My favorite strategies is by using candlesticks and fake-breakouts

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  • Shelton George


    Hello! The Quotex platform is a place meant for trading only in the demo account where you can win lakhs of rupees but the moment real cash is added to the account, everything is lost and this happens constantly. How can these frauds be allowed to operate and turn rich by and cheating the poor man of his hard earned money.