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Binarium minimum deposit and payment methods

Minimum deposit $5
Payment methods Credit card, E-Wallets, Crypto
Deposit fees $0

If you are passionate about adapting and learning the Binary Options trading aspects, you cannot ignore Binarium. Binarium is an old player in the arena of being the best broker of binary options trading. This platform came into action in 2012 and was built by traders for the upcoming traders. Experienced traders who are already aware of what binary options trading is can work on brushing up their skills with Binarium.

Binarium minimum deposit
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Binarium is the best trading platform for both mobile and desktop use. Currently, there is no mobile application for this platform, but it is well accessible through the web. The site is also accessible in many languages that offer services to several countries, except the UK. The information that you need for making your trading decisions is available right on the home page. Moreover, you won’t find it challenging to navigate the website and find the area of your interest.

If you want to choose Binarium as your binary options broker, you need to consider its financial information. You need to gather information about the Binarium deposit that you need to make. Along with that, you need to get an idea of the payment methods that are available within the platform. Ideal payment methods will help you attain the convenience of depositing funds.

If you got hold of this article while looking out for the Binarium deposit and payment methods, then you are at the right place. Read this article until the end to know every minute detail of this broker platform’s payment methods and minimum deposit aspects.

Account type and minimum deposits within Binarium

Binarium, the binary options broker platform, has four different account types. These types are classified to help meet the trading requirements of all kinds of individuals. In fact, some traders want to go slow during their initial trading days. And there are some experienced traders who want to go big, right from the first day.

Therefore, it is a wise decision for Binarium to characterize its platform’s features and per the account types. The account types and their minimum Binarium deposit amounts are as follows:

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

#1 Binarium Basic Account

The Binarium deposit amount for the basic account type is $10. Just for $10, you will be able to open up an account over Binarium to access the minimal yet essential features for binary options trading. Even with a small deposit, you get the accessibility to carry out a minimum trade of $1.

When you have deposited your minimum amount for the basic account type, you get access to $1000 in virtual funds for the demo account. Also, you get the demo account, even with the basic account type. It will help you understand the interface and mode of training before you can invest big. The withdrawal time is around five working days, which does not include the weekends.

If you are a rookie or an amateur who is new to binary options trading, then this is a suitable package for you. You need not have to invest big right from the beginning. Therefore, this package or account type will help you minimize your losses and understand the trading pattern better. In this way, you can prepare and train yourself to earn more with bigger bets in future trading practices.

#2 Binarium Premium Account

The premium account is the most common and popular choice of account type within Binarium. The minimum Binarium deposit for the premium account is $500. And you get a bonus of up to $500 on deposit. The minimum deposit amount is 50 times higher than the basic account type but with additional features.

The first and most exciting perk is that you get round-the-clock trading accessibility. Moreover, the premium account holders get the withdrawals processed in just three days. Along with that, you will also have a personal trader to guide you with the right suggestions for binary options trading.

The best part is that the premium account holders will have access to several trading tutorials. These tutorials are for individual reference, and you can gain a lot of strategic insight from them. You also gain access to bespoke trading signals that will help with better trading decisions.

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

#3 Binarium Business Account

Binarium deposit of $5000 will make you eligible to be a part of the Business account type. The owners of this account type will avail all of the benefits of the premium account type. But apart from that, the business account holders will also gain access to personal strategy and trading plan development aspects. The deposit requirement is higher, but the maximum bonus that you can get is $500.

If you are a professional trader who has already been into binary options trading for years, then you can opt for a business account. This account type will help you with more personalized strategies in order to ensure successful trades.

#4 VIP Account

Just like most of the other binary options brokers, Binarium also has a VIP account type for all professionals. The professionals who are well-versed in the earning potential of binary options trading will never settle for basic or primary accounts. In fact, they want all the features of a broker platform to increase the rewarding potential.

Binarium is also a popular platform with many features and perks that unfolds only in the VIP account type. To get accessibility to this account type, you will need to make a Binarium deposit of $10,000. With this deposit, you will have access to all the perks and features of all the other accounts too. But along with that, you will get the feature of withdrawal on request.

You can withdraw your money at any time or instance without any waiting period. Therefore, terming it to be the VIP account, where you don’t have to trade with any tied ends. All features, perks, and options are open for you! Hence, you can conclude to have a fantastic trading experience.

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Payment methods at Binarium

It is truly important to know about the various Binarium deposit amounts for different accounts. But what is more important to know is how to make those deposits into your Binarium trading account. The payment methods are essential to consider. It is because if the broker platform doesn’t have a payment method, as per your convenience, you probably need to look for other platforms.  

So, here is the list of payment options that you can use for both deposit and withdrawal over the Binarium platform:

#1 VISA & MasterCard

Most of the debit & credit cards are VISA & MasterCard-based assets. Binarium accepts deposits and transfers withdrawals from and to these cards. Furthermore, there might be some transfer charges upon selected bank cards. The credit card details that you share with Binarium will be under superior protection. 

#2 Neteller

NETELLER is also an online payment hub, using which you can pay online for almost anything unless they accept NETELLER. You can send money, buy crypto and even trade binary options. Binarium agrees with this mode of payment, as NETELLER is quite popular in selected countries. 

#3 Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer is the easiest way of payment over Binarium and anywhere else. You just need to access net banking, select the respective option, enter your bank portal’s details, and confirm the transaction. The deposit gets completed. And you are all set to commence with binary options trading. 

#4 Webmoney

WebMoney is a universal system for payment. Its original purpose was to ensure a global monetary settlement for online businesses. You can use this WebMoney portal to transfer the money from its wallet to the trading account over Binarium.

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

#5 Qiwi

Qiwi is an e-wallet that works on the basis of a prepaid VISA account. It is a very popular mode of payment that people preferably use at different expenses. Also, it is rewarding and convenient. So, it is permissible for the users to pay their Binarium deposit amount through the Qiwi wallet. 

#6 Free-Kassa

Free-Kassa is an electronic payment service provider that allows businesses to receive payments from customers in any mode of electronic currency. It has over 30 payment terminals for receiving the payment. Binarium also accepts payments through Free-Kassa.

These are the available payment options with Binarium that are feasible for both deposit and withdrawal. Choose the one that suits your convenience the most!

Conclusion: The minimum deposit is only $ 10

You need less than 15 seconds to register your account with Binarium. It doesn’t matter whether you are a rookie, amateur, or professional in binary options trading; Binarium welcomes you all. You just need to start slow and explore all the educational resources on this platform.

When you master the core fundamentals of binary options trading, head to the demo account to practice your skills. A confident mind will help you earn more in real investments. So, spend time over the demo account until you gain confidence. When you have it, go ahead to trade with real money. Make your Binarium deposit and commence with the trading.

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Frequently asked questions about the deposits on Binarium

How much do I need to deposit to get an account upgrade on Binarium?

The account type you have on Binarium depends on how much you have deposited. To qualify for the basic account you should have deposited at least $10. For the premium account the required amount is $500, for the business account $5000 and for the VIP account $10000.

How long does it take for the money to be credited to the trading account on Binarium?

Normally, your money should be credited to your Binarium account immediately after you make your deposit. However, note that there may be some delays depending on the payment method.

What is the maximum deposit on Binarium?

The maximum deposit on Binarium is $10000 for one single transaction. If you want to deposit more, you will need multiple transactions.

What is the minimum deposit on Binarium?

The minimum deposit on Binarium is only $10.